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Take a tour of Top 10 Travel Attractions of San Francisco, California – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats.

Hi, this is your host, Naomi. I would like to give you a tour of the top 10 attractions of San Francisco.

Number 10: Cable cars. One of San Francisco’s icons, cable cars are not only fun to ride, but also an efficient means for getting to various attractions within San Francisco.

Number 9: Fisherman’s Wharf, a popular tourist attraction. Fisherman’s Wharf many activities, like boat cruises and you may even be able to watch sea lions in action.

Number 8: De Young Museum. Located inside the Golden Gate Park, the museum houses many great works of art. Natural elements were used for its construction.

Number 7: Architectural heritage. A favorite activity for visitors to San Francisco is enjoying the architecture of local houses. These houses can even be found on many city postcards.

Number 6: Palace of Fine Arts. Built in 1915 for the Panama Pacific International Exposition, this remarkable structure is a cherished San Francisco landmark.

Number 5: Golden Gate Park, a great urban park. It’s an oasis that offers an escape from the city. The large park has beautiful landscape design with well-maintained gardens.

Number 4: Coit Tower. Gracing the landscape of San Francisco, the art deco tower was constructed to beautify the city. The observation tower at the top offers excellent city views.

Number 3: Alcatraz Island. Located in San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz used to have a prison which housed some of the toughest criminals. You can take a tour of the prison today.

Number 2: Lombard Street, among America’s crookedest streets. It’s fascinating to drive down the street or watch other cars. Hard to imagine people actually live here.

Number 1: Golden Gate Bridge. No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. It truly is a special site that you will remember for a long time.

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Kimberly Davis says:

I live near and explore the san francisco bay area all of the time….I document my travels through my photography so if you need some ideas of cool day trips in northern cali….check out my blog

sneakgame 3657 says:

I went to Alcatraz and drove once across the golden gate bridge

Gabriel B. says:

Every city has it’s weirdos and freaks.

edwardschlosser1 says:

You can rent a car and drive to LA in an hour. Traffic in SD isn’t bad, but LA can be a nightmare. You can also take a $99 commuter flight from SD to Las Vegas and be there in a hour or two. LA is also cool. Make sure to visit Hollywood and Vine, and checkout Grumman’s Chinese Theater. Las Vegas is a bit over-rated, but your first visit should be fun. Ride the roller coaster on top of the Stratosphere hotel…I dare you. It is the most terrifying ride in the world.

Sandra Mena says:

i am going to san fransisco in tresday and friday

edwardschlosser1 says:

Visit San Diego first (and LA second because they are only an hour drive apart). Check out Ocean Beach. OB is the little hippie beach town where the movie Almost Famous was shot. The OB pier is the longest pier on the west coast. OB also has some of the best surfing by the pier. See the Coronado Bay Bridge. It is every bit as impressive as the SF Bay Bridge. While in the city make sure to spend a night in the Gas Lamp District between 4th and 6th avenue. Great music and fine dining.

Calleigh Lone says:

I find San Francisco so beautiful! I hope to go someday!

edwardschlosser1 says:

I’ve lived in San Diego since 1997. I love it here. It is the best city in the USA and maybe the world. You sure can’t beat the weather. It’s sunny and 75 degrees in the summer, and sunny and 65 degrees in the winter (F not C of course). The ocean temp is between 65-72 in the summer. Some people think it will be warmer when they get here. It isn’t. Bring along a summer wet suit if you’re going to be surfing. Surf/boogie boards, bicycles and sailboats can all be rented on Mission beach/bay

LieutenantShweinHund says:

1:37 The Crookedest Street in the World is Wall Street, not Lombard Street !

geobeats says:

Thanks so much for watching!

Jax N says:

See whats on my bucketlist


im from southern california and i will let you know sanfrancisco is in north california and LA is southern california…. id sayStart in Los angeles and go to Hollywood, Venice beach beverly hills and santa monica then go to north california and go to san francisco point reyes big sur and the nappa valley

Schuylor Hayes says:

I love this city it’s so Gorgeous! I have not been here in years!! Need to go back !!

wonderglory says:

I was born and raised in San Francisco.

MacBlox says:

Dédicace à la classe de 4E (‘-‘)

Weed Nstuff says:

I used to pass every time at Lombard street (n.2) In GTA San Andreas . LOL

eagleteam6 says:

Check out Steven Greane for vids on Nevada.

Alex Folkesson says:

Hello! I going to Calefornia next agust! Im from sweden and have a question to everyone that has been: San Francisco Las Vegas Los Angeles and San Diego. Where should i go first? What city is the best? And can someone do a top 5 citys in California? Thanks and sorry for my english!

Diego Garcia says:

Wow San Francisco, Alta California, Mexico is so beautiful compa

dave eggo says:

i live here

Artocxx 14 says:

I am french and I study this video for High scool (I Am 14)

Ahman Millener says:

Hey People, you should not think about the Heritage Buildings and Coit Tower.
Instead try these:
China Town
Japan shopping mall
The Science Academy Gets an extra +
SF Zoo
Not just Fisherman’s wharf, but all of the piers
SF Pier 1
Broadway, if you like strippers
Several Clubs
Sutro Bath House, which is on the Beach
Geradelli Square
Etc, etc

Sorry but Coit tower isn’t anything special and the Heritage Building are over rated.

These are just a few far better choices from someone who lived in The Bay Area all his life.

Note: SF is not the only place to visit in The Bay Area, for instance Muir Woods as an example.
There is more here than San Francisco, it could take a week to cover everything. 😀

juan hernandez says:

san fran is the BEST!!!!!!

edwardschlosser1 says:

aircraft carrier Midway, it’s pretty impressive, and the old sailing ship, The Star of India. I would rate these as follows:

1. San Diego Harbor (Bay) a. The Coronado Bay Bridge (and the Coronado Hotel where the movie Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe was shot) b. The Midway and Star of India.

2. The Gas Lamp District – Go at night for dinner, music and dancing.

3. Ocean Beach – Day or Night for shopping, swimming, surfing, the pier, and checking out the strange happenings

Fabiane Santanna says:

city imcrible

tallladyjay says:

We walked across the bridge, toured Alcatraz, toured China Town, went to numerous piers and, including Pier 39, and walked along the water’s edge of the Bay, we went to servives at two churches, took a ride on the cable car, ate in the many great restaurants, attended one of the many festivals in the City of San Francisco, drove to Mire Woods to see the Red Wood forest, then to Monterey Bay, then on to Carmel, which is former Mayor Clint Eastwood’s quaint home town, and all the way to Murro Rock along the scenic cliffts of the Pacific Coast Highway, returned o the City via scenic Route 101 and I could go on and on. Excellent trip! The sad part was returning home and reading about and watching videos of some of the many suicides that took place and take place off the bridge. I was truly touched by the sadness these people must have felt and, in particular, Gene Sprague’s suicide and the movie called “The Bridge”.

صالح المسكري says:

very nice

trey davis says:

I love san fran

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