SKATE San Francisco with Ben Gore

Every other Thursday, street skaters take you on a personal tour of the their favorite cities to SKATE. You’ll discover some of the best skate, chill, gear, food, and beer spots as you get the vibe of a new city

This week Ben Gore, Carlos Young, Max Van Arnem, John Lindsay, Joe Staley, James Coleman, Nick Daley and more give you a personal skate tour of San Francisco.

Music by:
Grate Lakes
“Joey P”
Rellman Enterprises

Kevin Strang
“Sad No More”
“Into The Black Sea”

Mr. Green
“Now You Know”

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Bruce Wayne says:

anybody know what the name of the tune is at 3:33?

Ryan Ryan says:

What type of camera does Ben gore use

Andrei Borodaenko says:

Ben has the coolest style, hands down.

HatRed oF StUFF says:

Im just a few blocks from the federal banks which are on Golden gate between Polk & Larkin. a block from the most obvious open air drug market in the country… Luckily my roommate has been in the same building for 9 years; rent control has given us the opportunity to stay in the city unlike every person I know here, moving to east bay.. To get the point across: NEVER seen that spot active at all. No guard on wkends & even tho it’s COVERED in blockers, it’s still a good spot. I pass it multiple times a day, every single day. For over a year there’s been 3 or maybe 4 times where ppl were skating it… if I didn’t completely suck, id be there a lot. I just don’t understand why nobody skates it, on wkends.. hoping for a answer as to why. Mon-Fri it’s not possible bc guards & the fact it’s a court house… Sat&Sun tho, it’s completly empty.

Loreot says:

My favorite Ride Video, Gore is amazing and as such an chilled aura!

Andy says:

what fucking assholes, almost blindsiding so many pedestrians. I hope they all break their legs being idiots and skating through intersections

TripleB1888 says:

Class. Im 27, never skated, but fuck it. Ive bought a board today and im gonna put it to good use

Pur3 STRIKES says:

I thought it is illegal to skate in sanfranscico

Sergio Martinez says:

street skate is the best!

darkese latifa says:

Ben gore is gnarly as fuck


one of the greatest series that produced by ride channel and the reason why i started to skateboarding.

Twrecks92 says:

how can they afford to live there? beautiful city for skating, legendary really.

scifitoilet says:

the federal banks are even more skatestopped now than in this vid lmao. Still saw a dude shredding there the other day haha. Armory spot is still legit if you can get over the human shit all up along that wall.

Jesse T says:

Skate London with blondey McCoy or Tom knox

valamere101 says:

i just started staking at 17 about a month ago. and one of the things i love about skating is its teaching me not to give a fuck. anyone feel me?

poser sh!t says:

i wonder how these guys are, if you find them crusing can you roll with?

Gabo Zun says:

So proud to be NorCalimisTico! One day I was skating the city and all of the sudden I had a clear vision for not even half a second but felt like 5 minutes where I saw the City under water and I was like Tf!

TickingClock124 says:

I loved you as Theon in Game of Thrones 😀

POJK says:

what is the name of the song what started at 4:00?

Neues Leben says:

skate life dude!

delatroy says:

What do these guys do for money

Techno Man PC says:

Great buddy. I like it

Seqb Production says:

they are fucking baked haha

Brooklyn Baby says:

Now I really want to go to San Francisco and skate, I have a longboard, and San Francisco looks perfect for down hill, but I would also love to try long board dance, the hill there are really slope, but definitely a nice city, been there a few time, it give show a nice vibe

g0stface23 says:

I think this fool works at FTC hes a fucking dick lol

Charlie Vaughan says:

Can you do a skate bristol please? x

Twocoolman115 says:

Rollin around around at the speed of sound, gotta places to go, gotta follow my rainb- I’m sorry, I’m not sure where that came from

LordTheo says:

I’m moving to somewhere near san francisco. I think this could be pretty fun to do when I don’t have school and if I get better at skating.

gấu nhỏ says:

nice bro

John Hill says:

Ben Gore is already one of my favorite dudes. After seeing his personality, I’m an even bigger fan.

wheelieeee says:

I’ve watched this video a good 20 times

Brown Lint says:

Anyone have a idea of the camera Ben was using ?

Dan Holomý says:

Hi I’m looking everywhere for that song that starts at 4:00? Really can’t find it anywhere 🙁

I Could Be Your Mom says:

Sf looks so cool at night.

Ayrsawft says:

I want to get into street skating but the paths have too many problems. England…

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