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My first trip to San Francisco was a success. We searched for the best foods and the best things to do in the city. We hit up Alcatraz, Twin Peaks, mission street, Union Square, the Financial district, and more. Some of the best food I have ever had was the sushi burrito at Sushiritto. Bob’s Donuts, Ghirardelli, Miller’s Deli, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Cream, and more pizza than I can even remember.

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Adam Cornish says:

I only have 24 🙁

Rottar Srey says:

Immediately subscribed!

Andrew Lee says:

To be honest, you are correct about the most expensive things fitting the best. Sometimes we like to save on clothes but these days quality and fit come with the clothes that cost more and those clothes will last longer. H&m and all that junk look cool but can’t last the look past 1 wash.

Anonymous Bacon says:

Lol I’ve been to that Nordstrom

kingcrux31 says:

You gotta cut back on the coffee intake lol

Laura Gregersen says:


Anna Lorraine Yu says:

BAY AREAAAAAA!!! Hope you had fun here, Travis!!

Gahl Yogu says:

“Best tourist and trendy new food places in San Francisco”  …fixed your title. your’e welcome. 

and thanks for this San Francisco  promotional video  … I cant wait to watch the cess pool grow.

lol lol says:

I live in sf but This is such a Amazing city.

Chris Si says:

I’m digging this guy! Dope vlogs! Keep grinding bro!

Mehm Hacimic says:

next time you’re out there…check out Euro Grill in Santa Clara, really good Bosnian food, you would love it

Pointon says:

You may have been asked this before, but which camera/cameras did you use for this video?

ChezDayable says:

So is Mrs. Fields not in malls in Ohio?

Funky Chicken says:

WARNING——Just FYI to all those watching game this video and taking notes of places to visit when here in SF. Twin Peaks is a great spot for a beautiful view of the SF. However you have to drive up there and be careful of your belongings. Lots of cars get broken into and lots of cameras stolen/snatching in broad daylight. All the transients and criminals know it’s a popular destination for tourist. They’re banking on you not being in town long enough to press charges if they get caught and or hoping you aren’t fluent in English so you won’t report it to the police. Lifelong SF resident so I know….. stay safe out there.

Matthew Ortiz says:

You missed a lot of stuff! Only the tourist eateries were in this video.

80MileKyle says:

Nice Video!

Ashleah Dykes says:

You def missed the Soma food. A whole food truck park is where it’s at if you are there to eat. Great video, better than those who live here.

kristijan67 says:

Get hammered and film it Travis! 😀

Daniel Lee says:

Hey Travis, what was the reason for going to SF? Was it a vacation or did you have a business trip?

MrPlanx says:

Like most of the amateur travel videos on YouTube, this guy is clueless. “Best food in San Francisco”?  NOT EVEN REMOTELY!  Guy, do at least 5 minutes of research online first. You ate crap after crap.

Makenzie Rae says:

The Zack Kravits shot hahaha
That Full House theme song took me back.

erissa h says:

Love the quality. What kind of camera do you use?

DunePanda says:

I’m actually planning on flying out to SF from dubai in July. We will be renting motorcycles and riding out to Yosemite and other places! Can’t wait!

Renata Kristof says:

I would really appreciate if you can tell me what do you use for filming all this! Thank you 🙂

Michael Padilla says:

Liked it..

beardedfatloss says:

Awesome edits, man! Have you been happy with the gimbal? I’ve been wanting one so bad, not sure if it’s going to be worth the price tag for me just yet!

JAN2MARS says:

You went to the Mission and didn’t get a Mission burrito? Mission has the best taquerias! Hopefully you go next time if you didn’t already get a chance to go off camera.

Meagan M says:

It makes me so happy that you drink your coffee with a straw

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