Singapore With Kids: TOP 5 Reasons To Visit (2018 Travel Guide)

Are you ready for the ultimate family holiday? Then you need to head to Singapore because of these 5 incredible reasons.

We show you the perfect hotel in Singapore for your family that’s smack bang in the centre of the city, and a myriad of things to do in Singapore with kids that’ll keep them entertained for days.

If you’re visiting Singapore with or just simply laying over, we’ll show you how to make the best of your time so that the whole family can have an absolute blast. And, contrary to popular belief, a trip to Singapore doesn’t even have to be expensive.



Singapore Zoo

Gardens by the Bay

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Heather Hanson says:

Another awesome video… love the information you give, for parents with kids… I really appreciate all your information. We definitly have to get you more subscribers. great accent and facial expressions. Smiles..

Hangry By Nature says:

Oops sorry for the accidental upload yesterday for anyone who watched. That was my boo boo, but here it is – and this publish ‘is’ intentional.

Scott'sJourneys says:

Singapore sounds wonderful. Great share my friend.

NEXUSREEL - Leon Low says:

Pretty accurate guide. Take it from me – a local. Been here all my life so I can’t be fascinated by here anymore, but if you’re looking for a modern city to be in SEA, definitely here.

Bethany says:

Looks and sounds like an amazing place to visit!!

Young Boys says:

Amazing vlog very subbie..lets supprt each other..!! #533

Jeffles Changy says:

I don’t have kids but I love a stopover in Singapore! The whole city is very well-planned out and public transport is super convenient too. Exceptional architecture and lots of interesting places to visit, thanks for the tips ☺️

Rob's Quest says:

I haven’t seen the Singapore Zoo – would love to check it out if I ever come back to SGP, loved it there – Gardens was my favorite! The Tree’s at night were awesome! I MISS the FOOD! aww it’s just soo good and the variety there is awesome! Again good tips! 🙂 I stayed at the Capsule Hotel in Arab district, your hotel is super fancy!

The Travels Of Z says:

I want to visit because we heard so much about the hardcore standard of cleanliness.

Family on Standby says:

Great tips! We’d love to visit Singapore sometime. The zoo looks awesome too – we’ve never seen a kids water play area inside a zoo.

Touring Tastebuds says:

We don’t have kids but have seen and heard amazing things about Singapore! Great top 5 reasons, definitely think some of them would be fun regardless of kids!

The World n Us says:

Oh I love that transition from night to day at Marina Bay Sands. Singapore is one of our favourite cities. Can you believe we didn’t go to the children’s playground at Gardens by the Bay when we visited last year. Both boys fell asleep on our way there so we turned around.

Great guide to Singapore!

Leon and Tash says:

Informative as always, loving it and loving the look of those food courts!! We don’t have kids but that just means more food for us right, haha. However I think you’ve convinced us to go, just see if you’re being real about the road rules being obeyed over there? Because it’d definitely make the theme parks seem more thrilling when you haven’t just had to risk your life multiple times on the walk there, hahaha.

The World In Four Days says:

Great video! I’m a youtuber also so I’m always happy to find someone else who make great videos. Turning on notification so I can follow along. Check out my page and follow along if you want!

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