Singapore Family Vacation – HOW MUCH DID IT COST US EXACTLY?

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We had an amazing time on our recent family vacation to Singapore. Our family trip left us with wonderful memories that we will cherish for years to come. But how much did it cost for our family of four to take our first trip to Asia? We are spilling all the beans in this video.

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pamela gray says:

I’ve been saving & I will be going next year to Singapore. Thank you for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone & out of my box. I’ll be singing all the way to Singapore. You guys are so….. awesome!

Jessi Joachim says:

It sounds like it was a great trip! I think I want to add singapore to my travel list now. Every time we travel, we end up spending the most on food as well lol but I think good food is worth it.

Tasharey Crawford says:

I love how transparent you guys are it’s great to be able to see that you may be able to afford something or be able to experience things you didnt think you were able to. I love your channel and how much you guys share with us. Please keep it up

M Spriggs says:

Great information! I love your transparency.

Erica Scott says:

Were carseats not required in transportation there?

Lisa Wong says:

The next time you travel abroad, consider Air BnB. Often much less expensive than a hotel, with the added benefits of a kitchen, washing machine, etc. It also makes you feel like you are really living in the city! Love your videos.

Peter Cheng says:

Wow, $350 flight is too cheap, otherwise, this trip is a $10k trip.

Lancer Celestin says:

Are you kidding?! You travelled with a teen and a toddler (some conveniences can’t be skipped unless you want to remember your trip for all the wrong reasons). $6000 is nothing for such a trip. New subscriber here! Thanks for sharing this experience.

Hannkg says:

Did you shop at Orchard Rd at all?  In one of your videos I saw LV and wondered if Tasha would come back with anything??  It’s incredible that you did that whole trip (from the US) on $6,000! And that you travelled in economy with a toddler – I take my hat off to you both!

Sharon B says:

I really loved your Singapore videos and love how you showed us the cost and where you bought everything. I had seen a documentary on Netflix about that new hotel there and I do imagine the height would be a lot to take in. I can’t believe how many people go the the edge to take photos… most likely not something that you would catch me doing! I was tempted to put in on a possible travel location even then but it’s on my wish list for sure now. I’m sure that you know there are a lot of bloggers that get their trip paid for just their review. They consider it advertisement. You all do it well… in fact better than I’ve seen. Your video quality is wonderful. I appreciate you showing how we can accomplish it though and very brave to do it with a toddler. You guys work well as a team though even when things don’t go right. I was going to say that my son would be up all night too but he’s probably sleep normally in a different time zone haha. He prefers to sleep during the day I guess.

Sharon Perry says:

You did Singapore super cheap I’m definitely saving this video!!!

Lucrisia Wyngaard says:

Just a few pointer from a traveler current traveling Asia.
To book flights and get alerts use Skyscanner but Momondo is also an honorable mention. The service is completely free and you can see what days are cheapest to fly and what location is cheapest to fly to. You can set various alerts for price change. It’s completely free.

Using a website like Fave (its Groupon. The name changed) is great to get discounted activities and meals. There are other sites like 11street (Malaysian site) that also have great discounted deals for Singapore and Malaysia.

*Singapore is Country not a city. A great country at that.

Booking your main holiday in Johor Bahru, Malaysia (it borders Singapore and a bus to Singapore is $1) is a great way of saving and you can have a longer holiday. JB just don’t have as many attractions as Singapore but transport in Malaysia is super cheap and you can visit KL and Malacca for a few dollars.

Not trying to be funny just giving some pointers as I am a fulltime traveler.

Maria Is says:

It was interesting to compare how much you spent to how much I did on my recent trip. You guys did a great job and looked like you had an amazing time. For other viewers: if you are going to Singapore and are looking for a budget hotel I would highly recommend checking out the Holiday Inn at Clarke Quay. Rooms are small and nothing fancy, but are clean and comfortable. Hotel has a decent rooftop pool with beautiful views at night. It’s close to a station, so it’s easy to get around. We stayed there for a few nights a few months ago and I am dying to go back.

Tom & Mary says:

How did you get the cheap flights. Link?

Titus2Chic says:

Really awesome experience at nice total price!! I’m still mouth wide open at the flight costs. In your food tastings, did either of you try the chili crab? I hear it’s a must try in Singapore.

Rianna Bixler says:

Singapore might be added to my list of travels now, since it’s so cheap! I’d most likely be doing a solo trip, maybe with a friend, or meeting up with a friend for the duration there (someone who lives there). I’m new to your channel, and am going to go check out your other videos of your trip!

Jojo Jo says:

Tasha, a personal question – are you part Asian? You look a lot like my Blasian friend.

Mr Big Time says:

Haha I couldn’t help but chuckle about the dog sitter situation. You paid them $200, then call them back to change the amount. Cmon people! Thats just pathetically cheap! Much better to let that little money go and move on.

sgxpress95 says:

hello future tourists of Singapore, im a local here and here is to really go low on food/ transportation expenses:
-Eat out at Hawker Centres! avoid going the touristy ones like Lau Pa Sat/ Satay by the Bay/ Newton Food Centre.
-Hawker Centres located in the housing estates offer similar variety of food with the places mentioned above. but if you are looking for Satay/ Chilli Crab/ BBQ Seafood, East Coast Food Village is a must go.
-it is still recommended to get the Singapore Tourist Pass transit card to travel around where at the end of the day you can return it and purchase a new one.
-use Grab and Uber to get around the City as they may be cheaper than taxis at certain times.
-Enter Sentosa Island by walking in via the Sentosa Boardwalk or by bus 123.

Frugal Travel Baby! says:

Great job guys.

Stay True Vlog says:

That is so awesome! Love how you guys planned everything out & saved a bunch of money!!!

MyLady22 says:

Wow that’s not bad at all! Our single trip to Disney World for a family of 4 costed a little over $5k but I did pay for all the food for 8 people but wow! Only 6k?! Totally worth it!

Ebony Moore-Walton says:

The cost of the flights were amazing!!!

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