Let me take you on a Chinatown San Francisco tour full of FOOD! I lived in San Francisco for 3 years and China for 1, so coming here is always a fun time for me as a solo explorer 🙂 Thanks for watching, and if you want to see videos from when I was in China, check out the links below!


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Caesar Smith says:

You eat like a Bum, besides the shrimp, pork and cauliflower

Ken Yup says:

Honestly,Chinatown is so retro compared with the real China

luke skywalker says:

Lauren, you are obviously missing some aspects of China, why don’t you move back to China for a while again

Calvin Li says:

There is one restaurant called “The House of Nankin”. You can try it next time. They have good American Chinese food haha!

João's Vlog says:

here from Brazil, I watching this and I like much vlog´s of this type

Paint It Cerulean says:

yum yum dim sum! i love pork bun 😀

dizlaoboi916 says:

Gud Mong kok lol

Cjango Freeman says:

I like your Vlogs Lauren. You are genuine, funny, respectful and your content has a good pace. Keep up with the great work.

USMC 05 says:

San Franphysco

luis cantero says:

Loved your chinatown video!!! Greetings from Argentina

Mark Was Here says:

You should check the documentary “The search for General Tso”

Stephanie Fuccio says:

I am so intensely homesick for SF right now! Thank you for this video. I used to go to Chinatown for veggies and dumplings after work before living in Asia, and then after Taiwan I went back to the heart of the grocery area (Kierney and Grant or something like that, just down from the library) intentionally on Saturday morning…when it was bursting with people. I actually missed the crowds and loudness,lol. And I will never forget accidentally using the Chinese hand gesture for six (looks like CA hang ten) and them understanding I wanted 6 of something. I was floating on air for hours. This is perfect timing too cause I am going back to my first Chinese ‘place’ , Taiwan, next week on vacation so feeling homesick for SF while visiting my hardest culture shock place for some reason feels so right to me. Keep up the videos, they are so fun to watch!

Jamie Banks says:

Chinatown has some amazing dimsum. I think the Chinatown in SF beats the one in NYC!

Strawberry Cupcakes says:

Hmm.. idk. I use to live in SF and spend a lot of time in Chinatown as well.. you made a lot of assumptions and don’t know the area very well

916simone says:

I really appreciated this video. I am from sacramento and was wanting to take a day trip to san fran but didnt know what to do there.

gerryman30 says:

Thank you so much. This video was an effort for you, passionate and very much appreciated from someone who loves San Francisco. Love your work. XX

Brandon Johnston says:

Yes, to the China Culture/China Blog. While you were walking did you notice what that guy was doing in the background? And he tries to play it cool afterwards

derek lambert says:

hey peoples ,look at the white guy at 11;28 to 1138 ??? lol what a nasty gay i ever seen huh ?? lol

Pacific International says:

Nice Chinatown video! Also made one about it
Let’s support each other; please sub me and I’ll subscribe too

Valde // says:

China in USA = it is the future 😉

MEV 3D Vision says:

Trevor James, aka. The Food Ranger, please tell that White Canadian male that he is disgusting. Seeing him with 2 young Chinese women makes me sick. One is his girlfriend, named Chu Chu, and the other one is his mistress, named Ting Ting. This guy does not even have a college degree, yet he’s got 2 ladies all over him. Just WTF!? These 2 Chinese ladies are disgusting as well.

lu kim says:

awesome vlog

Gail Lukan says:

I plan to take my 5 yr old granddaughter to Pier 39 & China Town 2/3/18. Taking Ferry from Oak. so only public transportation. Can we take a cable car to China Town from the pier & also to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory? Thanks.

CNVideos says:

My favorite dim sum restaurant is Dol Ho on Pacific up from Stockton. It’s a sit-down restaurant with a very local feel. But dim sum is a social event, so it’s no fun to go alone. If alone, there are lots of takeaway dim sum places on Stockton like Good Mong Kok (which you visited). The people in the park are playing Chinese chess (lower level) and cards (upper level), and though some play for fun, there is some gambling and chess hustling going on! (Shhh!)

Lei's Lifestyle says:

Hi Lauren,do you think if I can get a better net connection while using two vpns at the same time? Haha I tried it but it did not work at all lol.

And do you think the vpn that you recommended is still working well in China?

Thx for your videos! I like your channel n hope you’re doing better everyday.

Becca says:

The XLB step though. Love that set of stairs!!!

Becca says:

And, lastly… it was so cool to see SF’s Chinatown through your eyes. If I ever make it to CA I know where to visit. 🙂

angiesamoa says:

Where do you park????? I’m driving from Sacramento for the day

solidarity kingbee says:

everything imported from usa was really strong that goes for lifetime. having a look around the view you ve filmed look a well designed and strong. America must have got a long building history data.say the old house or building in new york has got a premium extra fee put on it that people have to pay for its premium old classic style which is contrary to my country due to a poor construction quality.

Mee Yang says:

Hi are u from sf? I really like this video. I might be coming there soon someday n I would for u to take me on a tour since u know so much already. Lol

Becca says:

Firsties this time. ❤️❤️❤️

Dame La Reine Noir says:

Where did you get the Shrimp dumpling? I’m headed to SF next weekend and plan to try them for myself

Mimi Cake says:

Is my house

Lei's Lifestyle says:

It’s fancy that one day I went to a Chinese restaurant in Brisbane. And the lady inside couldn’t understand me while I was literally speaking mandarin to her. But she didn’t understand me n looked at me with a big ? on her face. I was confused for a little bit n started to speak English with her.

Finally I figured it out that she’s probably from Hong Kong n she only spoke catonness.

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