The taste of Singapore, Kaya Toast [Battle Trip / 2016.07.10]

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– Ep.7: Travel abroad without applying for a leave! “Just guys, just girls trip for three days!” How can you have extreme fun and full stomach with $410 in Singapore? Lee Sangmin who hasn’t been to KBS for 6 years and rising variety show star Kim Iljung’s dynamic trip in Singapore!
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Michelle Tham says:

They should have gone to Chin Mei Chin for toasts and custard buns and soft boiled eggs. and egg tarts.

TheSingapuraCat says:

Wait.. The Ya Kun Toast in the airport is 24 hours…

Tia says:


yunira says:

No episode trip to malaysia yet?

coke -.- says:

omg so this is the expo expo expo train show, they tio stuck hahahahahahhagagagga

Ryan Ho says:

lmao sp fc4 have same thig for 2.50$

Ever Abby. H says:

Hahahahha there is no fake kayabtoast toast in sg just that different shops have different taste of it but it’s about the same.

You can add a little light soya sauce if you Dun like dark soya sauce

Blue KniGht says:

the way they eat half boiled eggs tho

レステラントルカベール says:

It’s easy to prepare soft boiled eggs at home. Or in Singapore, we call it half-boiled eggs. You boil an unrefrigerated egg for around 3 mins, take it out, and immediately crack the egg open. Soft boiled egg is now served. If you use a refrigerated egg, leave it out overnight, and you can use the same timing (3 mins), and you get soft boiled egg as well. However, if you’re going to use a refrigerated egg straight out from the fridge, then you’d need to boil the egg for a longer time before it gets half boiled.

CUBEgenre says:

why are so many singaporeans getting so worked up about how they ate the kaya toast, posting all these comments mocking them… Sometimes I think we are too inflexible and rigid in our mindsets. C’mon, kaya toast isn’t fine dining. People can eat it anyway they like. When foreigners come here and are making the effort to seek out and try local food and explore local culture, we should be more gracious and less judgemental. some people eat their oreos as a whole, while some people lick the icing off the biscuit before eating the biscuit. Some people like to dip their macs fries in ice cream. We can eat kaya toast however we want.

마리 ᄋᄉᄋ says:


eileen tan says:

i might try the egg ideal .. looks amazing with kaya toast ..

Sanakau Gaming says:

“For just 5.60 “ ,typical singaporeans can even find a set that cost like $2 ?

canmeh says:

so funny…ya kun kaya toast airport also have~~~~~

Lim Li Li Li says:


iffah adlin says:

dat set for $5.60? i’d rather get macdonalds

David Tan says:

How much is the shop paying your KBS to sell all that sugary custard crap (to screw up peoples’ pancreas)

마리 ᄋᄉᄋ says:

omgggg they wanted to sleep on the mrt for like 10 stops i was like : BRO IT DOESNT TAKE THAT LONG (and then i realised they are taking a loop train)

Sraye says:

So many Yakun kaya toast experts in the comments that are only just realizing there are other experts of kaya toast that eat differently or even the same way as the Korean visitors.

Noyumi Ao says:

I’ve never actually dipped the bread into the egg LOL

Tommy0504 Gaming says:

$5.60!? I can make it at home myself just $1-$2 budget

Singapore Dude says:


Hong An Ni says:

That’s actually counted expensive

Kpop Jasmine says:

First time seeing them eating the toast bread and put the bread into the boiled egg
And they put too many soya sauce to the egg

A P says:

As a Singaporean, I feel so proud watching them enjoy the food here ^^

Nurul Nadhira says:

“how many expo stops are there” AHAHAHAHHA

Me Is No Funteu says:

im from sg

Diana A says:

As a singaporean I find this funny

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