California Coast Road Trip | San Francisco to San Diego | Itinerary and tips |

We did the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to San Diego over three days. It’s a special Road Trip that we’ll never forget. Our video includes realistic timings but make sure you check out our full Highway One tips on our website:

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baronvg says:

Paramount Ranch burned down 🙁

xxx xxx says:

1:31 – there is a drone shot. How ? 🙂 is it legal ?

Eyob Tsegaye says:

I have done this trip multiple times.mostly round trip.

Mau Av says:

It´s a daydream youe video I wish I lived a life like this

Ayush Singh says:

beautiful family ❤️

Bryant Ton says:

Thanks for this Great Work, This video definitely helped during my research for planning a similar trip! Cheers!

twitch7771 says:

I live in San Diego I want to try this!

DanoKruz says:

I’ve done this !!…..Simply Amazing !!

Tomáš Bouša says:

Perfect video. I am still on the way down from SF to SD, enjoying much more time. Lots of other great spots worth visiting, so hopefull you will come back and make another video 🙂

Lara Joanna Jarvis says:

My favourite road trip in the world! We’re going back for our 3rd time with 2 little ones in April, really enjoyed watching this, hoping you went back to spend longer at each place, so much to see!! X

Louis Lozano says:

A spectacular video! Thank you! I look forward to watching many more of your videos!

_tonks48 _ says:

I’m 18 going by myself in June can wait I’m from the east coast of Canada

GoPerform says:

Loving your work and channel Dave!

Hebrew Loc says:

Things you missed along the way, the wonderful world and sites of the Southern San Francisco Peninsula, San Bruno and Daly City are cute but go past staying off the 101 till you’ve gone through Cities like San Mateo, Foster City, Santa Clara, and the other little Cities, I say little due to a few like Foster City aren’t anything more then 15-25 blocks square wide, but Silicon Valley’s biggest Tech Corporations are all along 1 main Blvd. That goes through them. At the end of the peninsula another Blvd starts and follows along next to the 101, but this drive starting in S. Of Market goes past the New Golden State Warriors Arena, The Cow Palace, on past the San Bruno Natural Gas Explosion site, in San Mateo there are like 5 or 6 malls, for an area that’s 30 blocks by 25 blocks wide, next on to Foster City, not seeming intristing it has one of the most important places on the planet for any gamer, Sony’s N. America Headquarters and Sony’s Playstation World Headquarters are located in this seemingly tiny place but location is everything, known as Sony Foster City Campus, like Google down the street and Oracle’s famous Emerald City Campus a few miles away, Sony expanded this campus over the last 7 years, it houses many software and game company’s on its grounds along with offering classes that can become paid internships with Sony, the campus has free tour and exclusive things to see for the gamer in all of us, from Sony south you will pass tech, sortware, game, and electronic company’s all the way through to the split and then on to San Jose. But let continue from south of Sony, next site to see is Cisco systems, this Cysco site is the Original Cysco systems building and house the entire West Coast, Midwest & part of East Coasts internet Servers, this building is know as the Core to hard core internet surfers, they give small tours of the Server Rooms which are actually whole floors, 7 of them to be exact. From Cysco south you will pass more tech company’s until just past the road to Hayward Bridge, just a few block south, of that road, all the businesses and buildings seem to disappear and the view to the west reviles why, you’ll star in awh as you gaze your eyes on what architects, company’s and people in general call the most beautiful business complex in America and quit possibly in the world, it’s a collection of towers, 6 or 7 I think, beautiful Dark Green tinted windows, Gold played trimming every where you’ve found the Emerald City, Oracle’s humongous Complex, it’s absolutely astonding and definitely a place to see, just near the end of its property is the the road to the west, taking this road takes you to San Jose, the City us Cultual beauty due to all the races that live in the silicon valley, brought here by silicon valley companys, along this road you will pass Activision/Blizzard corp Headquarters, the former Sun Systems offices, now Cysco gaming servers building, EA games Headquarters, IBM Headquarters, Apple’s Headquarters, YouTube’s World Headquarters, Twitters Headquartes, MySpace’s Headquarters, Sega America’s Headquarters, Take2 Ent. Headquarters, Rockstar Games Headquarters, and many many more, just past the 101’s on ramp to head south us the Great Mall of The Bay, the Second largest Mall in America, after that head back towards the T intersection the brought you south, and go back south on it, it will wind you through the hills of Redwood City before spitting you out in Santa Cruz, now the rest of you trip was perfect except 1 more thing, when at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk make sure you go to the Salt water taffy candy store, it’s almost 100yrs old and most recent history is they created Chocolate covered Bacon, yummy.

Michael-Dwyer Dorrington says:

Why do I recognize his voice!!!

Fabiana Dominguez says:

Such a beautiful family! Thanks for the recommendations of the places.

Nadeem Ashraf says:

Nice vlog, great work friend, love from India❤️

David Corbett says:

I done that trip about 20 years ago, well we turned off at LA for Palm Springs.was Started off ok from San Fran but we hit two problems, First was a landslide which forced us to miss Big Sur and highway 1 and drive inland which took us just south of San Simeon the second was June Gloom. In the month of June Southern California gets unseasonably chilly and gloomy

Maria Djordjević says:

Beautiful video mate. Thank you for the documentation.

Kat H says:

Wonderful video! My family is planning a trip in March and you’ve helped us a lot! <3

Oliver Lee says:

I miss California…big time!

tryptychUK says:

Brilliant video! Well shot, tightly edited, fun and very informative.
Why does it take a Brit to show Americans how it should be done?

Gabriel Davila says:

Awsome !

Kevin says:

Absolutely wonderful video.

lynlovescake says:

I live in the bay and i drive down the 1 a lot but never all the way to san diego this seems like fun ^_^ i would start in pacifica or half moon bay just because the view of the coast is beautiful

JTJUlian says:

You missed the best town on the way. Carpinteria.

Aleisa DeMichael says:

Full Sail University is in California as well folks

Kaitlyn Reynolds says:

I love Oceanside. My mom’s parents live there.

SylanCurve Gamer says:

Is That the Contend Cop By Idubbbz

Aleisa DeMichael says:

My friend Karen lives in California folks which is 2200 miles away

a says:

It didn’t look to me like you stopped for many of the things to do along the way.

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