Toledo Spain Travel Guide

A travel guide for the medieval city of Toledo in Spain. Toledo was the capital of Spain until the mid 1500’s when the capital was moved to Madrid. Highlights include the Toledo Cathedral (Spain’s largest Cathedral) built in the 13th century and the El Greco Museum. Toledo is an excellent day trip from Madrid and can be reached via a 33 minute high speed train ride from Atocha station.

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Flight Of Spice Blog says:

OMG love this travel guide!! can you check out mine in my chanel? What do you think!?

9886543211 says:

Toledo DOES NOT have the largest cathedral in Spain. The largest Catedral is in Sevilla (Seville) which is the 3rd largest in the world after San Paul and the Vatican.

La catedral de Sevilla es mucho mayor!!!!

Steven Cassidy says:

Did Toledo in 1999. The best thing you can do is gt yourself list in the alleys. Beautiful place.

Chatsworth1979 says:

Well produced. A little too short though. Thank you!

Monograph says:

We love Toledo too!! Great Video!! You r funny!!

Graham Mcgregor says:

This man is a bellend.

Shoal Nervo says:

nice vid. how are you able to travel the world all the time?

Carlos El Gato says:

largest cathedral in Spain is in sevilla

Abrigo Adolfo says:

Well, at least it’s quirky! Not much to do with Toledo, though.

jambroqc says:

Toleedoh? OMG.

chicha1964 says:

The only worth seeing thing in Toledo is the Cathedral??? lol
What about the magnificent city walls and the gates? Synagogue of Santa Maria Blanca? Alcazar? Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes with the fantastic Gothic architecture? House museum of El Greco? Sephardic museum? Damasquinado art? I am running out of space. It is said if you have one day in Spain you should visit Toledo. There is a reason for that.

Loca Lukaret says:

mc donald should pay you for promoting them haha just kidding

therza cox says:

Toledo, Spain is on my list of places that I must visit. I live in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

Yellow Productions says:

I only had a half-day in Toledo… so this is what I saw :). Good suggestions for next time though!

Yellow Productions says:

Greetings Toledo Ohio! And yes — you definitely should visit your sister city in Spain 🙂

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