10 Best Places to Visit in Spain – Travel Video

Splendid beaches, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife and lively fiestas all make Spain one of Europe’s best getaways. Because Spain encompasses several autonomous regions and islands, the country boasts one of the most widely diverse cultures and landscapes on the continent. Here’s an overview of the top places to visit in Spain.


luis arroyo says:

Barcelona is not the best city by far. What ever happened to Granada, Ávila, Segovia or Salamanca?
You should do your homework better

grand master flash says:

I would never ever go to spain, I hate them for what they did to Cubans.

Aslam Khan says:

Nice vidio

David Crespo says:

Madrid is elegant outstanding city. Segovia anda Salamanca is really fantastic too what a great country

Ram chand Mehta says:

Very beautiful places of Portgal

Nagaraju Nagabhushan Reddy says:

Awesome !! I wish to travel all over spain ..I LOVE ESPANA

Learn Spanish Conmigo says:

Great video!

Ruth Bacho says:

ilove spain from PHILIPPINES

Ram chand Mehta says:

These old places are representative of cultures of old history of the people, their desires.

Beth Marie says:

Spain is the place where you can see innocent bulls lit on fire and Spaniards relishing in their agony. No thanks.

Rizka Faidah Utami says:

¡España es muy hermosa!

Mohit Pandya says:

spein ja ne ka ketana karcha atahe

jigar makwana says:

Dream to go

babis z says:

Muchos saludos a todos Espania desde Grecia.
Hope my spanich aint so bad. Planing to spend a couple of weeks there this year(?) especially in Andalousia

jambroqc says:

‘Playa de la Kongka”? Ridiculous pronounciation?

Tom McClean says:

Narator reminds me of those highly annoying tourists who visit a city, afterwards infuriate everybody by pronouncing name with a obnoxious accent they have created to seem cultured a well travelled. Like BarCElona or Pari

Soutam Panja says:

Can I use some of your footage in my vlog… And if I give credit on the video description.? Is it OK?

Pepe Botella says:

1- Sevilla
2 – Granada
3 – Cádiz
4 – San Sebastián
5 – Ávila
6 – Zaragoza

Pirotecnia Actual Valenciana says:

Valencia!!!!! BEATIFUL CITT

Seany Boyy says:

Fucking love Spain

Chalynda Jackson says:

I heard that Spain can be a bit racist and black people need to be careful there. Is that true?

Pirotecnia Actual Valenciana says:


Parsa Taghavi says:

Spain or Italy ?? Which one is good for study and cheap

jaddy540 says:

A few days in Madrid, then get out and see rest of spain. Day trips to Morroco, and Gibraltar are great times also. Tax free booze in the Gib. Look for an old cemetary there where Nelson casualties were buried after Trafalga battle

likesmilitaryhistory Alan Moore says:

Why go to Spain, easy because its a hell of a lot cheaper to have a holiday in Spain than it is to have a holiday in the UK, for instance, I saw a fight to Madrid from London, price £10 whilst a train fair from Suffolk to Bath costs £70, SEVEN TIMES HIGHER THAN A FLIGHT TO MADRID Stay in the UK, and have your holidays here and help the UK economy, says the government, yeah right, they have not got a snowballs change in hell of keeping the British holiday maker in the UK

Nikhil says:

That dog at 2:42 lmao

Cristina Ravet says:

Si hablamos de ciudades este es mi ranking:
1 Sevilla
2 Córdoba
3 Madrid
4 San Sebastián
5 Santander
6 Cáceres
7 Toledo
8 Palma de Mallorca
9 Málaga
10 Barcelona

Javier Franco Alastruey says:

You’ve put footage of Cordoba’s romanic Bridge in the Toledo part

Erneal Louie Ybañez says:

wow beautiful

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