Bintan – Things To Do That You’ll Never Believe Possible – Smart Travels: Episode 16

If you’re itching for a quick getaway, Bintan might just be your best bet. With beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts, this island destination is just an hour away from Singapore by ferry! How awesome is that?!

And to those who have been to Bintan many times before, watch the video and we bet you’ll discover activities that you never knew you could do on this vibrant Indonesian island. Before long, you’ll be booking the next ferry out to Bintan!

Here’s the best part – our friends at Bintan Resorts are giving away a 3D2N stay at Club Med Bintan, an all-inclusive package worth S$1968. All you need to do is:

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Special thanks to Bintan Resorts for making this trip possible!

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Hallo It's me says:

omo why is this so fake 50% of this video is the girls wearing bikinis like wth

AA Saw says:

Who was filming the video may i ask?

TheComment Thai says:

Paid review so fake

Rhoda Yap says:

Why 5 suddenly 4

Deborah Choi says:

I went there before and i rode on the elephant

kawaiichloe slimeandsquishies says:


Cheyenne Goh says:

I watch this coz I am going to that resort next week

Slimex _petty says:

I watched this because my family is going there without me.
Coz I suck at math.(exams)

777Jerry says:

How does that guy handle 4, loud, obnoxious girls? Bintan is beautiful with the right company

Indahnya Indonesia says:

Not much different than Bali right?

Mint Holly says:

0:38 okay…:( who is that?

Min Yoongi Is a genius says:


1C1 2016 TAY JINHONG says:

Why Jon never talk at all

Shirlynn Koh says:

so much more informative, videography is much better then NOC travelvlogs.. actual professionally done footage! thank you!

Teemour12 says:

Beautiful video ! I go to Bintan for my honey moon at september ! So excited ! 😀

Deborah Choi says:

Great vid:)

Aries Grand says:

I have a feeling joynathan is history and beanathan is the new existence

Allegra unicorns says:

Jon playboy sia

Tina Pi says:

The short haired girl is too old looking

Iced Tea says:


kdramalover1000 says:

@TheSmartLocal :Nice vid, before I saw this, saw your blog :)..We are going to Singapore and plan to side trip in Bintan. This is helpful info. Just wondering is there an entrance fee on 500 Logan Temple?

mondrik inkai batam says:

thank you so much, i realy enjoy your video

Ajin Joseph says:

how much does it cost for that flight in that small plane?

KS Cheong says:

club med is like so suitable for ppl who love to do sports. there is sooooooo much sports to do and it is so fun. there is a buffet as well and free flow of drinks but all are included

Afrizan Nurpermadi says:

I live in Bintan, yet I don’t know some of those places are exist. Lol

Dany Tri Kusuma says:

Nice Video, I am also like Bintan beach and all in there. So Awesome

Rahmat Hidayat says:

waw bintan best

Akshay Anil says:

the snake is fake
it was in th exact same position and spot when i went there last week it also looks like rubber

Fel.icia.g says:


KS Cheong says:

they didnt go to club med right? they should totally go

Kxys iOS says:

You all stay at the same resorts as me when I went there

Chris Raymond says:

Nice trip

Lusila Marisca says:

tsl please come to bali … love from indo. 🙂

Chua Hadis says:

Nooooo don’t be tgt wif Beatrice be wif joyce u two look sooooo perfect tgt noooo go away beatrice

Kim Jong Un says:


Madi Lin says:

Is Jon dating Joyce pls reply

Sherly Susilo says:

the guy on the video is so cute and quiet. he just smile everywhere and everytime in the camera, awkwardly… hahahaha

Jungkook's Thighs says:

How could you leave SG without Joyce???

Shirley Zhang says:

are bf and gf with the women beside you fishing

Darren Oh says:

why isn’t Christabel in the first few footage..

riris setiyani says:

how much you pay all?

WeekendGoWhere Singapore says:

Hey guys! Bintan is a really good place for a short weekend getaway. WeekendGoWhere gets you to nearby destinations with just a simple chat online with our friendly travel consultants. Being one of the top channel for weekend getaways, we ensure that you’ll have a wonderful experience planning your trip! Hurry, chat with us on Facebook to enjoy our special deals!

Edbert Lee says:

what is the second song in the video its awesome!!!

Aries Grand says:

Why dafuq is Beatrice and Jon fking close. Where’s joynathan

Chua Zhong Zhi says:

Hey, where did you get your music from?

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