Iberian Itinerary: Spain & Portugal for 2 Weeks

Heading to Europe & Looking for a Good Two Week Trip Around Spain & Portugal? Well we have our recommended ten day to two week trip around Iberia.
Start in Barcelona, then head to Madrid with a day trip to either Segovia or Toledo, then head to Sevilla/Seville with a day trip to Cordoba and then head over to the beaches of The Algarve in the South of Portugal and then head up to amazing Lisbon and finish off with some Port Wine in Porto. We hope this helps!
Filmed in Madrid, Spain
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

The Don’ts of Visiting Barcelona

5 Love & Hates of Madrid

Tips for Visiting Segovia

5 Love & Hates of Sevilla, Spain

5 Love & Hates of Visiting Lisbon

What to See & Do in Porto

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Rafael Melo says:

You forgot Santiago de Compostela!!

Paula Neto says:

Nice pronunciation of Cascais 😉

ataylor says:

bring a jacket if you go to the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba it gets really cold inside.

jovicrazed says:

Very helpful, Mr. Dr. Professor Mark; thank you. I am hoping to take my first trip to Europe this year and this is helpful. Is it possible for you to do a video on the 5 (or so – just keeping with your theme) most expensive and 5 least expensive European destinations? If you’ve already done that, I must just not be remembering and will go look for it (do you have the link? 🙂 ). Thank you!

bflood122 says:

I’m going to Portugal and Spain in July. Thank You for making this video

Andrew Dotson says:

When are you going to go to Japan?? 🙂

Christian Gonzalez says:

I’d love to see more Netherlands videos! Also which city is best as a day trip from Madrid, Segovia or Toledo?

Richard Dybowski says:

I would like to go to Gibraltar, but today I found out that Spain are going to invade it, so we (the UK) are going to war with Spain. (I know it’s not gonna happen but it is possible)

Evelyn C says:

Taking notes,,,, thank U..

Christopher Langton says:

Hey Mark! love your channel!!

Me and my girlfriend Rebecca have booked a week in Rome in June…(first time) partly based on your videos!!

Keep up the good work Mark!

Dyanna Moore says:

How long are you in Spain Mark?

Elinars says:

WolterS World, so you keep talking about Barcelona and Spain. I just came back from Barcelona. It’s even better than I thought.

travelvideos says:

How about Gibraltar ? One, two days or more ?

34cvc says:

Hey Mark awesome video! Great info on Portugal, I can definitely tell you know your stuff. Portugal is an amazing place from north to south, there are many different things to try usually cheap and since it’s not a very big country travelling isnt as much of a pain. I’m from a town near Coimbra called Mealhada, if you’re ever around here you must try Leitão! People from all over Portugal come here to eat it, it’s delicious. Also I’m planning on going to Toronto this summer, any tips on that? Greetings and good trips!

Yevgeni Suhanov says:

If you’re in Madrid, you can take a day or 2 trip to Valencia, its only 1hr40 with AVE train from Madrid.

Freya Cormack says:

Have you been to Ronda, in Spain?

TheAquarius1978 says:

Yup i love Francesinhas, the only prb with them is, after you eat one you will sweat like a pig trapped inside a green house in the middle of the summer, but its worth it.

Lukas Gärtner says:

When you are into running Monte Gordo at the Algarve is a fantastic place in winter. Many professional runners spend their winter there, because it has super running paths in the forest, a stadium and good afordable hotels. I’ve been there in January twice and had allways a great time!

Oktay Ikiz says:

WoW, a trip like that would be awesome. You could also go to Salamanca or Galica to save some time since Andalusia is not a small region with a Lot of things to see. Just like the sizes and the sights of Austria 🙂

Everyone I’ve heard says that A Coruña is very beautiful. Is that true?

shelleyinthecity says:

2:50 definitely a serial killer on America’s Most Wanted look there

The Travel Vlogger says:

Like it =)

Pepe Reno says:

Your Iberian trip suggestion is AWESOME , Mark. I was born in France, my parents are Portuguese and I love Portugal and Spain. Thanks for this video and keep up the good work. I’m a huge fan of yours. You should have your own channel on TV 😉 Un bonjour de Paris Filipe

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