Things To Do In Oakland (San Francisco Bay Area)

When visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, definitely add Oakland to your list. It is a fun city with lots to do. Check out these things when you are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area! Start off the trip to Oakland by heading to Lake Merritt. This peaceful location is a great place to walk, run, or stroll or take a picnic. You can also rent a boat from the Lake Merritt Boating Center for $12 hourly. Head over to the Grand Lake Theater for a movie in this historic building. This beautiful theater is filled with ornate decorations and has two huge screening theaters in addition to smaller ones. You can go on Tuesdays for $5 admission or on Wednesdays you can get free popcorn with your admission ticket. While in the Lake district, you can go to the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market. This farmer’s market runs on Saturdays and has many East Bay and Oakland local vendors and farmers. There is a live music, and food trucks and a nice lawn to relax on. You can even sip a cup of Moroccan coffee there! This farmer’s market is right across the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. A nice neighborhood of Oakland to explore is Rockridge. This area is filled with lots of shops, restaurants, bookstores, and coffee shops. There is a BART stop here, called Rockridge station. My favorite place to eat there is called Cactus Taqueria. Another great thing to do in Oakland is go to Fenton’s Creamery. This is a delicious restaurant and creamery with specialty ice cream sundaes and lunch and dinner. This place was featured in the Disney/ Pixar movie Up because the animators live in Emeryville, CA and love to go there. These cheap, fun, things to do in San Francisco Bay Area are definitely fun for the whole family.

Useful Websites:

Lake Merritt
Lake Merritt Boating Center: 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Grand Lake Farmer’s Market:

Fenton’s Creamery 4226 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

(My favorite place to eat in Rockridge): Cactus Taqueria: 5642 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
BART *There is a BART stop in Rockridge, CA called Rockridge station.

Grand Lake Theater 3200 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

I love exploring non-touristy places and hidden gems! Join me for more non-touristy places in San Francisco, Los Angeles & around the world! There are so many things to do and see in San Francisco. Let’s go!

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BANS. says:

home town <3

Scottman895 Travel says:

Watching these videos makes me want to make a return trip to the San Francisco Bay area sooner and sooner! Oakland looks really nice especially Lake Merritt and Fenton’s Creamery. Great job with the video!

Sylvia Julie Kalungi says:

Wow this is beautiful, my kind of place to visit. thanks for the review Jamie 🙂

Arizonies says:

Dope Edit

MrAngemystere says:

Let this recent New York transplant living in San Francisco give it up for Jamie’s funky little charmer on Oakland.

And yes, Oakland is a very cool city.

It’s a former underdog of a town now in the midst of a 24/7 renaissance, making good on the city’s “Brooklyn-by-the-Bay” meme–-and then some. All love to Brooklyn, but Oakland has got its groove back –– with a style all of its own.

The town has become a culinary powerhouse and the counter-cultural/arts center of the Bay Area (sorry SF, you’re my beautiful home now, but I have to admit it: you’ve become too comfortable and establishment and while you were dozing, Oakland took all of your young artists and bohemians).

I was surprised that there is no mention of Uptown, the very vibey Downtown section full of outstanding, innovative restaurants (Flora, Duende, Agave, Calavera, Pícan, Hopscotch, etc., etc.), cafés, hipster bars ,galleries, and the like. Likewise, this short, sweet vid did not mention the portside and warehouse/loft district of Jack London Square or the charmingly quaint Lakeshore neighborhood or one of country’s great (or insufferable, depending on your mood) hipster havens, Temescal.

Temescal shares Uptown’s buzzing, multiracial Hipster Universe groove–-the diversity of Oakland’s large, often absurdly precious, but always entertaining hipster scene, make it quite distinct from its nearly all-white counterparts in the Mission in SF and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for example.

Uptown’s outdoor/indoor festival of arts, music, fashion, food, culture, and outright gonzo quirkiness and eccentricity (San Francisco! Come on! We used to own this riff!) held every first Friday of each new month––Art Murmur/First Friday––is an essential. This monthly festival/art crawl is the twenty-first century reincarnation of the 1960s “happenings’ in Haight Ashbury, London, and Paris, made especially dazzling via Oakland’s multicultural/multiracial make-up and participation.

Temescal, Uptown, Art Murmur/First Friday in Oakland: check ’em out.

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great video Jamie!

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i always thought the only thing to do in Oakland is to survive

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This is informative! Now I want to travel to Oakland 🙂

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Lorraine Menza says:

Thanks for giving us information on the hidden gems that are in areas and not just the pricey trendy sight seeing stuff!

Zach Hing says:

Thanks for highlighting Oakland! I’m glad you featured the Piedmont and North Oakland neighborhoods where I live

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really good video, I subscribed if you could check out my channel that would me amazing 😀

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u forget about Jack London Square

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Nice video Jamie! 🙂


Awesome video great channel I like ur channel I subs ur channel pls watch my channel I hope u like thnx
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Aaahhhh looks amazing Jamie! subscribed! <3 Hope you can check out my channel as well!

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Thank you so much for your amazing tips! It is so useful to plan the trip! Adding your channel to your faves now – hope you will support our channel, too! 😉

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Nice place to visit.
Thumbs up!

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Soooooo gorgeous <3 I've only been to San Fran for two days, but I definitely wanna explore more, especially after watching this 🙂

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you know my contry better than me!!!

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Nice video, cool information

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Looks great, nice tips !

James G Rivera says:

I have been to the Grand Lake Theatre.

ThePinetree88 says:

Wonderful I hear Oakland is undergoing a robust economic reformation and a great renaissance. Hooray the Brooklyn of the west Coast, it’s been a long time coming. I’ll be investing in properties to really have a positive impact on Oakland’s recovery.

jimmy dean says:

rockridge aint oakland that peedmont

road runner bill says:

Things to do in Oakland? get into shootouts lol

MarlonPTY says:

Nice and informative video Jamie! I may be in that area soon so I will definitely check out some of these places.

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good content 😉 subbed so i can see your progress over time!

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