Spain Travel Guide | Tips & Local Hacks for Visiting Spain

Traveling to Spain? Join Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers as they share all the tips and local advice they learned while living in Spain for three years. This video shares everything you need to know before you visit Spain. From Madrid to Barcelona, Valenica to San Sebastian, Bilbao to Burgos, this guide will teach you all you need to know before you travel to Spain!





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Iris Ramos says:

Very cool guys!!! Always a pleasure when you do a video about Spain or Barcelona!!! I love the explanation of the two kisses hahaha I just noticed though that there is a spelling mistake on pan con tomate description!! Hehe it’s castellano not castellando 😛 I’m sure you knew that but just in case!!!

Gabriel Traveler says:

Hella informative, great stuff. I liked the format, lots of good solid info as well as clips from all over the country. Have you guys been to Greece yet? If not, gotta put it high on the list. Would be cool to see your perspective of the country. Are you traveling for the summer or mostly staying back home in Cali.?

Helena Bausells Hernanz says:

Wow! As a Catalan and Spanish person, I’m really impressed by your research and the information you provided! Thank you for clarifying so many things, and for stating the socio – economical background of the country and the problems we have right now 🙂 Hope people get aware about the over tourism situation, we love visitors but it’s crazy in Barcelona :S I’d love more content like this, keep it coming 😀

Coral H says:

Love this format! I’m going to Portugal and Spain in May 2019. I’m going to search your channel for a Portugal video now. Thanks for the info!

Алихан Емельев says:

great video Brothers:)

j4eva1 says:

have you guys been to Portugal yet? I just re-watched your 18 best travel destinations 2018 video and still can’t decide on where to go in Portugal for my holiday this year… am probably going alone so a road-trip kind of thing is not exactly in the budget, also didn’t want to go all the way to the islands

Anas Orzen says:

Can you guys make another travel guide about another country

Amanda Malak says:

I spent a month in Spain in 2010 and tooooootally need to go back and take my partner. Thanks for the history. It was fun answering your questions to some, it felt like Jeopardy =P Love how you brought your love for history along with travel and just living in LA (and the best part of it, Venice Beach).

Christian Lombardi says:

Guys!!! awesome video as always!!! very fan of all your work! Just on a little note of the video you describe Spain as four of main regions Catalonia, Basque Country and Andalusia!! However, in my opinion there are quite a few other mayor regions worth mentioning which might be a bit less touristic but definitely not less authentic like Galicia, Asturias, La Rioja, Castilla y Leon and other very popular areas! But the video its amazing love every single bit! if you ever come around Galicia give me a shout! 🙂 Best vibes brothers!

María H says:

You should visit Asturias, one of the greenest regions in Spain, full of beautiful beaches and coastal towns, you won’t regret it!

dslivjak says:

Canarias isn’t tropical but subtropical. More like a San Francisco and California than anywhere else.

Giannis Antetokounmpo says:

this is very informative and interesting to say the least. thanks guys for the great content! can you guys pls to do more guides like this one for other countries?


can you make a video of total budget, or like an preferable itinerary for a budget for spain. thank you.

Plant Based says:

It would be nice if you addressed what a vegan can eat in your videos.

Christian Gamboa says:

Yo! My gf is a Spaniard, so August we’re going to take a trip and do el camino de santiago so I can learn about her culture! I’ve been doing a bit of research so I don’t embarrass her, and this really helped, especially since you cover the different regions!

Love and appreciate you guys,

Susana Madrid says:

Have lived in Spain over half my life and really enjoyed your presentation. Only thing I would add to the menu is Gazpacho and its modern variety Salmorejo. Cheers!

Denny Di Kuck says:

Really interesting video. I like that format.

Angela Gomez says:

You guy are great so informative and fun

lynda Thackrey says:

Omg hilarious sketch guys , My husband and I are lucky enough to visit Spain yearly as my in-laws live there i absolutely love it, they live not too far from the Granada mountains and there are loads of lovely villages and towns to visit around this area , popular with hikers and bikers.

We’ve explored coast from Malaga to Tarifa and the clement on this coast has cool temperatures especially in spring and autumn, lovely sea breeze .This year we went to Benalmadena were we visited a park Parque de la Paloma were you walk among birds chickens rabbits and donkeys walk freely with you it was quite something.

I love Spanish tapas its so cheap, if you can visit a Spanish market and buy fresh produce to cook a meal at home its worth to do so
best thing about Spain is i visited at least 10 times or even more and iv still not explored other towns or cities yet id love to see Valencia , Almeria & Seville.

Malik Barrow says:

that british accent was painful lol

Travel Your Own Path says:

Great Video Guys Keep It Up Love Your Content 🙂 Love Spain Going Back There Soon 🙂

Plant Based says:

Great format. Please do more of these comprehensive guides for other areas.

Lorena Fraga says:

Sit down and enjoy slow food?? Really??What kind of reccomendation is that? I have a restaurant in Galicia, and well, its fine if you enjoy your sobremesa a little more, but it is not for tips of course and even we consider rude and inappropiate if you dont leave the table after a prudencial time,for many reasons : we have to close ( we usually work more than 10 hour/day),we need the table,we have to clean… but You know, we have to tolerate it..

Amanda Flores says:

Love your guys channel

Bianca Gosselin says:

What a great video! So interesting! Can you please do portugal next? 🙂

Matthew Balch says:

I’m in Salamanca right now for a month traveling outside of the country for the first time and I feel that I can truly appreciate the pronunciations of Ibiza and Barcelona at the beginning now. Guay video mi amigos.

Helena LF says:

Nice video!!! I love this new format 🙂 I’m from Barcelona and I have to say that this video is so complete and accurate, I’m being honest! But I also want you to know that I missed some information about Galícia!! They have such a different culture as Catalonia, the Basque Country and Andalusia 🙂 Besos desde Barcelona!!!!!

Anna Djamila Lima says:

Duuuuuude, don’t let my screen all wet with you guys saliva damnnn
Love you guys, amazing video as usual ♥

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