Singapore Travel Tips: 6 Things to Know Before You Go

Things you need to know before you go to Singapore. Singapore weather: Hot, humid, and rainy! Singapore Language: English (or Singlish!) Singapore Money: It’s the Singapore Dollar — bring cash! Singapore Laws: Don’t chew gum! Singapore Food: Eat at the Hawker Centres. Singapore Public Transportation: Take the Singapore MRT, it’s clean, fast and cheap!


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Shanaaz Noorani Ozman says:

Really nice tips! Hats off, good job.

bluelonely K says:

You forgot this,
Don’t try to be local even if we speak english
Bubble gum or chewing gum is not illegal, just don’t let police saw it and make sure the spill it at a tissue and throw it in the rubbish bin.

Abby Ho says:

Come to Malaysia! We’ll host you :DD love your videos by the way and you deserve more views ♡♡ subscribed & gonna start binge watching 🙂

Haha Hehe says:

Wrong! You CAN bring in gum and chew gum! You can’t bring in more than for your personal use.

QJ SALCE says:

Where can we buy the EZ link card ?

Amirah Ali says:

Check out trip to Singapore on YourGirlMia

Firat Cavas says:

i love Singapore! For me the most clean and friendly country in World..i enjoyed allways to stay there…

come2haiti says:

Most people just go to a destination without studying the destination first. “Thing to Know Before You Go… should be applied to all destinations.

blknjiggy says:

I just got back from Singapore, Lovely country. It is not as hot as I anticipated. It was quite pleasant. The subway is awesome and everywhere is very safe. I did jaywalk on empty streets so it wasn’t terribly strict, but eating food on the subway is a big no no. Ubers are also very good.

free video says:

in the sentosa in money topic, there is a bag which is nobody owned it. it can be staled by stranger

Inga 5555 says:

Thanks, was good info

Muliyanto Heng says:

Oh My Gosh,,, This Teached Me So Much About Singapore!! Yellow Production Keep It Up The Epic Videos!!!

Glasgow Harley rider says:

Going tomorrow from Scotland ….last minute cramming

rochas says:

We are visiting singapore in two months. Which is more fun, Universal Studio or S.E.A. aquarium?? Thankyou.

Joanca Bs says:


Muhammad Imran Ahmad Saifuddin says:

‘lah’ is a malay word lol

haggee maru says:

Singa….not … its pottypore…..bad… proud arrogant people… they are just bullshit compare to Europe USA. Bad people Worst place to visit.

The Striker says:

you should know that singaporeans are lazy thats why they hire expatriats

Carrie Miller says:

Do you have any tips on getting from the airport to a hotel in Singapore at midnight? That’s when our plane arrives and I guess we will be missing the MRT. I’m also guessing anywhere we could get a SIM card to do grab/uber at the airport would be closed at midnight, so that surcharge will be waiting for us ! 🙂

Davidsbeenhere says:

hi Chris! Awesome video. Love you Singapore guides. I also did an epic video a few years back. Hope to collaborate in Singapore soon!

Gerard Young says:

thanks for the valuable tips!!!!

R Mh says:

thanks a lot for very good information. we are going to SG in 2 days, n it will help us a lot.

Pierre-Yves Chavan says:

Thanks very interesting. Love you bag what brand is it?

Jerry Munroe says:

An inhuman society that is condemned by the international community for Human Rights crimes through the Torture (canings) beatings of males. These blatant violations of international norms and standards are the epitome of barbarity by the regime that runs the government of Singapore. TRAVEL WARNINGS should be issued against Singapore, Syria, and North Korea.

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