70 Things To See and Do in San Francisco!

70 things to see and do in San Francisco! Lets go!!
00:00 Intro
02:43 Downtown & Financial District
04:16 Fisherman’s Wharf
05:22 Pier 39
06:50 World Famous Sea Lions
07:30 Alcatraz
12:00 Aquatic Park
12:50 Ghirardelli Square
13:25 The Saloon (Oldest Bar in the City) and Tadich Grill (Oldest Restaurant in San Francisco and California)
13:40 Wave Organ
14:10 Coit Tower
16:30 Filbert Street Steps
17:10 Telegraph Hill Parrots
17:31 Steep Sidewalks
18:07 Cable Cars
19:22 Lombard Street
19:57 Chinatown
21:12 POPOS (Privately Owned Public Open Spaces) and Rooftop Gardens
23:07: Transamerica Pyramid
23:27 Union Square
24:48 VC Morris Gift Shop (a.k.a. the Xanadu Gallery)
25:51 Market Street
26:21 Ferry Building
27:38 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
28:18 Yerba Buena Island
28:44 Treasure Island
29:06 Yerba Buena Gardens
29:48 Japantown
30:19 The Tenderloin
31:11 Civic Center and City Hall
32:51 The Adorable Houses of San Francisco
34:18 AT&T Park
35:41 BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
35:59 The Mission
37:38 Mission San Francisco de Asís (a.k.a. Mission Dolores)
39:35 Dolores Park
40:47 The Castro
42:00 Bayview and Hunter’s Point
42:37 St. Francis Wood
43:24 Lake Merced
44:00 Stern Grove
44:50 Mount Davidson
47:08 Sutro Tower
49:08 Sunset District
49:39 16th Avenue Tiled Steps
50:10 Ocean Beach
50:51 Baker Beach
51:08 Haight-Ashbury
52:05 Grand View Park
53:37 Golden Gate Park
54:04 Alvord Street Bridge
54:20 Strawberry Hill
55:08 Bison Paddock
55:25 Shakespeare Garden
55:45 Japanese Tea Garden
56:45 Conservatory of Flowers
59:46 Columbarium
1:01:38 The People of San Francisco
1:02:53 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
1:03:40 How Weird Street Faire
1:05:06 Land’s End
1:07:34 Legion of Honor
1:08:24 Presidio
1:09:02 Palace of Fine Arts
1:10:33 Crissy Field
1:10:59 Golden Gate Bridge
1:14:02 Fort Point
1:16:27 The Night Life
1:17:37 North Beach
1:19:20 Broadway
1:19:51 Map of the City
1:20:17 Outro

This tour video was filmed, edited, written, and narrated by Elias Barboza.
Hugs + kisses!! ♥ ♥ ♥


Antriksh Verma Handa says:

AMAZIN Travel tips @Elias .. Big Thanksisco 😀 !!

Dark Seraphim says:

OMG the narrator though…seriously. You can tell he hates his job and is having fun all at the same time.

Leo Light says:

24:30 “Lesbians always mingle here, sipping corn syrup, chatting the day away…”

mattyjmar10 says:

41:20 “with joyous family friendly events such as the Folsom Street Fair” HA!


Superbly narrated this masterpiece video is a true gift to the people outside San Francisco. Truly amazing with vibrating culture this city is a must see before we leave the planet earth.  Thanks and keep uploading new videos with same fervor.

Carole Shively says:

Fabulous! Enjoyed your humor. Visiting San Fran in June 2017. Gave me loads of options to visit. Thank you!

gatsbyreality says:

video is awesome. narrator is way too cheesy and needs to be updated

Christopher Knapp says:

I would say keep your day job on the commentary Elias, but it is a really good video compilation of The City.

Tegan Yelton says:

Is the bushman still around??

kate weiss says:

the narrator is a total ass but the video is super.

James Page says:

sick humor, try living there. $4000.00 a month to live in the tenderloin anyone??……If so, you best be prepaired to travel in pairs and carry….{a gun}…..for your protection. Video well done but not a city you really want to see, let alone live in……”GET REAL”!!.. I was born there in the late 40’s…. lived through the hippy times in the haight district….I remember the excape of alcatraz….the sirens going off….
when my rent hit $4.500 for a studio I split……..dirty, crowded, crime riddled, homeless everywhere…..spend your money somewhere else…..

babalon 777 says:

Right off the bat 3:10 “like a warm gas through a tight opening” wtf! Ok, here we go!

Dietmar Jeglinski says:


Paulo Rebelo says:

24:35 “Lesbians always mingle here, sipping corn syrup, chatting the day away..” – wtf

Debbie S says:

Best  video of san Francisco Ive ever seen since I grew close by .Wheres Keysar stadium and the stick

James Page says:

the city where where “homeless is ignored and the great city leaders make millions and look the other way.

Andrew Blackadder says:

I got married in City Hall in the mid 1980s.
Glad to see you didnt include my neighborhood.
Lombard Street is NOT the most crooked street in the City, we just tell the tourists that because they would never find the most crooked one, and i aint gonna tell ya where it is…

SpreckleFloss says:

Jesus Christ – what did I just watch? I had no idea what I was in for and I’m happy I sat through it. Hilarious.

