Ready to takeoff to Singapore!

It is finally time to takeoff to Singapore! Singapore is the first international destination of the World Tour and we are excited for all the fun things we will do and find! Today was not the most fun day, that is for sure!

If you did not know, we will be traveling around the world a lot this year. You can find more information about the PTW World Tour 2019 here:





Shadow Senpai says:

I went to Singapore a few months ago

Heekee Toh says:

I live in Singapore!!

Katie Newman says:


sd1rager says:

Travel Goals. That view!!

lsa7ada123 says:

The 2 things I’ve ALWAYS HATED on long airplane rides… SSO MANY PEOPLE FARTS! And long flights ALWAYS mean lots of people pooping in the bathrooms. So you have to smell farts and then smell their poops. Not fun.

Heekee Toh says:

Thanks for complimenting!!


A couple weeks ago when I was at Orlando airport I thought it was cool because there was this cafe with palm trees and stuff

Joyce Lau says:

So sad I’m in Malaysia so close to Singapore tho

JMoney 1510 says:

Wow that view from your hotel is gorgeous! Enjoy your stay! Love your videos as always

Abigail Unicorn says:

When you get back . . . CHECK YOUR PO BOX!!! Isentyoualetter2weeksago

Irma Ray says:

Qdoba is amazing

YuEnJanelle Tan says:

Get ready to be warm cuz Singapore only has summer

Mr_K3vin R says:

From Orlando – ish and never heard of Qdoba? Oh man!

midwest_ aviation says:

You flew a US domestic flight on Air Canada? Huh…

vicki smith says:

Safe travels I look forward to your vlogs, Hope you both have a great time, I would have struggled with that flight I thought being on a seven hour flight to New York was bad lol

Tela _playz says:


midwest_ aviation says:

It would’ve been awesome if you flew SQ22

Emily Olvera says:

I love your nails crystal

Amy Jacobs says:

Yay, have fun, be safe, and God Bless. Love the pork chops.

Claw Machine Tricks says:

Have a nice trip, uncle and aunt

Ng Jason says:

So will be at the meet and greet tomorrow

Prethi Baby says:

Pls come to Woodlands Ave 4 blk 613

Matthew Lenhart says:

Does she have a baby born?

Leila Orton says:

Must say the view is lovely

YuEnJanelle Tan says:

I’m from Singapore and I love u

natalie123 43 says:

Hi omg!!!!!

Music1986 Love says:

Be safe and enjoy your trip

D3_sixhen_ says:

oh sheit ur here!

Lizzy Lim says:

Singapore is a great place to visit! I have family living there and I agree with you it is 27 hours flight and you will be jet-lagged for a while but once you get used of the new time area, you’ll be just fine! But it’s very humid over there though. Be prepared with tons of summer clothes with you 😉

Vince Joseph Moralde Guiyab says:

I wish you go to the Philipines

flikea12 says:

cow play cow moo is the best arcade in singapore!

Scarlett Nunes says:

Would love to go to singapore because i am 1/4 singaporian and i haven’t been yet

Stephanie Sears-Travella says:

Safe Travels

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