How Expensive is SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA? Exploring the City

How much does it cost for a traveler to stay in San Francisco, California? In this video I chronicle my daily expenses.
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How Expensive is SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA? Exploring the City


Curtis Robinson says:

@ 05:11

Google “sugar daddy statue san francisco” for more info.

chimaducudo says:

I heard about San Francisco that is full of garbage, homeless and drug dealers!! that true??

Daniel says:

Living here in San Francisco those prices look almost normal. Everything is more expensive here because of the tourism. They raised the minimum wage since its so expensive to survive in SF.

Lisette M. says:

So today’s your birthday – Happy Birthday! The Mission would have been a good place to go – next time.

edwardschlosser1 says:

I’m planning a drive up to SF in the Spring,  but you can forget the hostel.  I want a 3 or 4 star hotel with a swimming pool, and private parking for my BMW.  I’m in the medical marijuana business and we don’t do hostels.  $20 for lunch.  That’s very reasonable, but where do I eat dinner?  I’d like someplace nice with a live band, or some form of entertainment.  How’s the heroin up there?  Just a hypothetical question of course, but as long as the city is providing free needles, it’s certainly a valid question.  Is it true that Jerry Garcia once threw a silver dollar across the SF Bay? I heard from a reliable source that Grace Slick flies on a broom over Alcatraz during a full moon.  Speaking of which,  how is the local LSD?  Is it reasonably priced?  Can I get a discount if I buy it by the quart?  Planning a big party when I get back to LA.  So great video if you’re poor, and can’t afford to do drugs in a nice hotel room with 3 or 4 hookers.  Maybe I’ll run into you when I’m in Hawaii next year, but probably not since you’ll probably be holed up in some dumpster eating chicken McNuggets while I’m out by the pool of my hotel sipping margaritas and snorting coke with Angel, Amber, and Trixie.

Renouex2011 says:

the soul of san fransisco is dwindeling , high prices have evicted the creative class , and a city without a soul is just filled with rich techies and i dont see the appeal of visisting anymore

Kyle Sarrecchia says:

Hello Gabriel. I want so badly to enjoy your videos and the info is solid, but I wish you would pay more attention to how you move the camera. Over the past two days I’ve viewed three o your vids with the same problem. Both my wife and I would get dizzy and had to turn them off. I also struggle to read signs etc on the streets you are walking because the camera is shaking and moving around a bit too much.
Just a word from someone who wants to support and enjoy your vlogs.

All the best and safe travels.

Chris Chapman says:

San Francisco is dirty, expensive, and overrated

timothytimmons says:

love your videos man. inspires me to become a travel vlogger my first destination to get my feet wet is chicago. i live 4 hours from there wisconsin

Joshua Voelker says:

that’s tight at 7:01 in the video I just stayed at that hotel Beresford on Feb 7th. that restaurant / bar he ate at is connected to the hotel. I live 2 hours outside the city so we go quite a bit. love San Francisco

A Dream says:

I might be in SF for 1wk for a work conference and I have to confess, I’ve never traveled alone in my life. I’m nervous and anxious as hell about how to navigate to the most scenic touristy spots. I’m also keeping this goal to try and use public transportation as much as possible and truly discover what it means to stretch a dollar. Any advice would be much appreciated… For all intents and purposes, I’m a clueless traveler in my mid 20s venturing out for his first time from the opposite coast.

Aspie Otaku says:

Expect 2 to 3000 for just a studio a month, otherwise your going to have to share rent a room.

Ilovejesus says:

thats what i keep telling other people…my airbnb is even cheaper hostel

Jedwig lamb says:

I stayed at the Adelaide Hostel. This hostel looks so much better for only a few more dollars! Arggggh

george vc says:

yes peruvian food is chip and very nice food

Shawn Afshar says:

Beautiful city but very expensive thoughts on san diego and LA ?

Clay Huffman says:

what a coincidence i watch this video today! happy birthday my man!

gaz riley says:

years since i’ve been to SF i did like it there it was Hot when i was there

Gonthor1000 says:

I love your videos, and subscribed, but I have one complaint. Shaky camera. A camera with image stabilization would be incredibly beneficial.

Andi Artukovich says:

WOW! This vid brought out the worst in people didn’t it!! Out of all the hundred’s of comments I’ve read from your videos, this SF vid brought out the most rudeness and sarcasm by far. You handle it well Gabriel.

i erit says:

At the White Horse you kept panning past the popcorn in the distance. It’s free. Just grab a cup next to it and take it with you. Best bargain in SF. That whole area you were at, asian food would’ve been the thing to do for cheap and good food. A lot of thai places, you also almost to china town where you can find reasonable prices too.

Michael Savage says:

not a budget for me.. paid £1600 for 8 nights in San Francisco at the Whitcombe hotel

pat2row says:

Go to Grocery Outlet on Geary.

Edward Belsan says:

I was expecting more budget travel insights.

casino NYU says:

Don’t travel dude if you can’t afford it.

Antonio Ribera says:

Gabriel… you didn’t go to the Wharf?  Pier 39?  whats up?

Gabriel Traveler says:

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San Francisco is quite beautiful and worth seeing especially the downtown area, Lombard Streetand Golden Gate Bridge.Pier39 is marvelous. For Indian , Amber restaurant is a nice place to feel at home.


Boss soooo nice video

Mr. Bigglesworth, You Magnificent Bastard ! says:

i lived on the Presidio and loved it. but i had to move over to Stockton for cheap rent..what i pay 1500 here would be 5000 in we commute to work 80 miles one way, 160 round trip everyday..

Divine Angelic says:

Why are you guys dressing like ugly lumber jacks sloppy beards long hair yuk ! Us girls are in torture as it is with you ! What with ponytail ?? That went out in 80 s too sloppy looking I want a guy who makes good money dresses classy clean nails shaved face good haircut brush teeth at least after each meal for good hygiene please
Likes good food and upscale restaurants. Not a guy who sleeps in dumps and eats at dives Seriously sandals !?
You got to get a job your living in past
Your too old to pass as a kid. Time you got serious dude clean up your act and make some real money
Mind you I’m not being critical of you at all. Just trying to be your friend x o
I get the feeling food is starting to get too expensive for you. I cry change your look and you will change your life

Kaori Kinoko says:

I love going to SF but I can never find a bathroom without having to search for 20+ minutes… >.< I live in East Bay, go to SF for 3 or 4 hours, don't drink water, and then pee when I get home. ahahaha

Mosaic Monk says:

lol all of your are middle class white people wineing about how expensive San Francisco is. he’s down town of course it’s gonna cost. I live in Chicago west side. a shit hole with gun fire every fucking day. crack heads, throwing up, bums begging you even robbing you. teenagers 12 13 with guns. straight shit hole and the rent in this shit hole is 800 and above. and not job part time allows you to make that to even afford the shitty apt with high murder rate. so next time dont complain. and Chicago stakes buddy 20$ and up. you pay anything less your prolly eating dead rat

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