[HD] Universal Studios Singapore Tour – Universal Studios Theme Park

[HD] Full Steady Tour of Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Singapore is located on Sentosa Island in Singapore. So what’s your guys favorite Universal Studios Park? The one at Universal Studios Hollywood? Universal Studios Florida? Universal Studios Japan? or Universal Studios Singapore.

Some of the ride you will find at Universal Studios Singapore are:

– Madagascar Boat ride
– Sesame Street Dark ride
– Transformers ride
– Hurricane Special Effect show
– The Mummy roller coaster ride
– and so much more…

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia. From Los Angeles, It takes about 18 hour non-stop flight to get to Singapore.

Video filmed November 2017


ReyJusuf says:

No Harry Potter = not worth the admission price

Grayson Jostes says:

Am I hearing the overture of Thoroughly Modern Millie!?

ian chung says:

i hate this vi
not even useful

King Syrup says:

With how smooth the camera is moving it’s like your on something

Erised Magic says:

Is a Monday on a July packed with people?

Krishna Sharma says:

going in june!!!

Osi Dela says:

this video is so great. I feel like I’m there..I can feel the ambience and all…

TheCommonGentry says:

i remember watching that treasure hunters ride.. it was very lack luster. thanks for the additional POV 🙂 .. i think i understand why some rides are very poor here. a major of their work went to building the atmosphere and worlds of the park. this place is gorgeous.

Theo Chua says:

This park needs to be expanded. This park is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small.

Jack L.J.K. says:

definitely would love Back to the Future

Tetroy 64 says:

That Shrek land is just amazing! It is themed so well and the attractions it has are also really cool. Same with the Madagascar land

TimeExtension says:

This park looks very nice.. although Madagascar and Shrek are really played out and tired to have a land based on them.

Mitsuki The Sage says:

Why pay 80SGD When u can watch it at home! Am i right guys?

Epic Boy says:

I came here yesterday

Jake Radford says:

Some of the creative decisions in this park are headscratchers for me. Is Madagascar really a franchise that has ever had enough staying power to justify an entire land being built around it? I’d love to visit it for myself to judge it in person, but in the meantime, thanks SoCal Attractions for all your work. You really do a fantastic job with these videos.

icecream 2005 says:

I’m going to Singapore tomorrow I have ,12 hours til I leave

GoldHayes says:

Very unique compared to the American universal parks

cheryle ann says:

You do an amazing job touring. My fave was when you did Cedar Park. Outstanding!
Thanks for bringing it to us.

efg efg says:

I have been this park almost five years ago

Osi Dela says:

what camera do you use? and what stabilizer?

Lost Girl:3 says:

Love the fact that Madagascar and Shrek have their own lands 🙂 far far away castle is beautiful

Dante The Demon Slayer says:

Honestly the one in Orlando is the best one compare to literally everywhere else.

Ad N says:

Best ride: galactica rollercoaster. Also enjoyed transformers and mummy ones..

Luis Flores says:

Love that mummy facade! Wow! I totally fell in love with this park, seems well balanced.

pipro31 says:

i started to the left

Racharla Ashok says:


HI Rechel says:

Thank you for touring… Your camera looks amazing and very stable thank you for Shari again.

ThemeParkJunky51290 says:

It saddens my heart knowing there are some major theme parks I may never visit. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see this place!

TheHesK9 says:

I guess you could call this a Singatour…

ミッキー says:


Big Jimmy says:

Thank you for this!

ごリラ says:


Instagram _addict says:

Love the Madagascar and Jurassic ride

이이예준 says:

Wow, it became so big after I went their for the last tome. 4 years ago.

Average Fanboy 1128 says:

Shrek Land is my five year old me’s dream come true. Shrek 4D was always a disappointment to me.

TheCommonGentry says:

this reminds me alot of the original MGM Studios/Hollywood Studies of Disney…

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