Perfume – Fun With The Audience #1 (San Francisco 8/28/2016)

8/28/2016 – Perfume plays the Warfield Theatre for their very first show in San Francisco. This was during the U.S. leg of their “Cosmic Explorer” Tour (6th Tour).


drshades1 says:

Boy, how I’d love to have A-Chan tell *me* I was awesome!

Robert D. Luna says:

OH MY GOD!!! Nochi is bae!

Kayden James says:

Best concert Ive ever been to!

mysteryman2024 says:

I was at this show haha, about 15 feet from the stage. It was a great show!

Andrew Peckham says:

John’s a champ!!

kuriharatake says:

まもなくNew Album発売と共に始まる7th Tour、今度もアメリカへ行くのかな?


So need to learn Japanese, I wanna be their translator for the next time they come here 😉 LOVE PERFUME!

Swedish Fukei says:


antonius stanley says:

their english is so funny hahhaha

Thomas Vu says:

I hear my proclamation of love to them lol

Justin Krann says:

The dude who got to translate is literally in heaven. Interacting with 3 of the cutest women on the planet.



健全なあ〜ちゃん推し says:


tones pod says:


Ana Luiza Medina says:

vocês nunca veram ela aqui no Brasil falando em português para a plateia, isso é muito chato :,(

O hell says:


Soufriere says:

They put some of these crowd interactions on the special edition Bluray of the 6th Tour, but they cut between all four USA concerts. It’s cool to see this uncut. I’m hoping there will be a hero-level interpreter when I see them in Dallas in April 2019 ’cause my Japanese is crap.

ごま油 says:

Because there is a person of low rank age, I can give the live performance the fan is made important to which. There are no any more performances!

yoshi yoshi says:


井瀚墨 says:

I can understand what they meaning although I can not understand the Japanese. This is very fun!by the way 你们能看懂中文吗? 中国大陆有很多perfume的粉丝 there are many fan for perfume!

Hikaribonsuchu says:

This video explains why I love perfume!

Jacob Nichols says:

omg XD they are so cute!!! KAWAIIIIII

Makers of Markets says:

okay so nochhi knows enough English for us to survive as a married couple

Rawrsday says:

Are you… Nocchi? *drops dead from cuteness*

さいとうはるか says:


Joseph Tom says:

They really love their fans and it makes me so happy. For them, being here is such a big deal. I wish for many more years of perfume

Maneki Neko says:

I hope someone is gonna put some subtitles. Would be cool to understand the japanese parts ahah anyway, loved this!

Joseph Tom says:

I love this so much

Somebody get me a taco says:

I love how they say “GRITTA” instead of Glitter it’s fucking hilarious

Acura TL GTLM says:

hearing Nocchi speaking English actually made me really happy. even though I know it was probably really hard, it was still awesome.

acgm046 says:

That interpreter is my freaking hero. Imagine not only being able to use Japanese to that level, but also becoming the impromptu and accurate bridge of communication for Perfume in a concert without fangirling or being too nervous… As somebody who admires interpreters, I was left impressed and smiling.
Oh, and needless to say, this kind of interaction has just elevated my love and admiration towards these amazing girls. Dear lord…
Thank you for sharing this awesome video, The Bollmans. What a privilege it must have been to see Perfume live there in San Francisco.
And Mr Interpreter-sensei, wherever you are, much respect to you. You’re amazing, at least to me. Greetings from a recent fan in Colombia!!!

まり says:


Crayola Clouds says:

Nocchi speaking English is my favorite part <3

ももりんに捧げる夢追い人 says:


charlotte says:


Mr. K2 says:

ジョンさん ⇒ ジョン・カビラさん なのかな?



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