The Nicest Airport in the World! (Changi Airport – Singapore Travels)

Traveling with Haley Dasovich to Singapore for a fun weekend at Resorts World Sentosa. Our first stop on our adventure is the nicest airport in the world! The Changi airport is clean, has wifi, and even free massage chairs! Coming from Naia terminal, this was a luxurious change and a fun way to start our adventure traveling Southeast Asia! Vlog 206

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Fayela Darilag says:

When we went in Singapore we also ride JetStar ☺️☺️☺️

sherman lo says:

he looks like coyote peterson

Victor Pang says:

Sorry, it’s not Chan-gi, it’s Chan-ee. Pronounciation.

Marc Gourde says:

I live in singapore

Chua Swee Noi says:

I am from singapore

Affendi Roseli says:

I’m Singaporean

Conan cnooc says:


chokie85 says:

I luv this video. Full of positive vibe! 😛

Chee Siong Cheng says:

Is a room connecter

beispielsweise weise says:

I love how close Wil and Haley. Makes me want to just have 1 sibling hahahahaha

Thaddeus Gaming says:

Thanks for saying our Airport is the best

Razor Blade gaming says:

7:58 u should not point fingers to someone in Singapore

Curious Pavel says:

Super cool editing style, Wil! I am joining your community;)

Ali Iskandar says:

Glad h guys had a good time come visit again soon 🙂

boltair3 says:

yeah na impluwensyahan nila ako

racine chow says:

“I feel like I’m in the jung-” bonk

since when were there metal poles in jungles

No one says:

It’s Ch-aa-ngi airport.

Anthony Lim says:

who is that indonesian vlogger?

Kathlynn Aurelia says:

If you are going back home there is a butterfly garden ive been there

Amethyst H. says:

Its great you didnt get blacklisted in the airport so it happens often to some new comers but yea nature is good there.

Gervin Gonzales says:

I heard some tagalog words hahaha.

Sander Nielsen says:

What’s price of food in Changi Airport ? I will fly to the Philippines through Changi on the third of September and I just wonder what I ave to pay for something like a Big Mac ?

Beatrice Tan says:

It’s not pronounced Chen-gy, it’s Cha-Ng-i

Ming Yu Ong says:

this is perfectly normal to us singaporeans…
And also you havent seen everything 😉

QuizUp Guy says:

First time again to watch Wil vlogs

Nur Ryana World says:

Thanks for making this video because im singapore

ChocolatteAmourshipper 10 says:

Thanks for this video! I live in Singapore and I really appreciate these kind words 🙂

Sofhia Marie Aquino says:

You know I went in Singapore last August

jc09113 says:

Changi is still easily my favorite airport that I’ve been to even years after I last went there. Glad you and Haley enjoyed it as well!

yuki shyan says:

i love Singapore

Sahkirun and Danish Is shahdan says:

If I were to see people dancing because there are plants inside Changi Airport I would be like what’s wrong with you Sia!

Rachel Swee says:

They are so amused at everything and im like its normal???? Then I realised that they dont have this in their country ( not being rude)

Sisters For Life says:

Singaporean knows everything

illiyaqulyaqin illiyaqulyaqun says:

Its really weird airport.Its not Changi but I think its Singapore Changing airport.Because it keeps on changing from best to excellent.

The Naufal City says:

Im from singapore

I want to be Tae's water bottle says:

The contra of my country and sg…
Gosh i’m so embarassed! Lmao XDD

Klau diorg lawat sg punya jiran sebelah, aku rasa lutut pon boleh goyang terkerjut tgok… kah kah kah! Beza nak meninggal!! XDDDD

racine chow says:


Mariann S says:

I’m watching this video contemplating to go to Singapore and then you make a shout out to San Diego, where I’m from! Talk about a sign!

今中愛梨 says:

I stayed 2days at changi airpor hahaha.

Sahkirun and Danish Is shahdan says:

I like how u say Changi in Changi airport

got7 & jackson wang's•multifandom 101-kpop trash says:

Thank you <3 I feell proud as a Singaporean!

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