Granada, Córdoba, and Spain’s Costa del Sol

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | Andalucía’s Moorish heritage sparkles in the historic capitals of Granada and Córdoba. And the pride of the Reconquista and the power of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand enliven the region’s great sights. Tasting the smooth sherry and marveling at prancing stallions, we find the passion in Andalusian culture. And we top it off with fun in the Spanish sun on the Costa del Sol.

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sammy ham says:

what a country spain pur beauty !

Showkat Hossain says:

Thanks Rick Steve for your depiction of real history through this wonderful video

W3size says:


Awais Pasha says:


joangar88 says:

14:05 mmm… I really like the history of the places where you travel

Rose Guzman says:

I’m Mexican and besides by Native American ancestors, I have been able to trace my Spanish ancestors from here in Granada, Spain. It’s so beautiful.

Leonardo gonçalves says:

Spanish singing is so Arabic.

Bill Bergendahl says:

I enjoyed watching Rick Steves’ travel programs on PBS.

Isaias Ramos Garcia says:

queen Isabela was a blonde. Why is her statue chestnut-haired?

Antonio Perez says:

gipsies allways disturbing to everyone ¡

KATHYY4 says:

Love it!!!

Dylan van Essen says:

Did anyone notice the trembling woman at 24:39? :’)

Syed Arshad says:

Wow how beautiful is Spain

Tin Butkovic says:

Tko jednoom posjeti ovaj divan Španjolske COSTA DEL SOLvratit ce se ponovno. Meni je bilo fantastično i zaista cu ponoviti taj dio jer dots toga se ne može vidjeti u 14 dana.

youssef Bennani says:

actually in morocco andaluci famillies marry each and rarely get mixed with moroccans notably in the cities of -fes -tetouan -tangiers , we know exactly where we are from listen to our music , learn old poems and even our homes looks like golden age andalucian homes , we love our identity some still visit granada yearly

Awais Pasha says:


Gabbi ! says:

only here bc of a history project

Pina Garofalo says:

spain is very beautifull ! marbella, malaga,cadiz, cordoba, granada, nerja, sevilla for me it’s incredible ! almunecar, almeria, benalmadena in costa del sol and de la luz ! and costa blanca and costa brava it’s beautifull

rokib hossain says:

You are one of the best but I am so much unhappy to see your channel subscribes are increasing so slowly, although you deserves more. I wish within short time your channel will be able to get reach more and more subscribers. Love you from bangladesh❤❤❤

Joshua Krueger says:

I love you Rick Steves.

Siska Diana says:


Rishabh Rawat says:

Your video quality is awesome

Bill Watson says:

I love your video, including history and modern, video quality is very high HD, thank you!——From China.

Mohamed Omar says:

Spanish people were not clever on the sea, so for their expedition they use venicians who are italians

Tin Butkovic says:

Posjetite svakako ALHAMBRU

Travel Your Own Path says:

I visited last year and loved it Thanks so much Rick for your videos i actually watched them before i went also to get a better idea of where i might go 🙂

Salem Fathi says:

c est epoustouflant de beaute et ceux qui chient sur les Musulmans devraient visiter ces villes et mourir de jalousie

naswale m says:

like your videos n presentation

Fazal says:

Inshallah again one day the Cordoba masque will became Masjid not Cathedral place

Joaquin Cruz says:

yes i love espana and iam spanish and guamanian!!.

Mohamed Omar says:

Andalucian dielect spread all to South American countries not north or Castilian dialects. Also Andalusian moorish style of architect u can find it in South America.

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