TRAVEL VLOG | San Francisco

STYLE DIARY for this trip:
I hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching! xx
HUGE thank you to our friend Brandon for showing us around and helping film:

Shot by:

Where We Stayed:
The Marker San Francisco-
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San Francisco (Little Daylight Remix) The Mowgli’s
Chocolate (Taylor Wise Remix) The 1975
Little Talks- Of Monsters & Men (Thomas Jack Remix)

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De Manuelehr says:

nice nice blog! from De Manuelehr Travel vlog..pls sub back thanks…

Abigail Reyes says:

I live in California and i live like 20 mins from San Francisco lol

Yusra Khan says:

I love that you added the locations of all the places

Jackie tv says:

I’ve been to SAN Francisco so many times it’s not this cool lmaooo

LouWho from Whoville says:

hi I love what your doing they are such great video! and btw I would like to know which application do you use for the montage?! please!

waffle mati says:


TAPP Channel says:

what software did you edited it with????

Mr.Fad Vlogs says:

Hey Tess 🙂 check out my vlog in SF!

Nirrini says:

I’ve always liked San Fransisco. It looks so sunny and chill with forests, mountains and sea. The streets look so cozy and old, the houses look amazing. And it’s not too far away from California. Definitely a place I wouldn’t mind living. You look like you had a great time there with your boyfriend. Would you consider moving to San Francisco?

Husnina Thurayya says:

what kind of apps did you use to edit your travel videos ?

Janet Ligeon says:

i cannot wait to go ! im going for the first time this year !

Soraya Alami says:

what do you edit with ? (To write the intro for example)

Engineering Made Super Easy says:

check out my San Francisco vlog 🙂 Hope ya’ll like it!!!!

Sarah Ikarus says:

You’re eyebrows.
Bushy asf.

Chloe B Arnold :: Beyond Blessed Blog says:

Love your videos! What do you use to edit your vlogs?!

ANDREA KAYE Alfaro says:

…what do call that place at 0:05?

Harshini says:


Vashti Daily says:

How long were you there?

Leeann Sanders says:

Hi Tess! I know this is an older vlog – but I was wondering where you went to see such awesome views of the bridge? I’m going to SF in April! 🙂 Love you and your videos so much!

Lianna G says:

Where’s that bridge location??

A Piece Of Spice says:

Awesome music!

Nicole Loddo says:

Nome of the first and second song ?

miaslens says:

Hey! Great video! I recently uploaded a Video of when I went to San Fran a couple of years ago from England, would appreciate it if you could check it out! 🙂

Officially Hiro says:

fun video.

Diamond Hamilton says:

Hey everyone I’m looking for some new youtube friends! if you would like to be youtube friends please thumbs up this comment, subscribe to my youtube page, and let me know you all have subscribed under one of my videos (:

Glessy Magaling says:

what do u use to edit?

thedoneeye says:

Great video! Next time you guys are in SF be sure and check out the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Sooo much more charming than pigeons….ICK!!!

Jack Wilson says:

this is just nonsense. You bunch of narcissists

GrayShadoz says:

What camera do you use?

Adéla Nováková says:

Aaaa, I wanna go to SF too! Great video, thanks for bringing Frisco to me 🙂

Alyssa Brianna says:

Please check out my SF vlog loves (-;

ballerz life says:

What place in San Fran where you when you were on the carousal

Teencliche says:

When I heard the 1975 I got so excited

passion taylor says:

Little late to comment but just had to say I could watch this vid forever. Wish it were longer! Can’t believe how far your quality has come considering how great this video is. You can definitely see your hard work!

Ime Lara says:

I love all the songs you used in this video!

Michyy nicole says:

I really wanna go to San Francisco, and I love your videos they are never boring like other vloggers

Freja Selene says:

Great video!

Ray Ray says:

Really liked this video! I just uploaded my first ever YouTube vid. Your videos are really inspiring.

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