Family Trip to Barcelona, Spain

A glimpse of some places in Barcelona.

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saima nida says:

Masha allah..
Very beautiful 🙂

shifana Ismayil says:

Masha allah

maitohafeez Pasha75 says:

Nice video

salman faris says:

അസൂയ തോന്നുന്നു പെങ്ങളെ….

Sudha Mahesh says:

Wow i loved it frm yesterday i started watching ur vlogs so nice n especially i love ur voice awesome experience through ur vlog to explore the country.

Hana Hana says:

itha supera
ningale vedeo first kandapo ellam kananam thonna .nice vedeos

rahna semeer says:

You inspired me lot for my time management. Thank you so much dear

Yusuf rakkata aina says:

Masha Allah what a best trip

ManoRaj! RMK says:

Good sissy, waiting for cooking video

Yasmin Ansur says:

MashaAllah. Great vlog

Tuttu shabs says:

Husband in ndha joli??????

La Aung says:

In Malaysia we dip churros in condensed milk hahaha but it’s still good

lshrath unnisa says:

Mashaallah have

Nadia Jalil says:

Lovely vlog dear and very informative too…I’m also planning my visit next week in shaa allah to spain…just want to ask how did u manage halal food over there..??can u guide me plss

shahana baker says:

How much all the travel cost..?

Humera Mohsin says:

O I visited all place s

Nafha Yuosuf says:

Hi, im your new subscriber from Maldives

Baba Imartwale says:

Apko hindi ati hai

shahana Rashid says:

Masha allah

shirin shabir says:


Parveen Arshiya says:

Hi this is my first comment, hope you will reply. All your vlogs are amazing, I have become addicted to them. Kindly share few tips about how you take care of your kids like their eating, sleeping, bathing routines etc bcoz I believe keralite kids are very healthy and being a mother Of two kids want to adopt few tips.

Baba Imartwale says:

Masha allah hapy family i am a new sabscriber from india

Kunjumon Vu says:

Very nice

aishwarya k says:

God bless your family!

Noorjafaisal Noorja says:

masha Allah super

Marimal Good says: this ur sister?

Asfia Khan says:

Waiting for ur next video

Surekha Dasari says:

I really love you video very morng will watch ur video 4 6 times I never get tried

fz creations says:

sooo luky family

Mohomed fazal fazal says:

Assalamu alaikkum..sis ur program is very interesting Im seema

Noufal Tk says:

real life real home

samitha bava says:

Yur video is so nice I appreciate yu I want to meet yu by ashmil

Deepa Anup says:

How much for that hotel rent

Ameena Arafath says:

My mom and dad working in spain…..

Humera Mohsin says:

I live in Sharjah UAE

Arrays World says:

Really superb…
r u taking videos from phone or camera reply me please


Hijaab mathrame ullu backi okke modern dress thanneya

Deepa Anup says:


ManoRaj! RMK says:

Good sissy, waiting for cooking video


Super sister

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