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Subscribe at for more new travel talks! Join Rick Steves as he shares tips and insights for traveling in Spain. Our journey begins in Barcelona, gawking at astounding architecture and rambling down the Ramblas. Then it’s on to Madrid, where we’ll fill up on tasty tapas, visit top museums and venture out to the smaller towns surrounding this metropolis. We’ll finish up in the south with Granada, Sevilla and the whitewashed hill towns of Andalucía. Download the PDF handout for this class:

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Saud says:

btw for easy informations and example . you have it gives guides about local vegan stuff and so you can easily find information about that and almost paste copy i think , to get all information in one book website is your aim and so i think this can expands your website knowledge and also keep you busy as i imagine since you have all that information you are bored now doing nothing XD <3

TripleMpro221 says:

Rick, love your videos and found this video really interesting. Have you been in Valencia or Merida in Spain? I think they are beautiful and interesting cities too

Nuno Pestana says:

In a few days I’m going to Mérida

Poppy M says:

Check out the village of Frigiliana in the South, it’s a beautiful little Morish village, one of the oldest in Spain. And of course the Alhambra! Barcelona is also nice and very doable in a day or two. The “costa del sol” generally is horrible though, it’s where all the drunk partying teens go and the cheap all-in tours. Not in Spain, but close in the Pyrenees Mountains, are some beautiful (real!) medieval Cathar castles, too.

Tough crowd btw… :-S

Xiaowei Song says:

Hi, what is your suggestion if you have to choose between Lisbon and Andalucia during Xmas?

tobigforyou says:

That man is an encyclopedia.

Ptsts says:

Sorry? What? 100 years war? When was that? Plz stop talking about history if you dont even know it

Tatiana Mckeen says:

Spain has a longer European History than most European countries in Europe.
Most European countries weren’t even countries until much later in “European History”
France, England, The Netherlands for example have had (for good or for bad) centuries of interaction and history with Spain. The Spanish Monarchs are related to many of the royal houses in Europe, e.g.:, England, France, Denmark, etc.
Still, I enjoy your videos…

España tiene mas historia europea que la mayoría de los países en Europa. La gran parte de estos países ni siquiera eran “países” hasta mucho más tarde en “historia europea”.
Francia, Inglaterra, Los Países Bajos por ejemplo han tenido (para bien o para mal) siglos de relaciones e historia con España. Los monarcas españoles están relacionados con muchos miembros de las casas reales en Europa, como Inglaterra, Francia, Dinamarca etc.
Aún así, me gustan tus videos…

Blanca Marti says:

I love Spain, I would love to travel to Valencia, do you have videos of this beautiful city, please let me know. Thank you

Lee and Mel says:

love your work!

Clement Ng says:

Ive been to homes of many dead people haha

Stephen Longchamps says:

Rick Steves, gives a great depiction of the most emblematic historic and cultural aspects of Spain.

pavelavietor1 says:

hello thanks Rick saludos

Jaime Vallejos says:

Before I travel I always check out Rick’s videos, he’s awesome!

Lucia Flores says:

It’s  so strange watching this video because I’m spanish …. 

Robert Brehm says:

Rick Steves is the real MVP

Edith Spencer says:

That’s a cold, cold crowd. But really great tips, some of which are also transferable to Latin America ( where my family is from).

Chun Boon Ng says:

I am heading there soon!

John Osgood says:

Spain rocks!

James Kelly says:

Thanks for this nice talk. You said “100 Years War” at 7:10. This should be the “30 Years War” which ended in 1648. See'_War

tlh1981 says:

Serrano Ham!

Usablefiber says:

I want to hear more about the drunken brawl festivals of Europe. What festivals is he talking about?

Aitor Navarro says:

Rick Steves: Which palace is the most impressive in Europe?

Saud says:

Hi i hope you can and i think easily decribe vegan local food and culture food . many vegans and vegetarians don’t venture into that because you know its hard to know names of those dishes and search them all , but i think since you know it all and your team helps you A lot , i think vegan guide book about local meals will be easy as will as vegetarians , vegans always travel to places where they can find vegan places to dine and stuff like that but they don’t socialize with food locally for not having a good knowledge , i think this might keep you busy few weeks or so but at the end you are an amazing great guy who loves to help all , thank you so much Mr , and excuse me for my bad English writing if you may ,
Saud .

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