The Williams Fam trip to San Francisco

Tag, Keene and Gage bring some of their international friends out to San Francisco to tour around the city! First vlog we’ve made, hope you enjoy!


Alina Amirkhani says:

hahahahah you guys i can’t! <3 i miss youuuuuuuuu!

DeAna Ciazza says:

Gage….. <3 i want Gage.

Joe Jamell Johnson says:

You guys are awesome

Mickaella Marie says:

omg i love poncho sm hahaahaha

jenny hood says:

gage is so beautiful

cc t says:

wen u see it more than 2 minutes long and u get relly excited.WELCOME 2 THE VLOG LIFE

Fancyface2284 says:

That’s just how I was when I first went to It’s Sugar in Myrtle Beach, SC. lol

Brianna Gomez says:


Alexis Beazley says:

I loved this so much

Lexia Franco says:


Hope Mortzar says:

honestly this was so funny and also I’m highkey impressed with the editing skills. can’t wait for more vlogs keep em comin!!

Marlins KK says:

I just wish there was more Tag. But I loved this video, keep it up.

CountryGirl97 says:

Can’t wait for y’all to make more! I really enjoyed it! Y’all seem fun ❤️

Tiffany Archie says:

y’all was lit

Love Bug says:

love you guys

Ann Marie Campos says:

“You are my weakness, but you are not vegan” hahaha story of my life!

Abby Defalco says:

that bridge takes up to 2 hours to walk across. it is so long but it’s beautiful to walk across. I live 3 hours from it.

Tiffany Gibson says:


Jackylene Gutierrez says:

Loved the vlog guys!! Everyone seems so chill and fun!! To the international dancers: Welcome to da Bay!! So cool seeing the places you went to and considering that I’m highkey from Richmond (25 minutes away from the City), I knew a lot of the place you all visited! Also, bummed that out of all the days I go to the City, I didn’t get to bump into you guys! Looked like you guys had a lot of fun!

Leanne de Roo says:

hahah, “geweldig”. The brother at 7.59 is handsome….

Stephanie Bowman says:

Tag is my favorite!!!

DeAna Ciazza says:

I cant keep my eyes off gage… in any video.. ever.

Mark tafua says:

Love the video !!! More vlogs pls !!! Keep them coming

Alfonso G says:


cheaper0691 says:

Il vous rend si heureux de vous voir enfin une boîte dans votre vie quotidienne.
Ok, j’apprécie beaucoup quand vous danser tous ensemble. Mais il est très agréable de partager votre voyage avec nous.
Merci pour ce moment et surtout pour la prochaine;)
Prenez soin de vous, frères Désolé mon anglais je parle français;) et votre soutien est tout aussi forte ici en Europe, vous voyez à nouveau très rapidement ici;)

Makar Kilivnik says:


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