VIPKid Club Orange Trip to San Francisco

Hello everyone!

We had the privilege of going to San Francisco as a fun trip for the top 5 recruiting teachers. It was a blast! I hope you feel like you are there with us!

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Amy Keith says:

All of my favorites!! Wish Jennifer was there too!

Lauren Luellen says:

I just loved everything about this video! Thanks for sharing! So wonderful to see my two favorite VIPKID mentors: Sammie and Nancy!! I recognized some other gals from the group too! I love that so many of you promote VIPKID on YouTube. It’s a huge help for teachers that are new to the company. I couldn’t have made it this far without your videos, combined with Sammie’s detailed instruction. Thanks to all of you for the work you put in every day. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

Rachel Burgo says:

Yayy! So fun to get a glimpse of the trip! Love you guys!!

Amanda Palmer says:

I was JUST thinking about last night how much your joy and energy shines for Jesus in your work and your parenting. I’m so glad you had such a great time traveling with VIPKid. What a honor to work for a company with integrity and kindness, and meet other top referring teachers who have those exact qualities. You are an inspiration through and through because of your love of Christ and the way it carries through to every aspect of you life! ♥️ You’re awesome!

Teacher Sadie says:

What a fun group!

VIPKid says:

Great Video Nancy! Everyone in the SF office says hi!

Penny Davis says:

Very fun! I hope I’ll get to do this sometime soon!

Jen Floyd says:

Whoa SO fun! I love Full House!!!!!!!! Ava has the most beautiful eyes! I am so excited to be a part of this awesome community!

Debora Lobe says:

All of my favorites wrapped up in one video! How special and inspiring! You all make a difference with so many of us! Thank you for your authenticity, love for teaching and selfless sharing to better the VIPKID community! Best, Teacher Debora MS

Douglas Hunnings says:

Thanks for making the video and sharing your experience!

RIKA says:

NANCY! Your video is on point~ I’m so happy to have had the time to show you and club orange around the city! See you in Chicago~

Tiny Techie Teacher- Sammie Burman says:

This is incredible. I’ve watched it so many times with tears in my eyes. So thankful for the opportunity to meet you sweet ladies. We’ve talked about those hugs for such a long time… what a blessing to finally do so! Thankful for you girls and our #cluborangetribe. <3 Such a blessing to call you FRIENDS. <3 -Sammie

Nikki Lubing says:

Great video, Nancy! Thanks for taking us with on the trip. I would love to hear more about recruiting tips. 🙂 I’ve been successful recruiting at iTutorGroup, but still learning at VIPKid.

Pseller says:

Omg thanks for this video Nancy! It made me so nostalgic. Im not from San Fran but I love this place and visited it in Nov. ❤️

Vera Gormley says:

You are my encourager! Thank you for sharing!

Kristen Marie says:

This is amazing!! It’s like seeing VIPKID celebrities in this vlog!

Ms Marie says:

Yeah!!!! We have been waiting for this. 🙂

falguniandmanish says:

I know you are Christian. I am Hindu. We are both VIPKID teachers. The more I watch your videos the more I see that you are a genuinely good person. In this video you talked about how the girls were genuine and selfless and stuff. I am all about karma. Good things happen to you because it’s clear you are a good hearted person. I always tell my husband that it takes selfless people to be educators, not everyone can be an educator. ❤️

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