Spain. Interesting Facts About Spain

In this video we’ll take a loot at Spain. A southern European country famous for its tourism, beaches and wonderful islands. Largest cities are Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Enjoy #Spain


Shahbaz Ch says:

I am in Spain Barcelona I want to friendship with Spanish girl because I am single. Please contact me.


The informaytion in this video is noyt completely truth. You must info before confirm some details. You base your video basically in Barcelona.

FACT PIK says:

Spanish language has difficult to understand.

Gopal Zalke says:

I want to work in Spain

rob catalunya says:

where the hell is i beee my friend its ee beethah..

repawnd says:

The taxis are black and yellow because they have been painted with black paint and also yellow paint.

jambroqc says:

Spain is the second most visited country in the world.

Syed Basharath says:

Once apon a time it’s a Muslim country


Most of the European countries are planned & beautiful

Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav says:

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Meeta Sadhvani says:

Pls take care when visiting. We lost our money n passports. There are organised gangs who follow tourists, around and Rob money, mobiles n credit cards.

Mirror0CJ says:

admiring this laid back lifestyle. Hope the weather will be good this Dec ,going to spain in 9days and travelling around until Jan. so excited.

Accting N' Things says:

What song is playing at 1:49?

Vinodtcbe Tcbe says:

Beutyfull spain, thanks to vedio

syed habib ul hasan shah says:

The first taxis in Barcelona appeared around the early twentieth century as heirs of the car riding which made this function and even lived together many years. The Hispano Suiza Automobile was the company that manufactured and marketed in the first series models. From 1910 took the first steps to marketing.
After a boom between 1925 and 1929, marked by the Universal Exhibition in 1934 the sector is stabilized and is definitely determined when the yellow and black are the only colors Barcelona

Gtn محمد says:

you miss nude beaches

Stephen Mandel says:

I’ve been to Spain about five times over the years. My wife’s family is from Northern Spain. A half hour from La Coruna. The unemployment is very high and has been this way for many years now. The local people have been very kind to me. The food is just great. The beaches are good as well. real estate has dropped dead.
My biggest problem is that it’s impossible to do business in Spain. Settling estates and just plain banking is impossible and really is criminal. Family is drying off and my kids no longer want to go. With the bureaucracy stealing the assets of others, why would you want to go back?

geoffphuket says:

The idiot narrating this can’t even pronounce the destinations properly – Ibiza, for just one example

Bw123 Bw123 says:

Catalonia independence love barcelona from Albanian

marco brenni says:

A good footage: all in all also good comments

Meetul Trivedi says:

I loved Barcelona football team after hearing they want to break Spain and public has gone stupid,I disprove Catalonia and its fuked up demand…..if it get broke’s it b useless..

VolHotels says:

I Realy laked your Channel. I have just started mine. Your comments will be appreciated. Please subscribe if your like it, i reply.

Neer's Perception says:

Spain is suffering. The economic situation and unemployment are the matters of concern nowadays.

Arindam Chakraborty says:

Very knowledgeable video

Wingalaxi says:

Good vids, but that voice is one of the most rasping I have ever heard.

fine Harun ur Rashid says:


We are One says:

Best Channel…

Arvind Tiwari says:

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송인관 says:

유럽은 어디를 가든 오래 묵은 건물이 많음.

Atsilk m3 says:


Julia Castillo Isla says:

CONSTUCTIVE CRITIC: I mean, the video is OK but there are a lot of stereotypes. First of all, you only mention Barcelona Madrid and a few more. I know you can’t mention every single city of Spain but there are beautiful and weel-developed cities appart from Madrid and Barcelona. Something that really pissed me off was that you said that the most popular “dishes” in Spain are paella and tapas. Tapas is not a dish, it is some kind of a snack and we don’t eat jus paella, we have for example cocido madrileño, calamares, sobaos pasieos, pulpo a la gallega… If you wanna talk about food, which is something very important in Spain, please do it right. So, finally, If you wanna talk to people about Spain, search your information better or ask some native person please.

chief 1 redwolf says:

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to the

lez Lazarus says:


Stan Lehmann says:

Love Spain!!!!!

PlugIn Caroo says:

Spain is so beautiful and it’s people are so warm and friendly.

michael says:

Wow, a clean country. Definitly not America or South America for sure.

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