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-emma chamberlain


Super Bepis Boi says:

the period is hitting me hard this month too

Natalie Jean says:

17:56 Ethan enters chat

hopee says:

I *love* seeing Emma back in the bay area

Megan Anne says:

where are the gurdies? hm? i’m angry.

Alex Zepezauer says:

is everyone just ignoring the fact that she changed her intro/outro

Grace Harwood says:

You changed your intro I’m not ok

Norrie Vids says:

Can you please add me on Fortnite battle royal and my name is coolboytricker

Morgan Ralls says:

New year new intro and outro?

Jerrica Bormann says:

go emma
frickin slay
i have mental breakdowns too
and i don’t even have to upload lol
and you are posting so much
i’m so proud

this has been a really bad poem dedicated to my pride in emma’s uploadation (def not a word)

Slimey Spiral says:


Ava Creamore says:

this is the best vid

Natalie Pons says:

Ok did anyone else receive a friend request for “Emma chamberlain” on YouTube telling u they have chosen a couple subscribers and u have won they are sending u a gift ??

Brylee Dixon says:

17:48 *ethan has entered chat*

Abigail McCray says:

Hi guys

Samantha Pfister says:

Ok Emma is just a mood sometimes. (In a good way no hate)

Reagan Goss says:

Girl: do you love me
Boy: yes
Girl: do you hate me
Boy: no
Girl will you marry me

Read it up now

Sas H says:

I feel like Emma’s really genuinely enjoying vloging and idk it just makes the videos x10 better when’s she’s got this like happy vibe

Claudia Catchild says:

Downton Abbey is *so* good

Chuy DelRey says:

This video sums up white people

Caro Barbera says:

I would sell my G point for that downtown abbey t shirt amirite ladies

meatrex123 says:

Milk is fantastic. Bitches.

Ciara Maria says:

At my house we go through 2-3 GALLONS of milk a week with a family of 3

Amanda B says:

I can’t believe Emma dropped my fucking coffee

claudia angulo says:

what’s the dance that olivia is doing at 5:54

Mayo Maya says:

I miss the old Emma now she just edits her videos too much.

Angelica Valles says:

I already miss the old outro

lonelynoob says:

I live near sf y’all

Hshss Shhssh says:

*um so why is no one mentioning her new intro/outro*

Adnan A says:

I was hoping Papa Chamberlain would make an appearance.

Maggie Taylor says:

Love ya Emma

Reynalda Rivera says:

Oliva looks like Hannah stocking

Joe Supervil says:

this vid was weird asf.. gotta unsubscribe

angelina says:

i do the same thing with my alarms everyone gets annoyed lmao

Gopika Yallapragada says:

idk what this video was but i’m here for it

Keira Miller says:

i live in san fran 🙁

Slimey Spiral says:


Meg T says:

But did they ever play Nickleback on the way home for Amanda??

rad riah says:

emma hasn’t been using her *curology*

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