12 Cool Things to do in Northern Spain

While the Mediterranean coast of Spain is more popular, here you have 12 great reasons to visit the northern coast. We travelled through the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia following the northern route of El Camino de Santiago.

This video was produce in collaboration with the Spain tourism board, the tourism boards of Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and The Travel Mob.


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john petersen says:

have only been to san sebastian but waow it was beautifuk

Freebird says:

as a Mexican American I want to explore my Spanish ancestry, it’s my dream to see where my bloodline originates. I feel like I owe my ancestors that recognition.

BigSirZebras says:

5:10 Barack? Obama?

Bocadillo de Albóndigas says:


Yomom Yomom says:


Little Flower says:

Thank you so much for this video. I have already visited to San Sebastian, certainly it is an awesome city! Planed to travel to the rest of the northern Spain cities. You have some interesting travel videos in your Channel. I got to subscribe your channel to get the update travel videos.

TERMI4 says:

quedaros en vuestra mierda de pais … q nosotos estamos de maravilla sin vosotros…

Beev Rations says:

Great video! But you forgot the incredible beauty of Santander…

Rubén Martinez says:

Islas Cíes are also a must! Great video tho!

Pack & Click says:

Love that you mentioned my hometown of Irun as the starting point for Camino de Santiago! Great video 😀

Ad Stuurman says:

17 days this summer we hope to see a lot of places and the Picos

Ribeirasacra says:

Nice video which should get more visitors to Spain heading north.
I have to add some of my suggestions too.
Taramundi (Asturias) https://www.youtube.com/6S_kyzQ6bSE
Playa del Silencio. Cudillero https://www.youtube.com/KUHzg6zUfvc
Covadonga (Picos de Europa) https://www.youtube.com/lm8z8NawvqI
Ribeira Sacra, Galicia https://youtu.be/ADQjIe50MrI
Lugo, Galicia, especially during Arde Lugo. https://www.youtube.com/4TKISiyyH3U
Castro de Viladonga https://youtu.be/vjiQqamS0B4
Getaria https://youtu.be/zTU-AscZzAw
Do not forget to hunt down a fiesta when in Galicia https://youtu.be/Sxmf5N3PW4Q the sound of Gaitas gallegas should heard.

Gontzal Lekzeit says:

Lieber Travel Vlogger, Nordspanien ist eine Sache und das Baskenland eine andere, die nicht Spanien ist.

Lailandi Adventures says:

Wow, great video! Looks like we have to add another destination to the list of places we need to go! Thanks for the inspiration.

derealovefestival Survival says:

Stop killing your dogs and horses and Bulls
Repent or go to hell??????

weirdmary says:

showing some map would have been useful

1337 Cinematography says:

This video is so cool, I want to explore the coast of spain now!

The Road Less Traveled says:

Great video. I love the north, especially the Costa Brava (more northwest). This is where travelers will find a side of Spain they’ll remember forever 🙂

Clark Bateman says:

Pamplona and the Running of the Bulls, Bilbao and the Guggenheim, The Puente Colgante in Santurce just north of Bilbao where the river meets the ocean, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, The Magdalena in Santander, Comillas…

mistreated says:

Thank you so much for the great video. We’ve visited Spain 8 times but haven’t been to the north. This year, we are finally doing it.

Vacation Couple says:

Great shots & video! This really gave us insight into what to expect and it’s all so good!

Nomad'er How Far says:

Love the drone shots!! Very well put together video 🙂

TotallySpain says:

Wow. Brilliant footage – that was a really thorough trip of Northern Spain! We live here and travel it constantly and have to agree with lots of your selections. Very surprised you came across Pazo de Oca in Galicia – what a great location – we loved it too – such a gem! And nice to see Altamira and the Picos de Europa in Cantabria. Did you try the rabas which are the popular calamari in Cantabria? They’re delicious with a local vermouth at midday! Well done again on a fantastic visual roundup…

Edward Travels says:

This is great – I’ve only been to the southern coast of Spain, now I know what I need to go back and see – thanks

Cris Rodríguez says:

cabarceno park in Cantabria. it’s huge and has loads of animals to see in amazing wide spaces!!
I liked this video! well done!

jambroqc says:

Wow! Awesome northern Spain!

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