24 Hours in Singapore

We spent our one day in Singapore taking in the views from the Marina Bay Sands pool and getting lost in the Gardens by the Bay. So beautiful! And thank you so much to everyone that came to the airport, what a warm welcome!

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The amazing people in this video:
Louis – https://www.youtube.com/user/FunForLouis
Roshni – https://www.instagram.com/childoflove/

Thank you for the music:

Filmed on a Canon G7X


CookingwithKarma says:

That must have been hard for Louis to stand in front of a hot tub and not be able to get in!! lol. Those gardens looked stunning. Just wow! 🙂

masubg says:

Рая не планираш ли трип до Исландия. Аз на лято мисля да направя Ring road трипа, но съм сам, а ще е хубаво да има компания 🙂

Julanie Koh says:

Ahahahah I think u chose the wrong flavor for the shaved ice dessert. When I want to eat the shaved thing or as we call it (ice kacangmeaning ice bean) in Singapore and Malaysia I always go for the Mango or durian(if u are used to it) flavored one. Depends on ur preference . If u like weird taste than go for the bean or nut flavored but if u want a pure desert like taste than try the ones I suggested. Hope u visit again~

Linda Brumfitt says:

24 hours in Singapore and you went to a garden and a pool you weren’t allowed in.

Theresa .Osman says:

actually those 3 buildings and a bridge- like thing is Marina Bay sands

annie robichaud says:

So beautiful ! I love all your footage and the way you edit your videos ^_^

Kim Pullman says:

if you’re ever going to Singapore again, check out orchard road it’s the BEST place.

Dean Twelve says:

Dirty look @ 2:40
Downside of Singapore

Cindy Goodwin says:

What an amazing place thanks for sharing

Denise M says:


annie robichaud says:

When I visited Tokyo , a lot of desserts were made with beans and it was never sweet enough for me to say it was dessert XD

Joe Conway says:

Wow I just subscribed and I am going to Singapore in January 2017

Allison N. Lopez says:

YOU’RE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING RAYA! INSIDE AND OUT! Would love to travel with you and your hilarious friend all the time! <3 The world needs more people like that.

Paul Wong says:

live there for few months and you will have different opinions about the place

Lynn Allington says:

Gardens by the Bay looks AMAZING and something I would love to see but I know I wouldn’t be able to cope with the heat over there.

kanon lim says:

Although it seems like it’s really hot for tourists most of the time, I almost always wear pullover and Long pants in Singapore XD

RedPat says:

Thanks. Quite helpful. Red Pat

Lark's Vlog says:

he raya, watched one vlog, subscribed and I’m amazed! Just started my Vlog-Series about travelling and entrepreneurship! We’ve been in Singapore, Bali and Lombok (Gili T.) (Best Moments Video is online) and more videos/vlogs will follow the next days! I will definitely watch your vlogs and learn about the way you record! 😀 thanks again!

clement L.W.S wen song says:

Hope you have a great day in Singapore #i’m a Singaporean

Guglielmo Venuti says:

Singapore is the most beautiful city in the world. I lived there for 3 years, is beautiful!!!!

P. de W. says:

Awww sweet people there :). A girlfriend of mine don’t know what overcomes her on the airport yet lol… She’s flying with a friend to Singapore now from Amsterdam 😀

It’s really beautiful in Singapore. I think i have to think to go there someday.

Theresa .Osman says:

Woowowowo….. hoped you enjoyed having a good time in Singapore

April Yin says:

hello Raya, may I ask what kind of camera you were using for this video? It looks very convenient to use!!!

See Min Lim says:

About the dessert… Well, I’m not too sure about that store, but from personal experience, different stores tend to make it slightly different, and usually the sweetness may be changed quite a bit. From my understanding, you guys mean it’s too sweet? I do hope you will give it another try somewhere else, just in case 🙂
P.S. Yes, I’m Singaporean, I’m not getting defensive. It’s just that I personally know that this dessert is sometimes awesome! But ya, I too feel it’s bad when too sweet, or bland. I’m just hoping you will give it another try(maybe go for the ones without condensed milk?). And I’m only defending cause I love Ice Kachang xp(of course, not everyone here likes it)

Dan Galla says:

I was on a trip with Roshni many years ago! She’s such a beautiful soul! Singapore looks amazing, so many fantastic views

Diana Verry says:

Can’t wait to go to Singapore in a couple of weeks and I think I’lll skip out on that ice cream haha! I’m vlogging my traveling adventures as well, if you guys want to check it out 🙂

Son Tran Ha says:

Let come to Vietnam, Miss Raya 🙂

Shawnlyq says:

Being a Singaporean and I’ve yet to be on the sky walk in Marina Bay Sands. :>

DorinaRoams says:

what a beautiful place! i can’t wait to visit it:)

vimvimtol says:

where did you guys stayed?

Brittany Carson says:

I have never considered visiting Singapore but this video definitely inspired me to add it to my bucket list! You’re one lucky woman to be able to travel the world. Definitely something I plan to do in the future.

Abdullah Ahmadi says:


leihoa says:

How does the weather feel like? I have possible (low, but still) chance to move to Singaore to work. But I am just affraid weather will melt me inside and outside. Is this just hellish hot or you can handle this a little bit? Some say it is doable, while others say its like a splash in the face with warm hot towel all the time…

Alexis Surface says:

Next time, if you go to Singapore and you’re not in a city mood, try Sentosa next. They have go cart races and trapezes

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