San Francisco Family Trip VLOG

We went to San Francisco about a month ago with our family! We vloged it and are just now posting it… lol oops. We will get better at vlogging! We promise! 🙂

On this channel we will post vlogs, behind the scenes, lifestyle and a other fun videos! This is more of the Merrell Twins!

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Anushka Ramachandra says:

i live 45 min from san francisco

Drishti giri says:

You guys are soooo pretty

Golem Family says:

I’ve been to all the places their visited cause I live in San would have been funny if I was in the background

Jane Chavez says:

it would be so cool if you guys started vloging:) but we wouldn’t want you guys to get stressed:/

Lexie ASMR says:

and wheres your mom?

A Bigelow says:

Lol that kid at 3:40

Ricki MORTON says:

she sounded like the apparently kid when she said ‘apparently there is a jellyfish right there’

Zombie Lux says:

Im so mad you guys were here and i didn’t meet yall ):

The Hangout says:

You know what I just noticed at 11:47 nessa doesn’t want to grab Toni’s hand but in the wavy eyebrows video that they did with Harrison and does other people nessa and harisson were being really touchy I ship so hard

Katelyn Sue says:

This loooks so fun!!!!!!

Arshia Aftab says:

where is your mother pls do a video your mom

Carlosraulpepearmando Llama says:

The people walking on the street at 4:36 reminded me of the Beatles album cover

thear Althea says:

Your cousin looks like that kid on Strager Things

Nieca and Joseph HERE says:

So Vanessa has a boyfriend…….?

Tracie MerrellTwinner says:

Thx roni but I don’t have try the tea because I have it every day… I don’t live in China I’m just half chinese

The ronron ship has sailed • says:

Papa is so cute I love that they call their grandpa papa

Ashley Layco says:

Where is there Mom

rebekah dang says:


Luiz Chaves says:

I like chamain too i always get it

talar Siropian says:

I feel like Veronica takes over the whole blog and Vanessa barely is in the blog and Vanessa barely vlogs anything. I’m not hating tho. I love the merrell twins.sorry Veronica

ingrid osorio says:

i like how you hang with all your family when me and my family go out in a trip the 3 older ones hang out and the 3 younger ones play or talk and im here in the middle by my self, its all was good to hang with family.

idk, man says:

I like veronica’s personality

Mira Mitchell says:

where is the mum?

Unfortunately Myself says:

Where is her mom

J. Margarita says:

This was posted on my 12th birthday

Shrabani Barman says:

Where are their mom?

Diamond hip hop Group says:

I don’t like their cousin the one with the afro hair he acts like he has been in the vlog and he keeps going with twins so he could be in the vlog

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