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Travel Singapore like a local! We spent 3 days in Singapore doing some sightseeing with a few amazing locals as part of our #SquadSQ trip with Singapore Airlines. Here are some insider tips on great things to see, do and eat while you’re there!

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Kennedy Poi says:

Been to Sgp twice this year, you’ve visited places i have never visited before. Keep opening up Singapore to Singaporeans too!

According to Adel says:

It was really useful! I wish I’ve watched it before I went to SG! Otherwise I started my Youtube channel about my Singapore-trip cuz I was in there bc of my model jobs. Soooo if you’re interested about “animated model vlogs from Singapore” you should check below:


Kisses, Adel

mae Pagaran says:

I really love SG. Super nice and clean


I have been to Singapore many times over the years. It gets more expensive every time I go and combined with the weak AUD I don’t buy beer anymore – I recommend drinking a Bandung.

Gangadhar Das says:

Hi Entertainment

firdaus125 says:

If you’ve never watched Rishi do stand up you should, probably one of the funniest dudes in sg.

Danneh says:

yap is cool

Venneth Chan says:

Good sharp camera image capture.

Karan Malik says:

Your videos are entertaining and useful. Matt and yourself are doing a great job. Cheers.

Benjamin Yeo says:

Next time go to Keng Eng Kee seafood at 124 Bukit Merah lane 1 #01-136. Recommended food – chilli/pepper/salted egg crab, coffee pork ribs, cereal prawns, marmite chicken.

voika naorem says:

Soo pretty…. So cute… I like the way you talk.

Song Stanley says:

you actually dip the you tiao for fried dough in hot kopi o or coffee black hot to get the best taste of both…not in cold coffee…but i’m glad you like it though…

Karina M. says:

I lived in Singapore and I loved this video! Its great that you go to so many places and see all that Singapore has to offer! Some people go to Singapore but don’t get to see the blend of culture in SG. Great video!

Pradel Elien says:


Anna Witter says:

Love Singapore. Not a city person, dont like concrete jungle, but have never felt that in Singapore. Love the way the trains are frequent and on time and its so easy to get around

Chocolate Pizz says:

I just went to Singapore it was so fun

Sean says:

Scantily clad lady appeared at 0:27

Long Nguyen says:

“balance between reason and emotion”, “calm and alert” and “right steps”. Look farther, wider and feel deeper. Can we give each other “advice”?

Kt233mm says:

You should go to Shanghai, city of the future.

Francis Choo says:

Lovely videos. Love your cheerfulness. Good camera angle and content.

Lar mobile says:

So nice girl

Laurence von Winkenburger says:

Your guide is so cute

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