I Hate California: San Francisco

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Suzi Barrett takes a trip to San Francisco in part 1 of a 5 part series that takes place all over California.

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Jerry Harshaw says:

I guess I have no choice but to go with die because there isn’t any funny here.

Nikki Jones says:

LMAO This angry chick belongs in the south where all the angry people live…haha

David M says:

hey tranny lady the bridge is around the corner please go and jump off of it .your very bitter

xheartsandhoofbeatsx says:

As a bay area native, I love this. But people shouldn’t reduce an amazing, extremely metropolitan city to a bunch of stereotypes. We aren’t all hippies, homosexuals, or Silicon Valley hopefuls. The city is a certainly a liberal, diversified hotbed for all of those things, but also for so much more. 🙂

Brian Cook says:

I once lived in a garage with mice, shitty plumbing, and one of the noisiest air conditioners known to man.  San Francisco looks fine to me.  I think it’s definitely better than Syria or South Africa.

Shaun forreal says:

I think I want to cuddle naked with the girl hosting this……

Drake Baker says:

Your a bitch

fonzie norris says:

Californians freaking stink and are the ultimate unbelievably stupids fucks ever know. If they’re that frustrated with America’s political and economical tactics, why do they stay here? Go to DoucheBAGHDAD, or IstanBULLSHIT.

theoubliette says:

I love SF but I also loved the first lines of this video. Hilarious.

Michael Asbell says:

what a shrew, her boyfriend must not exist.

Nicolas O Neil says:

San Francisko is liberal piece of  shit.

Runningbear says:

Fuck san francisco!
I hate living in San Francisco! Its a very evil city! Full of drugs and crazy mental homeless! The people here are discussing! They are all just a bunch of lazy People! Literally anyone can get on Social Security in San Francisco by having a pathetic excuse why they can’t (Do Not want to) work! The city is so dirty and gross! Everyone smokes weed here and its annoying! and the transgenders are bloody mentally messed up! I can’t stand it here anymore! Once I get the money I’m leaving San Francisco!

embargoman is a hypocritical, ugly inbred fuck!!!! says:

SF does suck, gayest city in America with the most overrated chicks.

Sunset Paddy says:

I was born in SF and everybody who came here is just as bitter and sarcastic toward us natives with traddy values as Suzi Barrett.

m8trxd says:

OMG: the albino alligator at the Academy of Sciences: “Stupid gentrification!” I’m dying!!

Beau Berry says:

The aquarium and zoo parts were the best. I’m gay and they were funny.

MrHealthyGuy says:

I wouldn’t cry if SF fell into the ocean, all of Cali, for that matter.

QuantumKing says:

Started watching this because I thought you were Norm Macdonald

Douglas Martinez says:


MetalHipoKiller says:

she hates SF because she only has one friend, the square holding the camera that can stand listening to her negative ass all day

fonzie norris says:

The very few Californians in CA who don’t stink either just moved from the east, or are about to leave CA shortly. The rest of you BORN there, keep your BS and pitiful troubles out of OUR states. We’ll rub it in.

MrHealthyGuy says:

I don’t like SF and I’m not lying at all, too many hipsters who think they’re the sh*t just because they’re pothead. They seem to have a superiority complex and arrogance about their city. and for those butturt San Franciscans who can’t take a joke, stop taking the internet so seriously. I was in SF once. Would I go again? Maybe, if somebody paid me money.

splash gaming says:

Screw you

bennyblanco14 says:

Ever hick up vomit in a public bathroom

Hk SMITH says:

California sucks in general from the prices of the houses and gas is over rated and gun laws blow I do not miss it one bit!

Jazzerey McDonagh says:

Sorry you’re too bland to appreciate the color and people of this city, please go back to the rock you came from and live in your own little imaginary world.

Franklin Sukmynutz says:

its funny how no one gets the insane sarcasm…. 

Marian Martix says:

amarga…… tu culo oloriento tambien lo odias..???? 

fonzie norris says:

Ass-ugly state who thinks we’re missing out on something because we’re not like them. Who’d need those negative niggered manipulations anyway? As if they “work hard” to afford living there as they call it by hustling, cops and corporate business fraud, aggressive lying plagued thugs who won’t stop tricking consumers and hate it when we know their BS is all foretold, unfolds by their actions and contradicting their own words blindly. They can defy and resist all hell they want it won’t diminish the real valid sources explaining the whole story. If they’re so quick to bash on the real worlds policies and agendas why do they stay in America? Is things supposed to go specially THEIR way ’cause they can’t help fainting of stupid-titus?

Star Wars says:

I hate california

Raquel Riera says:

need a Santa Barbara one!!!

JT ThaGoer831 says:

Pleeeeease do Seattle

Adrian Enriquez says:

Lol I live in San Francisco. This was hilarious

wyecee says:

This state is like points required to prove what it takes to be the most miserable biggest ugly freebie materialism-dependant black lying pests and punks of “white America”, and how far the average one gets in this world. Destined to “good for nothings” and “straight to hell”. No valid references of their statements. Just resorting to 4-year old name bashing as “racist”, “hater”, and all that downplaying because no one will ever believe one word they say. Obama’s their “silver lining” in all the degrading aspects of opposite directions as far of the worse levels of “diversity” as he wants to call it.

David Begay says:

Hater of the year!

dex1lsp says:

Shank a techie today. Protect and defend OUR City.

Taheem Lewis says:

choose life

EmmaLlanos says:

“Fucking functional transportation” LOL!! At first I thought you were serious, but this is hilarious! 415!!

craazylisa11 says:

Why doesn’t anyone understand sarcasm??! Who are we anymore Love you,Suzi!

JT ThaGoer831 says:

@KOTHLFanRantsandVids I live in Seattle

splash gaming says:

get shot by a blood

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