How To Have The Perfect Day in San Francisco | Travel Guide

Wondering how to have the perfect day in San Francisco? This travel guide will show you everything you need to know. Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers take you on a guided tour through the very best of San Francsico. Let’s go!



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Andrew C says:

When you’re at Golden Gate bridge take an uber/lyft to Baker Beach and also go down the road to museum Legion of Honor.

When you’re in the mission yes el Farolito is thee best burriton in SF, the best Nachos are at Pancho Villa Taqueria.

If you stop by in the Castro you have to stop in Hot Cookie.

If you’re driving through the tenderloin you have to stop by for a fast cheap super yummy Vietnamese sandwich aka banh mi at Saigon Sandwich

If you’re wondering what club to hit up on a friday or saturday night check out the calendars for Mezzanine, Public Works or Temple.
If it’s just a bar you’re interested in Polk Street has about 8-10 bars on it’s street within 4 blocks of each other and plenty of pizza by the slice open afterwards til 3a.

Colin Douglas says:

Such cringe
Edit:not cringe


haha it is a beautiful day here …guess what …every day is beautiful everywhere

Amol Kolhe says:

Bless you.

Our T.V. says:

Wow cool video guys

rosemariewoodchuck says:

San Francisco, “the city”, is an amazing place to visit!! There is sooooo much to see and do, it never gets boring.

red flag says:

Congrats on the award! a video worth watching!

YounicStyle says:

Love this video!  You guys are always so inspiring interns of editing and the way you portray the story. 🙂

Elio Visita says:

i love this video guys! ill go to SF to the next year good information, and the color grading looks awesome, wich program do you use?? FCPX or Premiere Pro??

Kees Manuel says:

I love San Francisco! A long ago we were in San Francisco in August and it was so cold, 15C in August. I went back in October and the weather was perfect maybe 20C.
Sutro Baths Amazing location. We walked from Sutro Baths to the Golden Gate Bridge, what a beautiful walk.
We also walked from Castro to Twin Peaks, so beautiful.

Schwinn says:

Thanks for making this video!!!! So cultural!

Neil Anderson says:

The perfect day is don’t go there.

Kathalana Oneg says:

This is why people live there and don’t worry if there is an earthquake tomorrow.

Gabriel Traveler says:

Nice one guys, nailed it. I basically just pass through S.F. catching flights in and out since my mom lives in Mendocino County, so I head up there a lot. But there’s some more I need to explore around the city.

Anna Pol says:


Justin Galvez says:

I’m from San Francisco too and I love it here… I love this comment section and this video cus I’m used to people saying bad things about SF and why California sucks as a whole. It always hurts to hear those but seeing people compliment my home is very refreshing, thx for posting this

Kristian179 says:

you forgot the Castro & City Hall and literally La Taqueria is all hype, the best burrito place is El Farolito, literally a block away from L.T. !

Davis says:

Don’t call it “San Fran”

Bill B says:

Sorry you didn’t do the Castro. Fail.

Chase and Jess says:

Wow! You guys really killed it. Your vlog style is super inspiring and made mus want to go re-experience places in our own city. We are so glad you featured San Francisco so beautifully!

William Campbell says:

A sewer filled with liberal cowards who’ve given a pass to the killer of Kate Steinle.

1 FKT says:

Been living here for almost 40 years, not during the hippie hitime, and have grown very jaded about this city. I used to love it, used to love walking around and suddenly find some breathtaking vista, bridges, hills, water, city all in one eye full. Now, I see the ugly underbelly, how the city has changed not for the better. I miss the warehouses where artists and musicians could afford to live, not torn down and turned into extremely expensive condos (ironically, one of them is slowly sinking because there’s too much payoff to get permits for places no huge skyscraper ought to exist). I miss the camaraderie we used to have, the friendliness, the humanism that has since fled because of rising rents and lack of affordable housing. Too many techies who never actually join the community, never contribute to it, don’t seem to care about the environment and the spirit of the city. The city has gotten so a normal person not making $100K cannot afford to live here, can’t afford to do anything because it’s all too expensive. Even the museums–I can remember when it was free to go to the museum and now only the wealthier people can afford to go. The city lost it’s humanity, and that gentle sweetness it used to have.

Jay Reilly says:

Don’t slip in the TL on a pile of human feces? I’m so glad I don’t sub to your hipster bitch man-bun channel because I would unsub instantly you fckn douch bags. You guys look so homo.

james saunders says:

The quality of your videos are superior to others.

Gabriel Traveler says:

Marko man, the beard was so working, you gotta bring it back!

Cristina Hoyle says:

So awesome that you guys featured the Grateful Dead house in your vid! There was an amazing exhibit about the Summer of Love at the deYoung this past summer. SF was a cool place to be for the anniversary.

Bajlandia says:

Wow ! I love San Francisco ! Beautiful city !

Your Pal says:

what a sh*thole. get of of CA before it’s too late

Life With Will says:

Why are all their videos so boring?

Liveinwonder says:

Wow, Vaga Brothers you guys are a class act. Every time I watch your vids it makes me want to travel….for context I have just returned from a 6 week trip and already have the itch again!!! Fabulous work, great production and always informative. I like.

Dave Piccinetti says:

I worked in San Francisco as a Production Assistant for a week. It was dope. Then the trip home happened…. Check Check Check it out!

gerry cerna says:

Thanks for stopping by my hometown. I miss it soo much but fyi dont forget to go to Mission Dolores, broadway, golden gate park and the rose garden

Al Fischer says:

What are affordable places to stay these days? I was there 30 years ago, hear that it’s much more expensive.

Peregrination says:

Twin Peaks is a great place to see the sunset. Mission Delores park is also a great place to witness the sunset.

Randy Zachary says:

Absolutely Love San Francisco!

Wiebke K. says:
I think this is the link that Marko meant to put in the description but forgot to, in case anyone else was also looking for it 🙂

Samuel Diaz says:

When you’re comming to Puerto Rico!

Kayla Inzar says:

I just visited for the first time back in July of this year for a little over a week and I feel like I didn’t even scratch the surface. Definitely have to go there again soon

angiesamoa says:

I’m driving there from Sacramento, parking advice??

D Lish says:

I have only one suggestion for anyone visiting San Francisco: GRAND VIEW PARK. You’ll get to see the Mosaic stairs as well. If anyone visits San Francisco DEFINITELY GO TO THE MOSAIC STAIRS AND GRANDVIEW PARK.

Phoenix Normand says:

Yikes…much missed, but well covered in 16 minutes. Fans should also check out The Castro, Levi Strauss (tour), SFGiants’ stadium, observation deck at TransAmerica Pyramid, The EndUp, and the scenic walk through Chrissie Field up to the Golden Gate Bridge for epic selfies. Wow…there’s so much more.

Sherpa Trailers says:

Perfect day includes a walk up to Corona Heights, can’t go to sleep without!

Maritza Vera says:

hi there,
I would like to know the name of the chinesse restaurant?

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