Food hunt in Singapore [Battle Trip / 2016.07.10]

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– Ep.7: Travel abroad without applying for a leave! “Just guys, just girls trip for three days!” How can you have extreme fun and full stomach with $410 in Singapore? Lee Sangmin who hasn’t been to KBS for 6 years and rising variety show star Kim Iljung’s dynamic trip in Singapore!
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Melanie says:

I felt a sense of pride when i see the audience reaction on the food shots. Then i realized this must be how they feel when they see foreigners so over the top over the korean culture and food. I didnt know they will find our food to be so cheap when we’re already lamenting how expensive about getting a plate of chicken rice for $4. They will realise that they can find all those food throughout the whole of singapore if they decide to stay here longer.

Victoria Lee says:

“How did they find you there wah..”

eileen tan says:

since when peanut sauce is spicy ?

마리 ᄋᄉᄋ says:


Hey bye says:

lmao the drink arnd 4:00 that kena blurred is red bull SO OBV HAHAHAHA

Wonyoung Choi says:

차콰이테오가 아니라 차 꿰이 띠아오
사타이가 아니라 사떼

Hannah au-yong says:

It’s so amusing to see them try and pronounce the names of the food

walao eh says:

dude theres a reason why i cant go on diet……i live in singapore.

Rangerraihan says:

Is this a competition travel show when the end they decide which of them have spent the best times in different countries?

Nana Monster says:

after watching this again , i could hear the uncle beside them talking about them doing a documentary. >.<

Genevieve Tay says:

omg only?????? $3-5 is alr like normal price alr n they say that their large is $10???? How is that only omggg. Or maybe I’m jus broke af….

Minnie says:

i suddenly love my own country so much xD

Linford Gaw says:

Tom yum is Thai food not Singaporean food

secretperson920 says:

by any chance was that hawker centre Newton food centre 😮

Ting li 02 says:

I should have been at East Coast Park food court to see u guys there !! Sad 🙁

ffa360 says:

“Sixth dolla” *wow so cheap* just went like wuuut? Cheap?


LOL they passed by a very good stall

Novus Ordo Seclorum says:

hello guys whats the song name at the starting? its some mashup but cant seem to find it

valerie ya xin says:

its so fascinating to find them thinking our hawker centres are something special and all i wanna do is drag them around singapore be like. ITS NOT JUST IN NEWTON DOOD

Nazilatun Nimah says:

Satay? Sate?

Human weapon says:

똠 양꿍은 태국음식인데 ㅋㅋㅋ 사타이가 아니라 사떼 아닌가

sugar mix says:

Thx for heading down!!

Game world says:

You forgot to order oyster omelette from newton, best oyster omelette i ever ate.

calvin yip says:

Malaysia and Singapore food are the same but both country have amazing food proud to be a Malaysian.There is a lot more food they haven’t eat like roti tissue , ice kacang.


I’m a singaporean myself and I don’t really like Singapore but I’m proud of our food and Glad you guys loved it, and you guys forgot to try ice kachang for dessert haha

Hanifah Anggun says:

by the way satay is indonesia food

Hey you says:

its so cute and funny the way they pronounce satay. like sa-tai

janevy chew says:

omg of all places they go to newton.

Damon QingHui Er says:

I’m so happy and jealous that they get to eat all those good food! Oh wait…. I’m Singaporean! XD

charvi says:

i freaking live in singapore and i didnt know about this

hengmaggie81 says:

they forgot to order sambal stingray. Such a pity

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