Top 8 Things to do in Singapore on a BUDGET

After living in Singapore for a year and having multiple friends visit me and go sightseeing, I learned the best way to see the big things, for much less money than you think. Hawker centres are your friends.

Thanks so much for having me for the past year, Singapore! I’m closing this chapter for now, but eagerly looking toward the future. Watch this space!

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Must Do Travels says:

They should have made the recycling bins more Otter friendly.

Sam Chan says:

Thank You Hannah and all the Best :)

Jun Jiu Tan says:

Hey there Hannah! Awesome content as always. Love your style and personality. Subbed!

Star Master Tech says:

You want to tell me what these crazy punk working for you tube have told you that got you so upset, Hannah? I have a degree in Law Enforcment. I’m a good person. :))

H.E. Y says:

In a 1972 contest organised by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board, the island was renamedSentosa, a Malay word meaning”peace and tranquility”, from Sanskrit, Santosha.

moondarkslimes says:

here before 1000!! are u proud? AHAHAHA

yang michael says:

I found an angel

skyblueiiii says:

Thanks for sharing your experiences. My friends comment about working in Singapore but your perspective greatly adds to my understanding of the place. Merry Christmas and have a whiz-bang good 2018.

JLC Driveway Ramps says:

Vintage vision. Brianna Singapore fashion girl. And your channel. All great videos and very unique to YouTube being young expats in Singapore.. Recently you 3 seem to be doing the same style of video. You must watch what each other is doing. Haha.

Kuen Lee says:

It was good having you here, hope you’ll visit us again. All the best and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Winri says:

what vid is the very last clip from?? the one with the awesome bronzor xD

Erroneous says:

+CurrentlyHannah Great video! I 100% agree<3 Ughhh can't wait to visit Singapore again!

tuvietnamm says:

can I use drone in Singapore without any license

hawk tan says:

Farewell my Friend. See U soon

darrendelong says:

@CurrentlyHannah Correction: Sentosa isn’t a man-made island. The island existed way before the casino is built. So, bascially it’s 100% wrong to say Sentosa is built for the casino.

Michael Chai says:

I would have thought our botanical garden, Pulau Ubin , temple hopping and farms area tours, including our wetlands nature reserve would be in your list.

Benn TK says:

Awesome! Almost 4k!! Doing so well

llysender says:

Sentosa is a natural island, its former name was palau blakan mati(death from behind island) and was both used as a graveyard island, pirate island and a fort at different points in time.

Action Setzon says:

Came for the information about Singapore, stayed for the great sense of humour in your videos. I guess from now on I will be watching expat videos about places I may never even visit, just because they are so funny.

Alex Rex says:

But what about Lazarus Island? Why isn’t Lazarus island or Pulau Ubin in your list…sad face 🙁

wimpy87 says:

Found your channel not too long after you started vlogging in S’pore, and they were really entertaining and a good insight into how an expat viewed this island. I hope we were a good host to you during your stay here! All the best to your next job in Japan!

Philip Chan says:

First comment. Good luck to you in the future.


Who disliked this video! Own up! Why? Preese tell moi!

Evelyn Ho says:

Sentosa is not an artificial island, it’s been there since during the World War 2…. The British had fixed cannon bombs facing the water fronts to prepare for the Japanese invasion….however the Japanese entered Singapore through Malaysia, someone led the Japanese through the back door….However, Jurong island is an artificial island….that’s where they disembark the petroleum….only authorised personnel allowed to enter….

mik ch says:

I love it! thanks

vanz1771 says:

Stumbled across your channel while trying to find tips on nusa penida’s day trip. 
Well glad you enjoyed Singapore as much as us locals do.

Random Heh says:

the mosque is “Sultan Mosque” :))

L says:

A chapter closes and a new one opens. Thanks for selflessly sharing with us this adventure of yours through your camera lens(literally) and also through the ups-and-downs. I find your joy and happiness infectious and I guess most of your viewers enjoy watching your videos too. Pls always take care and let’s await more videos on Australia in the meantime!

7skillful says:

Take care hannah and gd lk for your future .

Kiran Cotting says:

The name sentosa means nice island. It was not built. It existed already and they built the casino on the island.

Sheng Wei says:

Have you visited Ayer Rajah Food Centre? (I guess you live nearby, based on the video you did). That hawker centre is known for famous Malay & Indian cuisine like, roti prata and more.

Farah Sofea says:

Pls come back soon! #heartbroken

Patcheong says:

Glad that you had enjoyed your stay in Singapore…All the best in your future endeavors. 🙂 And do drop by again. 🙂

John Heng says:

I enjoyed this video and your list. Good luck and best wishes for 2018 – and beyond!

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