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There’s nothing like playing tourist in your own city to help you see it with fresh eyes. Just ask S.F.-based Cynthia of Cyn Eats, who showed visitor and star YouTuber Evelina the ropes in the city by the Bay. The day took them everywhere from waiting in line at the cult-followed Mr. Holmes Bakehouse to strolling around under the picture-perfect Chinatown lanterns. The next time you’re itching to roam S.F. for the day, consider your route mapped.

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Javier Gonzalez says:

Your food choices r bad but will u marry me

JAY AREA says:

Dang she is HOT!!

Ken K. Boston says:

“always say Oh my god for Asia guy” it’s like insincere.

Gil Faver says:

Dirty, bums on the streets, illegal aliens, dried feces on the streets that can become airborne and infect children, human waste, potholed-roads, garbage, discarded needles from addicts.  Terrible place.

topopops says:

You said say “oh my Allah Akbar” spice things up a bit

BusinessClassOnly says:

5 min with these bitches and you want to kill yourself

PizzaWingMan S says:

Since I was born in San Francisco I know what to get and advice and here:Coffee,donuts,cream puffs,ice cream,steak,burgers,dumplings,crab,soup,lemons,and a place called the “Nikko Hotel” as they serve the best food to breakfast to dinner time and especially its more yummy when you eat there at New Years.

TheRealDeal says:

Cynthia Linh is hot.

Bubble Tea says:

To bad they only showed tourist attractions. If you like pho I suggest Kevin’s noodle house on Irving. Arizmendi bakery for their skones. TJ’s on Noriega for their boba. Seriously so many better places.

BackTailShuv says:

They went from Chinatown all the way to the beach just to eat it?? I live here and I can tell you, they musta waited at least 20 mins just to finally film them eat.. Haha.. Retarded.

Ken K. Boston says:

Oh my god of over there has lots of homeless guy as well in SF.

Tetraspis says:

There is a great sandwich shop called Bite there, tiny place but amazing hot sandwiches and freshly roasted hens. I’m also disappointed that they didnt go to the San Fran Japan town, there is a lot of delicious food restaurants and stalls there!

Judy Zarazua says:

Where did you get that Dim Sum?

The Herben Legend says:

35 seconds into the video I had to stop it, those two chicks are just too annoying

Bill c says:

Plastic boxes. How environmental.


going there again this summer. definitely going to try Hog Island, cant go to San Francisco without having at least one bowl of clam Chowder!!! 🙂

Gokhan Turhan says:

Couldn’t count how many times you said “Oh my God”. Quite a vocabulary for a blogger…

Bro Dguess says:

that blonde chick didnt seem impressed.

Runningbear says:

*Awesome Video! I am also a YouTuber that lives here in San Francisco and make video’s about San Francisco!*

Jeremy Burlingame says:

Anyone visiting has got to try Trish’s donuts. By the bucketfull!

Jennalynn Fung says:

AANDSHSAHSHA omg so I’m from sf and lived there till I was about 11… and in 3rd grade i remember going on a field trip (lol sfusd does a lot of fieldtrips) but anyway we went into this one building and TURNS OUT IT WAS THE FERRY BUILDING. I HAD NO IDEA UNTIL NOW….. CRAZY… also lol so many memories like flying kites at crissy field and eating dum sum with my grandparents…. still shocked cause i thought id never been inside the ferry building, when I have! :0

Chris Keo says:

O mah gaw….oh mah gaw….oh mah gaw

r hudson says:

what the he’ll would a couple of millennial dingos know about food?show me where all of the fat chefs go to eat.

SF.DC says:

oh my San Francisco, I love you!

Ham The Enlisted says:

asian girl is so gorgeous

Vera Wu says:

I love going to the ferry building i used to go there every weekend 🙂

Jaimie Liu says:

lived in sf all my life, and what I take for granted, tourists find extremely intriguing. grateful to be a native.

Jason Gee says:

i wouldn’t spend a dollar in SF unless I have to.

Reggie Johnson JR says:

Someday on my first plane on MRJ aircraft “Mitsubishi airplanes”

Tian Wang says:

Mr holmes is good

Koanizm says:

Cynthia totally looks like Ruby Ibarra.

U.S. Military says:

San franphysco

Mayank Thakur says:

Besides restaurants and eat outs (which are awesome by the way. Nice video) San Francisco is also home to best personal chefs who can cook all these food in your kitchen at a very affordable price
Checkout https://www.appachef.com.

Robo Kitty says:

One of those kids needs to be grounded.

Emerio Manzano says:

Go visit the golden gate fortune cookie factory they have very good fortune cookies if you like pizza visit luigis pizzeria at pier 39 if you love chocolate visit gihradeli square chocolate shop

Michael Savage says:

Cynthia can take me atound when i visit next month 😉

topopops says:

The blonde chick is cute

Bill c says:

2 hot girls

Reggie Johnson JR says:

Biggest point “August 2013” my best part ever but history

Jeffrey Tong says:

Cynthia’s favorite phrase is “Oh My God!”  😀

tripleheshy says:

Scrape a turd from the sidewalk. It’s organic and…here’s the best part…….it’s FREE!

Thomase Synek says:

Some good news about San Francisco. Good food.

Little Miss Pimple-popper says:

why!!! i was there last weekend, i wish i had watched this before!

Cxcus says:

I live in SF and I don’t know about SOME of the stuff

febreroseis says:

The “OMG WOOO” video

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