Spain – Fun Fact Series EP45 | Mocomi Kids presents: Spain – Fun Fact Series EP45

The official name of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain or Reino de Espana.

Spain’s capital city is Madrid.

Spain is Europe’s fourth largest country.

Spain is the 28th most populated country in the world.

The Spanish National Day is celebrated on 12th October.

Spain’s national anthem is called La Marcha Real (The Royal March).

Bull fighting is a traditional spectacle of Spain.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Spain.

Spanish people do not believe in tooth fairies. Instead, they have a tooth mouse called Ratoncito Pérez.

Spain is among the top three most visited countries in the world.

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aracie15 says:

cause it can

Mann_r41 says:

Why did u put South American music in a presentation of an European Country

Anthony Suna says:

correction spain is the 5 largest country

Shekhar S says:

football not soccer. 

Bravo! says:

u cant say “el fin” at the end of a movie/video, u just say “fin” just in case u want to know

Ellen Bold says:

More than 300.000 Houses was sold ONLY an Andalucia…..Are the spanish NOT Nice?

Gurutze Barluenga says:

Why does this video have Mexican music in the background, which has NOTHING to do with Spain?

MocomiKids says:

Hola señors and senoritas! Find out fun facts about #Spain in our #video

HumA says:

funny video, except for the music, which is MEXICAN music, not SPANISH music XDDD.

TheOpenMicTv says:

I’m from Spain and I love it.

sljgr says:

I’m from Spain and didn’t know your facts :p

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