Someone give this guy a bajillion dollars to do this for every major US city…then a bajillion more to do it for less major cities.

Entropian2012 says:

Something about this guys voice just creeps me out lol

picvic7 says:

Wish you could do one of these videos for New York City. Hands down best narrator.

Gene Goranov says:


DeltaGaming93 says:

1 San Francisco
2 New York
3Los Angeles
4 Hawaii
5 Florida… You do the rest

rigomortisfxstudios says:

low crime thats a lie , the downtown area you better put your money in your front pocket
and dont let the homelss get near you they are crazy , chinatown dont walk there after 9 pm you will get rob by gangs , if you want to save money at fisherman’s wharf dont by any soda or food there they rip you off , for a bottle of water 3.25 go 2 blocks away from the fisherman’s wharf and buy it for 79 cents and soda is only 75 cents but at the wharf …….a soda is 3.00 LOL , oh a candy is 8.00 for a candy bar but at the store its only 99 cents , this person talking has no idea how the city works , and the cable cars with out paying you do this for free rides , get on and go 4 blocks get off when they are asking for fares………and walk down to the next 4 blocks yes you will have time the cable car is slow , get back on and go for about 12 blocks , thats when they want more fare , we did this for years from 79 to 2016 , this still works

de cara al sol, a mamar la rojos. says:

que bonita san francisco. que buenas mujeres tienen.

Andrew Howard says:

I appreciate the humour in this video but for it to last the whole hour and 20 mins of the video as well as the elevator music in the background – it’s too much

San Francisco Love says:

Don’t eat the lobster chowder. It’s horrifying. All of the seafood here has been imported. The water in the bay is too polluted to eat. Don’t get hustled by anyone, everyone asking for money is a hustler. You are a sucker if you pay them anything. Do pay the street shows if you like them, they keep our city rich with culture. Don’t come here if you don’t like gays, stay in your shit hole. And remember to be aware of the flow of traffic. If you are on a path that has a bike on it, be on a bike also. Don’t stop in doorways. Make reservations if you want to do a lot of tourist attractions, they fill up. Feel free to get high, plenty of fun things to enjoy here;)

Romy Hernandez says:

Thank you !!!!! Thank you so much !

Milos Momcilovic says:

song at 22:00 ?

Heidi Svenson says:

Now- Girl narrating this SLAYED me at 11:18 . I was eating my dinner and did a total spit-take across the room!!! i was like, “Grrrl!! No he better hadn’t didn’t!!!” And the line following it, too. Too perfect. “What you’re lookin’ at here was known as “THE HOLE”….and dat grooovy organ music though…suh-WEET! Only thing I hate is when they show things in the wrong neighborhoods and try to play it off ’cause it fits the narrative like at 13:28 when he is still pretending they are near Ghirardellii Square and the people in the video are clearly walking into The Saloon, (one of my former favorite dive bars and dance halls which is actually on Grant in North Beach…hey anybody out there who would know – does Johnny Nitro and The Doorslammers still play around there?).

I lived in SF for over 20 years and miss it so damn much but this is video is a special treat for me to watch because I used to write direct and edit travel videos to SF all the time on “what to do and see and where to go in SF” …and when he was going off about Pier 39 I was like saying out loud, “NO!! Don’t go there! Run people! RUN! Go to North Beach or SOMA anywhere but Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, or the Tenderloin!” (Although I did live in the TenderNob abd it was FABulous)

Charley Canalita says:

Love this guy’s commentary! Too funny and quite entertaining!

Michael Hurley says:

i just went there. great job, but china town music is a bit racist

Tai Rhoades says:

20:15 We are Siamese, if you please! (The Siamese cat song from “Lady and the Tramp.”)

San Francisco Love says:

Go to Tenderloin and buy some crack. Some good crack in the loin

anjinsan says:

1st go to the bath house and get butt fucked and tagteamed!
i did in 2005 was hot and fantastic! then when done wash up get dressed and go to the castro for a cappucino!

Diane Xing says:

Nice video. Love San Francisco!!!

vangrails says:

I really hope that this is satire.

Carmen Peters says:

It’s getting pretty shabby in many areas. North Point, Mission, gay parades are not family friendly.

Kevin Small says:

I grew up in SF, the Folsom st parade is not a family fun event. Sure, you can take your kids there, but let me tell you, as one of the kids that were in tow: it was a creep fest, but we daren’t show it….

KTaylorJordan says:

Twin Peaks: “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.” HAHA (google it, if you don’t know the reference)

Imi Sun says:

Very detailed and informative tour guide video. Best of all for helping know the city well!

Armando Bátiz says:

I just came back from my first visit to SFO, I wish I would have watched your video before I was there, it helped to point out how much I missed. On the other hand I loved your video and appreciated your clever narration.

Caroline Paniccia says:

The humor, the whit, the sarcasm–the one-liners! “You’ll bet your sweet Bippy” that you’ll hear more quips in these 90 minutes than you’ll hear in a lifetime!

Bella Fernandes says:

44:20 Thousands of Music lovers and Ex Cons gather under the trees for …….. lol

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