What to Do in San Francisco | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

In a city that’s constantly reinventing itself, San Francisco has endless offerings, from bowling in the Mission to diversions on the waterfront, not to mention creative restaurants and bars.

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What to Do in San Francisco | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times


I mean says:

Really? I have only a day and half and you want me to go bowling!! Next time, maybe golf?

Rico Travels San Diego. says:

Looks great!

Franklin Bluth says:

I would recommend the De Young museum but this city is too expensive. Hard Water offers 2 piece fried chicken and a biscuit for 15 dollars.


Naomi Campbell circa 1996 says:

this looks like a gentrifiers wet dream

vandalazeZEVO says:

So much magic has been zapped out of San Francisco in the last 5 years alone, it feels like some sort of Orwellian experiment to even try and create some glossy propaganda travelogue of why San Francisco should even be celebrated anymore. I can’t think of any city in America that has aggressively tried to weed out all creative endeavors and people that used to make the city shine. They’re even kicking out the Cartoon Museum!

Mario Torrez Quant says:

Best city!

Davidsbeenhere says:

Amazing video! Nice job! I also did a travel video about SF, you check it out on my channel!

Wilmer Ausin says:

Another thing of Spanish origin!! Yuhu!! jaja

strong power says:

When to California for the first time last summer and my uncle drove my family to San Fransisco, the whole way telling us about what goes on throughout the state. Once we arrived I immediately fell in love with it. The people, the food, the scenery just melted all together into on big flower pot. Truly beautiful and I want to live there so bad.

Bobby Finn says:

great city

Evan Graham says:

As a local this video was offensive. You did not get the real San Francisco at all. First of all you left out the Castro all together the most iconic area of San Francisco. The hottest night spot in San Francisco is Oasis. Oasis is the real San Francisco. Not hippster Mission Bowl. That place is an abomination.

thePowerPlant says:

The House of Prime Rib. The House of Prime Rib.

Mr. Elastomeric1 says:

absolutely brilliant great video

Reformatt Show says:

stunning and inspiring video! really shows San Fran for the beauty it encompases, your video absolutely earns a top 10 spot in YouTube search for San Francisco, I just released a new video on San Francisco as well featuring some hidden secrets like the Musee Mecanique and Mirror Maze. I just released it on my channel, hope you like it

GoodbyePanama says:

There are apparently no black people left in San Francisco according to this video.

Archie Andrews says:

Unfortunately it’s overrun by politically correct social justice warrior muppets.

Andrés says:

Do Mexico City please!

Jeremy says:

What kind of black magic the NYT’s staff does ,everything they make is so enjoyable .

Dee Bell says:

Where is the diversity???? This is a question from a native.

InnerPull says:

“a lot of people are complaining because they think the character is being taken out of the city with all this new tech boom…”
and it is.
rasputin’s is closed up, amoebia music is on the downward spiral. artists and musicians have fled to oakland. rent costs are still rising. there’s a shrinking diversity in community/culture. tech conventions overrun the city. google buses in the streets. the desparity of wealth is totally insane, and the homeless and drug addicts stagger the streets near powell, just down from the financial district. the first week there i saw someone pooping on the sidewalk. everyone you run into seems to be there for business primarily and hasnt lived there longer than 1-3 years. people are walking on eggshells around each other – everyones extremely sensitive to any open differences in viewpoint/opinion or confrontation.
san francisco is running on fumes.

Josh Brown says:

How ANTIFA lives.

Jyothi Madineni says:

Federal lands inUSA

2Cephas3_9 Asi Es says:

I like SF how the weather is there and the hills the beautiful ocean.. Like how all stores are next to each other.. But i love my hometown OC!

christian Chichester says:

5:42 she definitely cracked that ball

TheKayaklover says:

. WOW, I am surprised that a video from The New York Times doesn’t show or even mention for a second GAY LIFE in San Francisco, the GAY MECCA of the nation …!! .

Tanfel Eli says:

This video is bias and worthless.  Why waste the viewers time posting food restaurants that are high end mostly.  I don’t see any people of color or real down home food places.  Should be called Reasons not to go to San Francisco.

NH Woodsman says:

I”l stick to my mountain in New hampshire, it’s a lot safer out here in the woods. Nice people, no crime, peace and quiet, no traffic, beautiful landscape, thousands of untouched acres. You can keep San Francisco, especially Bayview!

QuangTran27 says:

lol New York Times should re-tilted this video “Where to Eat in San Francisco”

Christian Heppinstall says:

I’m a tour guide; this video is stupid and doesn’t show anything interesting about an interesting city. Bad NYT! Just go home…

Ferry Anolin says:

We went to SF last November. We loved it slower pace than New York.

Minna Elena says:

Beautifully filmed!

Sefewq says:

yeah, written directed and made for yuppie hispters..

Ryan L says:

A yuppie nightmare. Jesus.

XGT59 says:

It’s always all the hipster spots they show

Leave The Couch and Go says:

We just visited San Francisco and had a blast (see our vlogs!)! Cheers! <3

Matthew Collazo says:

I like that this video focused on the community that lives there. I spent 72 hours there (I just released a travel video from the trip!) but I spent it with people who live there, so I also got an inside experience- which is so different than a visitors checklist, like most of these San Fran videos focus on.

Alexia S says:

this looks like a commercial for these restaurants and its not a commercial for the local people more for tourists xdK

kourage94 says:

“I think personnaly san francisco is the greatest city in the world to eaten” NO ^^, go to Paris my friend…

AileronVortex Franks says:

Stay away from San Francisco. Your chances of being a victim of violent crime are 40 times higher there due to their protection of sexual predators and violent illegal immigrants.

Susan Emberley says:

so this was an ad and I haven’t heard of any of the restaurants glad they didn’t give out the spots where the locals go. And now a condo is being built next to zeitgeist so no more sun. Thanks tech boom.

Beata Kowalski says:


Adam Cornish says:

I’m from britain and literally have 24 hours in San Francisco before i move on to my next place. I know it’s king of impossible, but what can be done in one day?

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