Overly Excited Tourist Goes Wild In San Francisco

Ryan explores the beauty of the Bay and just narrowly escapes Alcatraz.

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JediaAssassin says:


RullyisJRM says:

That little girl was looking at you like wtf

losercruiser011 says:

Easily my favorite and most unique


1:46 – 1:50


He looks like that dude in blue.

K Wellr says:

I love how he says words wrong exactly like dr. Steve Brule.

Patrick Campbell says:

this is funny only when he’s muted!

GWPunch says:

“Holy snopes! Would you look at all these beautiful dolphins” Yeah that’s a dolphin man, completely not a seal

Lu Fo says:

New jokes, please! Enough with the “have a good time,” “my ass” “they say it’s a 100 feet tall/long” “best day of my whole life” routine, man. Really wana see some new material! Please! These could be so great, but getting real old real quick because of too much recycled material. Grow the character a bit.

Izzy F says:

Do Boston next

Ema Too says:

please post to dtube

Jack Hughes says:

who else thought this was a h3h3 video?

L G says:

Sooo good!

O0oOo8oOo0O says:

Shaky camera is so annoying

Oh No I Am Not says:

I wish he goes shirtless next video.

herrbetto 55 says:

Who’s your honey Ryan? I will paid her a visit while you travel and have the best day of your life

ShaRMz6g says:

She must’ve thought I was brad cooper or some crap! Lmao


Did he take his ass to the Castro district ??

Vincent Pancake says:

Santo FelacIo

UberBaal says:

New Ryan video? GET OUT OF MY ASSSSS!

Floppin says:

When will he come to Germany where I live?

ᴶᴼᴺ Comments says:


I'm right you're wrong says:

Is he a tourist in San Fran?

Moonlit ASMR says:

Thank you. I love you. I needed that.

Mark Squirp says:

just doing steve brule

Aaron Turner says:

Santos fallacio

Hardik Solanki says:

he’s dumb but cute… I’d love to get inside his ass.

Harshit Sharma says:

Ryan don’t listen to the haters! This even was the best video of my whole life.

Jyothish Mani says:

Lost it at “Santo Fellatio”.

Zeven Kaizo says:

Who thought this was funny, and now made like a thousand episodes of it?

Kyros Mohi says:


Mallory Snodgrass says:

Best dolphins I’ve ever seen

Anthony Figueroa says:

Best 2 minutes of my ho life.♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

ThachosenJuan21 says:

HAHA more please

SonicLamb says:

I’m starting to think that Ryan doesn’t know how to make a 5+ minute long video.

Matt Babinger says:

You are funny, dude. Love your videos.

Grabacadaver says:

Get outta my ass! That was f n awesome!

Chickenips 78 says:

No homo, still want to marry him

King Peppy says:

Ur my favorite thing today of my whole life and that even includes the eclipse today that was 100 feet wide and made of SUN/MOON green cheese fondue

-182-Martian says:

Can you just change your whole channel to these videos?

Laurel Burk says:

Holy snopes!! You are S-I-L-L-Y!

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