Start Traveling More – Family Vacation to Singapore Series Part 1

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We’re going on a family vacation to Singapore! One of our major financial and life goals is to travel the world with our kids. This is the first part in a travel vlog series that’s going to cover all of the details of our trip to Singpore before, during and after the trip. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on all of the fun!

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Miami Travel Vlog:

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Joseph and I didn’t travel much as kids. Now that we are adults with kids of our own, we want to travel more often with them. We want them to have memories of exploring other cultures and having adventures as they travel the world.

We love reading and watching other family travel vlogs to far off places and destinations. They help us create the courage to be more adventurous and to really start making our life goal of traveling the world come true.

Now many travel vloggers are full time digital nomads, which is not the case for us. Instead, we will be getting our world travel fix in when we go on family vacations.

This year, we are heading off to Singapore! We’ve been looking forward to this trip all year and now it is just a few weeks away!


Michael Z says:

I’m guessing you two plan every detail in advance 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing your adventures on Youtube.

Childress Giles says:

Thanks so much for this series. Traveling is a passion for me and hubby. We both are blessed with jobs that sends us to some amazing places. Also, as a couple, we do lots of personal traveling.We think it’s spiritually uplifting to embrace someone else’s culture. It leaves the soul enriched/dissolves ignorance:-)

Anna Texana says:

How exciting! Looking forward to this series.

Cass Simm says:

Woohoo!!! My husband has been dropping some BIG hints for us to travel with our 3 kids for a while now but everywhere is a looong flight from Australia lol I’m worried about how the kids will handle being in the air for so long.

Kim says:

Do toddlers need passports?

CaperB says:

Kind of a newbie here. I’m so excited for this series! Please let us know how you scored a great deal on the flights!!

Heather Mayfield says:

Singapore is a busy, but highly ordered city. Do the night safari at the Botanical Garden it is great. Singapore hawker food is the best in the world, and very hygiene conscious! You will enjoy it I am sure, it is different from US cities but not alien, the speaking English etc is helpful. Great place for a short jaunt, come to the UK when you have more time.

Josephine Tyree says:

YEAAAAAAAA….I’m excited  !!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Forster says:

I can not wait to see the places you visted!

Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

I am so happy you are going on this wonderful trip. I so agree life should be about balance.

Titus2Chic says:

i travel a decent amount b/c like you, *i* find more value and joy in experiences than i do accumulating stuff. i’m excited about your upcoming vacation, it’s gonna be loads of fun!! singapore is definitely on my list of places to visit so i can’t wait to see your footage.

Kafo says:

Have you got a video explaining how you ‘deserve’ forgiveness of the student loans YOU both acquired plus going on a holiday before paying your debt off?

Tia Jones says:

I love your approach to life! I agree, traveling is such a great and rewarding luxury. You can’t put a value on the beautiful family memories!

Brian Best says:

You guys have half a million in debt and your going on vacation? Smh Priorities. So, let’s say you come back and u get laid off, fired, or an unexpected expense pops? People forget the 2008 recession happened 20 minutes ago! (Exaggerating but u get the point)

Daire says:

Congratulations on your trip! Looking forward to watching the prep/travel vlogs. Would love to see what you eat in a day in Singapore 🙂 And make sure you get yourselves a family pack of travel neck pillows – the long flight will be miserable without a comfy way to sleep!

Sarah Edwards says:

A lot of Americans don’t travel much, but then the USA has so many variations in climate, culture etc I understand why. I live in the U.K. so have travelled a lot. Our little island, beautiful as it is, is small so we have to get away. We went to Atlanta this year, often go to Europe (Spain, Canaries): the Caribbean, had a couple of cruises but not been to the Far East- mainly because of the flight time. Enjoy your trip guys, looking forward to the blogs.

Tasharey Crawford says:

I just wanted to say that I really love you guys. I get so excited to see your videos because I love to see people winning with their finances and life in general. I used to really struggle with Dave Ramseys steps because I wanted to save, invest and get out of debt simultaneously but it was frowned upon. I’m so glad to find people who feel like I do about doing what works for you.

outlander says:

You two look alike aside from color

Pearesa Springs says:


JD Casey says:

Looks like such a fun trip!!!

Shahirah Begum says:

Hello~ Im from Singapore and I just found your channel, and im hooked already! It’d be so cool if I could take you guys around!!!

Angelic Monkey's says:

It is a beautiful island. Check out the night safari at the zoo, the botanic gardens and the Changi prison memorial. Also I hear Sentosa is great but didn’t get there. Love the Raffels hotel home of the Singapore Sling. You chose a great place for your first international trip. Take a day trip to Malaysia. Plenty of buses head that way. Enjoy.

DeAne Matthew says:

Sooo amazing! It’s on my list,.. I’m from Florida… Currently on a vacation in Dubai right now. Another great tip,… International Groupons! Thanks for your advice and tips. Love traveling!

neoyum says:

So happy for you. Really look forward to the series. ❤️

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