Hey guys! I’ve been digging these video requests for a budget breakdown. They are fun to make and educational at the same time, right?!

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Sustainably Vegan says:

So happy I found you from Sea & Silva’s video <3 <3

Zoey Arielle says:

Love your videos Amanda, always so informative! 🙂 Thank you!!

lnc74 says:

Man…. I understand the concept of couch surfing and all that but I just can’t do it…  I would feel so weird in someone elses house.  Just thinking about it as I sit at home makes me cringe/nervous.  Don’t like the thought at all.  That and using peoples sheets and towels and all that…  Just feel like your totally exposed under the power and authority of someone else.  You detailed a close call or a creepy experience while couch surfing… Nah!!!  That 1 instance would be good enough for me to turn away from the whole couch surfing thing for sure.  I am a man saying all these things too.  Hey, what does your mother and father say about all this?  I wouldn’t like any woman in my life doing any of that just to save some money.  What are you going to do when a creepy experience turns into a horrible rape or getting beaten and robbed experience.  Or being held captive and killed or something.  All the locals will think is foolish little white girl tourist when you get robbed or raped, or even killed.  Nah!!! no couch surfing.  You are putting yourself in the absolute weakest of positions by saving that money.  It will definetly not be worth the money you are saving if something bad happens.  It wont be a cool travel story to tell on a youtube video.

alonememe says:

I’ve watched all your videos in 3 days:D They are very helpful:) I’m planning 2 weeks vacation in summer 2017 in Thailand and I was wondering which region, according to Google Maps, do you recommend the most? Maybe you will make video with all that information for people who have never been there? What accommodation to choose, where are the best beaches, the most amazing sides, vegan food, what airport to choose and all that jazz 🙂

Ray Mundo says:

Veganburg… Is that in the Haight? Maybe I’ll drop by for lunch. What do you recommend?

Yoj Añir says:

hi may ask how much the mrt ticket? is it used only for a whole day? or you can say how many days to be used? im planning to go singapore this january 2017. can i already buy the mrt ticket at the airport i arrive? mrt is close to the airport by the way? pls.i need itenary going there its my firstime. which hotel could you refer which closer to the places tourist spot. pls.i want to know..thanks in advance..its so appreciated..

Meri MacKay says:

That is crazy! Singapore is so expensive. I am impressed and inspired. Maybe I will have fewer Singapore Slings next time 🙂

Amanda & Alex says:

We agree, the best things in life are free!

Wen Liueh Kueh says:

you should try yakun, toastbox, kopitiam for affordable coffees.

Paint It Cerulean says:

Thanks for the tips, Amanda! This video is super helpful cus Singapore is like $$$$$$$. I went last year and I spent sooooo much money! Its more expensive then Aus! What rooftop bar did you go to in Singapore!?

Sarah Simone says:

Great video. Did you go to any tourist attractions in Singapore that weren’t free?

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