Travel to Singapore / THE ZOO IS AMAZING

Today we travel to Singapore and check out the zoo

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Dope Dolphin says:

Finally someone actually visited my country lol

Ara Ara says:

Shit the drone shot

yuezheng z says:

night safari is better, not the normal zoo you’ll see

bb y says:

I’m a singaporean

Study Dream says:

The polar bear named Inuka died in 25 April and it has stayed in the zoo for a very Long time

Maya Qistina says:

Hi am singaporean and i know that a polar bear in Singapore passed away recently her name was Inuka

Tan Isabella says:


Xarius Choo says:

Im your biggest fan!!!

Skyler Song says:


bb y says:

Love ur vids

Helen Wam says:

I am from Singapore so… what should I say… Oh yeah! SINGAPORE FOREVER!!!!!

becca fullett says:

rest in peace inuka :(, the videography is amazing, im a local here and i’ve been watching your vlogs in Singapore, and i just love how to captured everything, hope you enjoyed your stay!

XxKeith GamerXx says:

Inuka had passed away R.I.P. INUKA

Super Dominos says:

So sad seeing inuka so active

Kian Siong says:

i’m watching to see the style you film , also how you transitopn , and learning how vlogeers talk , erm also its fun

Ara Ara says:

During the hoilday I need try this kinda shot the next time i go to that zoo with my friends …

sdq sdq says:

wtf thats a blue monitor .

ItsMe MiChElLe says:

Ive been here last year

Shiro says:

Much misses to inuka, the recently passed and last polar bear in Singapore

Hannah cute cat says:

I lived in singapore and im gald you like our zoo and im new here so i just see this and you sould meet sentosa there is so many things you can do there i hope you like it here in singapore

Gim Khiam Ho says:

I live in singapore

Ukiringo Freeze says:

And you saw inuka before it died

Skyler Song says:

Ikr I living in Singapore too

olivia Ee says:

I have camped at the Singapore zoo before, it was a school excursion

BlooDiMoo Cow says:

The polar bear is called Inuka

LuisDR Cubes says:

RIP inuka the polar bear

Blue JayBJ says:

danny your’e lucky the polar bear is Inuka she just passed away youre lucky you got to meet her R.IP inuka

eh seah la says:

10:43 RIP Inuka :'(

Xarius Choo says:

Come to my place pls

NEgamer says:

Im sad that the last polar bear died. I also dont like to go there cuz it too hot on a afternoon . I love to go night Safari

Burple Song-Productions says:

You will always be remembered .R.I.P inuka

big big world big big world says:

Wonderful Singapore , Great !

Suga Is mine from bts says:

I feel very proud now btw I live in Singapore

sueanna2 says:

Fun fact: The late Steve Irwin was a fan of the Singapore zoo.

Marcus Chan BK says:

I live in Singapore

Concrete Gamer says:

Dude! Eat durian!!!

Gerald Kam says:

I have been to the Singapore zoo because I am a singaporen

Veteran Magical says:

Thanks for visiting us! 😀

Ukiringo Freeze says:

Actually the lizard you see don’t belong to zoo only it roam free in Singapore. I saw them in my house nearby drain. The hospital. Etc. Some are more afraid of human than we are afraid of them.

Alvin Hong says:

Thanks for completementing the country i live in

Marvel Champion says:

Our polar bear, Inuka, is dead

angelseok says:

ok lor

Forever Anime says:

I’m so proud of our zoo 🙂 I do personally think that Singapore zoo is amazing too XD

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