Rick Steves’ Andalucía: The Best of Southern Spain

Join Rick as he weaves Andalucía’s rich mix of culture, cuisine, history, and natural wonders into a 60-minute special. The hour includes the major cities of Sevilla, Córdoba, and Granada; flamenco, sherry, and horses; dramatic white-washed hill towns; and fun in the Costa del Sol sun — plus a dash of Britain in Gibraltar.

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Florian Stollmayer Tenor, Spanish Guitar, Piano says:


Thekoala says:

Jeb Bush?

Fernando Adames says:

Thanks Rick !! You make our trip a lot easier

red horse Beer says:

god bless spain

TrendZ SetteR says:

Spain has all the thing that males feel out of the world.

Martin Hasani Di Maggio says:

Gypsies in Spain are also NOT nomadic

HD Музыка для Медитации, Йоги, Релаксации и Сна says:

With monkeys in Gibraltar need be very…very careful 🙂 is not safe, aggressive animals 🙂 If you want still have all you items, be carefully 🙂

Abigail Jimenez says:

okay…planning a southern spain trip next year to the motherland…..northern and southern spain…..jimenez are from northern spain..medina from andalucia…..maybe i can find my ancestors…..

Erik Jagnandan says:


jambroqc says:

Not all of Spain was conquered by the Moors.

Brandon Channel says:

This is great because I will visit Spain someday. Thx for the info Rick Steves

Fher Villamar says:

There’s some bullboards in the countryside in Mexico. Legacy of Spaniards.

Fernando Pérez says:

So full of stereotypes, however closer to real life than many other shows about Andalusia previously broadcast on TV

StellaSFMusic says:

18:00 Paella recipe

Rincones de Montaña says:

¿Do you know The Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura y las Villas?
Here..in this Channel

Buenos días Hola buenos says:

Que pena dan los que se quieren sentir europeos menospreciando Andalucía. Andalucía es una joya de Europa y Europa es variada en cultura e historia. Los Españoles son distintos a los europeos igual que los europeos son distintos entre sí. Los Españoles del norte no son distintos a los del sur. La muestra es la forma de divertirse. Si vas a Pamplona ves que el norte es diferente a Europa. Lo que ves allí es mucha gente en la calle mucho alcohol y toros, y el carácter de la gente es distinto al de otras partes de Europa.

Turki استغفر الله . says:

غميضه الاندلس بس .

Dilip Naik says:

Rick, why are you so desperate to be politically correct ? When the moors conquered Spain,did they convert the local Christian population by gentle persuasion ? You mention that following the Christian reconquest the local Muslims were forcibly converted to Christianity.But why have you disingenuously avoided mentioning how the Muslims converted the Spanish Christians ?

TheMaster100 says:

Southern spain is interesting

DJ Trevi says:

I don’t know why they call it the “Reconquista” The Iberian Peninsula was a bunch of city states before the mores came in. It was only after the moors united the peninsula that it all became connected. Go figure history.

y blaidd says:

Let’s get one thing straight…this is Andalusia, not the “whole Spain”….spain is huge and extremely diverce, a nation of nations, every region is unique. Castile is nothing like andalusia, and andalusia is nothing like the basque country, and the basque country is nothing like Catalonia, and Catalonia is nothing like Galicia, etc etc. If you want to know what Spain is like, explore the other region as well! not just Andalusia…you will be surprise! I’m pretty sure

Erik Jagnandan says:

Lol the Muslims arrived in 711.

ricado tremblay says:

Africans gave them culture and science but they still look down on us while in the middle ages, we where educating them academic publishing the Moors introduce in Europe, brought them out of the dark ages

Frank Jaegar says:

wow I never knew Spaniards were that short. Literal manlets.

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