San Francisco Travel Guide: Top Things To See, Do & Eat

Travelling to San Francisco? We’ve got your guide for how to spend a day or two in SF!

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Today An (MTL Food Snob) and I are exploring San Francisco, California with a little help from a messaging app called Voxer! We focus on two districts: Chinatown and Embarcadero, seeing all the attractions and eating all the seafood along the way!

Dragon Gate
Wave Organ

San Francisco Travel
Amanda Law & Voxer
Hotel Zelos
Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory
Fog Harbour Fish House
Adventure Cat Sailing
Asian Art Museum
Dirty Habit
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pmteatime says:

I feel like you’ve visited more parts of SF than I have and I live near the area, haha. Awesome video! The food looks absolutely delicious, I’m salivating.

JTX8000 says:

is that ninja sex party on the wave organ?

cindyreddeer says:

This video was delicious…. and now I’m hungry. I feel a rice krispy treat is not going to cut it. 😛

Dawnallsun says:

I absolutely LOVE San Francisco. When I visited, I ate seafood all the time. Like you, I love calamari. Your video made me want to go again!

ThisIsEuan says:

that looked like so much fun San Francisco is the one place i’ve always wanted to visit, looks amazing

firewordsparkler says:

This was so cool!!! This was like the fanciest scavenger hunt ever.

David Stevenson says:

Well dang…….next time you’re in SF, you have to do a meet and greet.

nicetsukki says:

Andrew, what was on your phone…?

ljmasternoob says:

I’m very font of wave organ music.

Aiironic says:

what the – how did you FIT this into one day?! I would spend like HOURS at one place and just not leave.

Alberto Guerra says:

Can you tell me what app are you using? Is it an app? Great video, going to be there next month.

Sanhva says:

Your videos are awesome! Keep it up dude! 😀 <3

kujmous says:

This looked so exciting and fun! The riddles were a brilliant touch. Can that actually become a travel package? Mystery Whirlwind Escapade?

Brian Hernandez says:

I also love calamari, in any form! I order it every time it is on a restaurant menu. This video was a great production! I liked how you combined the shots with the audio from voxer. Also, I am jealous that you always get to be in some really nice hotels. I think 100% of my stays have been in La Quinta.

reverberate10 says:

i think of all of your travel videos this one has got me the most “i want to do that” and i don’t even like seafood

thisisjaclyne says:

One of the best machines at musée mécanique is this wild west scene where, when you put a coin in, all that happens is air blows to simulate wind. Pure entertainment!

Rissa says:

I saw that uniqlo bag in your hotel room ;D This is so awesome!!! I’m from the Bay Area and I always feel like there’s just never ending stuff to do in San Francisco. Seeing the fortune cookie factory was nostalgic; I went there on a school field trip in 6th grade lol.

100KVIDEOS says:

Book Your hotel here ->

Ted Meow says:

I loved this vid. But what kind of monster wears boots in the bathroom?

LittleSelfia says:

Y’know I live in SF and I’m absolutely floored by how much stuff you managed to do in /one/ day. like this is near impossible, serious props

Ronny Tam says:

This looked like so much fun!!

johneepixels7 says:

I’m so jealous! I LOVE San Fran! I’ve been to the Exploratorium before. Sooo much fun.

WaistHighView says:

Such a cool concept, I’m so awful at finding exciting things to do/see/eat in new places.

CariocaGuia says:

Nice video!!
I’m loving the channel. You should come to Rio!

Amanda Sherrer says:

ok i NEED to visit that Asian Art museum immediately

Noah Goetz says:

I see that Uniqlo bag on the desk – doing SF right!

JC says:

I kind of wish some of these sponsored videos were longer. I know the point is to make it “easily digestible” (rather than like a 20-30min video), but in this short format it seems like we only got to see about 10 seconds from each of the great places you got to visit in San Francisco.

Also, this made me crave Dim Sum, and we don’t have any in my city. 🙁

mtl food snob says:


famitory says:

the cake at 5:04 looks like one of those really small guitar pedals with the three knobs

kujmous says:

X-rated Cookies?!?!

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