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Music provided by The Artist Union

Music provided by The Artist Union

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godzilla401 says:

awesome vaca. qurstion. how the price on eat and visiting the country. close to usa currency or more?

Sara Tan says:

Gwen is my first name to

lurah pake says:

more titties = more subscribers

John Chanel says:

so sexsi 🙂

Ruki Ga says:

wajahnua mirip istrinya omesh cuman yg ini kurang manis dikit

Fawk Yu says:

Fat chick with the round shades ruined it…

Sean J says:

great videos! cinematography video capture skills are A+

Nhan ngo hoang says:

I am vietnamese. i will go to singapor for work in near future. i can do that
I love your country and you

Mark Anthony Dejesus says:

im new here keep it up ill add u un insta

Theodorus Indrawan says:

where are u come from?

Paradise2Paradise says:

You’re such fun to watch. Thanks for bringing us along. Mahalo from Kauai! Subbed!

Leon Truong says:

1:00 pretty smart….I gotta try that

Partima Kumari says:

subscribed love. :*

Jeff Chan says:

nice breast i wanna feel them!

Mohammad Iqbal says:

awesome vlog, . . . . amazing!!!

Sigit Wijayanto says:


Ry Velasco says:

I love your airport outfit!! ❤️

pham meiji says:

you’re so beautifulll

Terrence says:

I like your video except your mic at times not that clear but i like it. Good job Gwen!

Clueless Nerd says:

Yo girl. Kinda rare to see a girl went to spore and didnt go shoppin frenzy. Nice vid, nice editing. Wishin u to talk more tho.

zai nudin says:

sex artis indo

naomianj15 says:

love your outfits 😀

Monkey Land says:

nc legs

Sticky Sticks says:

From 8:55
Ur Welcome

Allen Irawan says:

gwen is supa hot

latrell sprewell says:

your beautiful (Y)

ciriciri says:

who came here just for the boobs?

Stepanus Septian W says:

Hei beautiful. Im here just wanna see ur boobs.


U r so Gorgeous.. WoW…

michael Julio says:

you have beautiful feet, cool.

atoi rakamuela says:

flat butt,,,,

Ej Tian says:

Pretty ☺️

Firman Fren says:

nice boobs

dawei wang says:

you Malaysian or Australian?

L FY says:


Danish Therik says:

I like all of you

Noc Hai says:

you’re so cute, love u.

Roland A Vlog says:

I been to Singapore and its fun but expensive do.

TheThekiller77 says:

your music selection is so poor, annoying uuuohhh uuoohhh

Ruki Ga says:

i think i love your sister..she cute and have nice body

sunny kochar says:

mai v jana Singapore call me 7087795785 plz call me …..

Maris Hermawan says:

are you, can’t long breathholding underwater?

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