Spain vs America: What You Should Know Before You Visit Spain
Spain vs America: What You Should Know Before You Go to Spain. From the electricity and money to the language and tipping, what tourists should know about Spain before they go.
Pictures from Granada, Cordoba, Santiago, Barcelona, Toledo, Madrid, Malaga.
Filmed in Madrid, Spain
Copyright Mark Wolters 2014


imymejubilee says:

If you use ‘plugs’ you’re an old person. Use a USB cable.

dali rassaa says:

plz in spanish pepole speak english ???

Roadracer QX says:

Good quick, basic video for newbies….thanks! Will be checking out your website, and others, for more in-depth info. First trip to Spain ( or Euro in general) coming up in 4 months and lots to study!

Abdel Tassi says:

McDonalds are open all day and you can eat whenever you want in spain

solountipomas says:

Tapas ALWAYS are free, you ask for “una caña (canya)” a glasss of beer or “un chato” a glass of red wine, and the waiter will ask you what you want for tapa from about 3 to 25 diferent ones, some times they don´t ask you and simply bring you a small dish with olives… Tapas only are served if you ask for barrel beer or for “vino de la casa” wine of the house or the common wine they offer.
Raciones are 3 or 4 times bigger than tapas but you ask for them, so you pay them.

isolator86 says:

Viva la U.S.A!

Daniel vera says:

at 8:49

They have the Budays?

wtf is that?

someone explain please

John Baker says:

the only phrase you need to know is “tengo todo el queso”

Victor Diez says:

what do you think about Toledo??

jke387 says:

I’ve seen already in a couple of your videos, Xampanyet, on Carrer Montcada (across the street from Museu Picasso) when you mention restaurants in touristy places in Spain? Ufff, I hope that Champagneria wasn’t an example of a touristy place- I went there as a recommendation from a friend who lived there, and it was one of the best restaurant experiences of my life!

Spain on a Fork says:

Im a Spaniard and have lived many years in California, now living back in Spain, this video is SPOT ON, Wolters World, Superb video in everyway

Christopher Ikaika Crespo says:

Nice to see you in Santiago de Compostela drinking Estrella Galicia. I really enjoy your channel WoltersWorld.

Lechu Loma says:

First time i see one of your videos and i must say that I LOVE IT! Also you describe spain perfectly, thanks a lot! ^^

James Stephenson says:

Gracias mi Amigo! Adios Youz Guyz.

SoloArt Studio says:

Thank you buddy!!

Josete73Lima says:

what a bunch of nonsenses …

Sam Hernandez says:

You dont need speak English in the USA Spanish it everywhere I life gir for like 11 year.

Martín says:

galiza ceibe

Smooth Brian says:

I’ve been living in a small city in Spain for 12 years now and I can say this info is legit haha

Vilbernilotris Salutae says:

Have you ever been in Almeria ?

Daniel Burgos says:


Dennis Flo says:

What about the females?

O Ay says:

Thanks to Arabs ..
They made alot of civilizaion touchs to Spain..

laachica19 says:

América es un continente, formado por muchos países, estados unidos es uno de ello, aprendan a hablar!

Krazie Maniak says:

España es Mierda,la bandera es Mierda y la corona es Mierda

Nico L. Reino says:

2:37 ESTRELLA GALICIA AND PRAZA DO OBRADOIRO IN SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA!! Best beer choice in Spain! And also Galicia is my region so just for this, you’ve got one new subscriber 🙂

Buenos días Hola buenos says:

Queremos dejar de una vez de estar acomplejados y de querer parecer lo que no somos. Somos lo que somos y punto y además eso gusta fuera. Por algo somos uno de los tres países más visitados del mundo. Dejemos de pensar que fuera es todo mejor. Dejemos de ser paletos e ignorantes. ¡Que país de insoportables ! Nosotros vendemos lo mejor que tenemos. El jamón claro que sí, ¿ que queremos vender la butifarra? Vendemos el buen tiempo. ¿ Que queremos vender la niebla de Londres? .
Vendemos las playas. ¿Que queremos vender la orilla del Río? Vendemos el flamenco. ¿ que queremos vender la Sardana? Vendemos las tapas ¿ Qué queremos vender? la m… de los Fish and chips…. jajajjjj. Anda que valla tropa de acomplejados. Mirando siempre a los Anglos y otros europeos.

Johann says:

nice guide, thanks man

- CrashLand - says:

Im spanish

Rubén González says:

There you can see the catalan independence flag…

Rados Bosich says:

hello I from spain and dont understand why visit my country united states have 50 states fucking inconformist assholes

MrPowa kakasome says:

que te follen

Perro Punky says:

Torturing and killing animals is nothing more than NATIONAL SHAME, and the vast majority of my fellow Spaniards are AGAINST that anacronism.

john palma says:

Thank you for the video sir.

Spanish-Teacher Adolfo says:

It is very rewarding seeing how you enjoy and take so much from your visit. You missed these important details: “Boooote” is shouted when you leave a tip at a bar, especially at the barra, as an expression of shared joy; very important that you do not need to pay when ordering any food or booze which is a very unconfortable situation for any Spaniard abroad…people trust on people here. The only snag I can find in your brilliant reports is that you focuse only in very massively touristical places. Try Almeria, Murcia, Salamanca or Vitoria…and you will really gost astonished by everything.

Josie Lopez says:

Half Spanish . ❤ hopefully I get to visit Spain soon when I get older . tysm for this Video . amazing !

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