How to Have Fun in Singapore (Traveling with Marlo Mortel)


My brother Wil and I are heading to Singapore for a quick trip, and we are on the go the whole time, being crazy like we always are.

Music Cred:
Song – I’ve Wanted Sunshine
Artist – Kalibo


Kanai even Tokyo says:

GO LANG NANG GO DUDE! I love your content Haley.

john cruz says:

i wouldn’t be able to sleep if my camera had a fly on it hahahaha

Shie Felices says:

I wanna travel with you Haley that’s why I need to turn on post notif para always updated.

Don Caesar says:

Thats so much fun in the horror scene..cant wait to watch it…I want to see how scared are Haley…and so as tsong Wil haha

Amador Designs says:

the dab thing was funny 3:50

jack medina says:

i love you.. Haley Dasovich <3

Shawnlyq says:


Splendid video. Sentosa is always fun :’)

I’m an aspiring vlogger from Singapore! Maybe you could check out my channel too!

Maybe we could exchange subscribe on YouTube channel? >_>

zatch199 Soh says:

you are so beautiful

DarkR0ze says:

censor the swearing if you don’t want to your channel to be de-monetized

MC_Pablo says:

those eyes are very seductive 😉

Alex Wisecup says:

I love you.

Jerry Dennis says:

loving your new hair with big sunglasses.

Marky D'pines says:

The zombie acting made me laugh!

Angeline Go says:

im going to singapore and i really want to take it offline but it cant such sadness

cyberbro071 says:

oh haley… will you be friend?

Cha Ocampo says:

LOVE THE EDIT !!!!!! Enjoyed thisss!!!!!

Ricky Wijaya says:

Halo aku suka video kamu.Disuruh nonton sama ko kevin Hendrawan.

translate : Hi I like your video.I watch this video because Kevin Hendrawan at 7:41 told me to watch.

and at 7:41 he was saying we will go in to the haunted house.In bahasa it’s was Kita bakal mau masuk ke rumah hantu

Ria Adrianne says:

I Found Dory!!!!!

Mark Nicko Paquibot says:

You’re so pretty po 🙂

bhavin rushi says:

can u suggest any good accommodation in singapore i am planning soon to visit? please

Mark Gomez says:

pretty haley!

louiefrancis14 says:

what next dun sa nakakatakot I wanna watch it

Harold Alejandro says:

659th liker here.. hehe… GO NANG LANG GO! #parasavlog

Samson Sim says:

the first part with the DJ and the big skull, that is called the opening scaremony, from the the two words, “opening ceremony”, that is like to officialy start the event. Every horror night, Every night, there is always the opening scaremony. Most of the HHN (halloween horror night) in both america and asia have this ceremony

Arnulfo Taghoy says:

Notice me Haley.

theLAcabrera says:

Hi Haley! What camera are you using?

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