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The Gardens By The Bay Light Show is one of the must see and do activities in SIngapore! It’s free, so you really don’t have an excuse not to do it.

Today is my final day in Singapore and I wanted to make sure we go out and discover everything that she had to offer. From the fun in the sun activities in Sentosa, to the shopping in Orchard Road, and the nightlife scene in Clarke Quay. Singapore is one destination which definitely knows how to party.

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foo bar says:

A very clean place and wealthy! Lol.

Chloe B Arnold :: Beyond Blessed Blog says:

I SO want to go on one of the boat cruises! And those building/tree light things are so cool!

Cycle Trekkers says:

Wow and I thought Perth (Australia) had some crazy expensive fines. Looks like Singapore has (only just) out done us lol.

Ashley Renne: Travel Lushes says:

Dude i know what it’s like to be by yourself lol. I can totally relate. My vlogs are way more fun when I have people to interact with and be stupid with haha.

Dāv Kaufman says:

$1,000 fine? I’d be screwed! Durians you die! Ha! That light show was amazing! And dude, base tan! Base tan! haha.

MacaroniKidPTC (South Atlanta) says:

It looks like a beautiful city! What’s the official language? I actually was surprised to see the signs in English.

Look Who's Blogging says:

LOL at the no durian sign!! dang, so expensive for a car! I’ve never seen colored XLB’s before! the light show is pretty cool.

ZeeGoes says:

I get what you mean about traveling with family and friends…I usually signup for free tour activities to help meet other young travelers, that helps a whole lot

Creativity with Kay says:

That mall looks incredible. The light show is insane, and I have seen that a lot in pictures. It’s amazing!

Kinetic Kennons says:

Looks like a blast! So cool you were able to go out with a bang! Loved the video, just subscribed!:)

Shorts Trip says:

I am surprized the beach is not crowded considering it is the only beach there, though it is expensive:)

Sky Pelham says:

20$ nachos? Psssht. I hate inflation.

AimlessSky says:

There are actually numerous beaches in Singapore. As an island country, you will be able to find a beach in all directions. Even for Sentosa island that you went to, there are 3 different beaches just on that island alone.

Deafinitely Wanderlust says:

Singapore’s Garden by the Bay looks so beautiful at night. Unfortunately I missed out due to my short stay but I did get to see it during the day. I still can’t believe just how clean Singapore is but that make sense with all the fines.

Holly Dayz says:

Love the colors during the show! The train system looks easy to use. Very pretty beach and nice and quiet.

Journal of Nomads says:

Wow the price for food was high on that beach! I bet it was totally worth it though.And the price of that car!?haha things are expensive in Singapore Loved the ambiance at Clarke quay.

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